10 Celebs Who Bounced Back After Pregnancy And 5 Who Failed Miserably

The latest trend of motherhood is this obsession with the "snapback." (No we do not mean the hats). A woman's "snapback game" is all about how quickly she bounces back and gets her body back after having a baby. Society seems to be over the matronly look, and into keeping our bodies in tip, top, toned shape!

We often look to our celebs who have had babies to check out their snapback game because it's nearly impossible not to expect it from people with private trainers, multiple nannies, and more than enough money to spend on weight loss plans, treatments, etc. However some celebs just are not interested in following the trend.

There are plenty of celebs though who bounce better looking just as good if not better than before they had their babies. It is quite a pleasant surprise and often a motivation to many mommies that these ladies can get their bodies back in basically no time. It's hard to be surprised when these mamas have the best trainers and fitness equipment that money can buy. It probably doesn't hurt that they aren't exhausted from life with a newborn because they have a nanny or two to cover the night shift. Plus one to take care of the baby while they hit the gym of course as well leaving a few of us moms green with envy.

15 Bounced Back: Kristin Cavallari

It is safe to say that Kristin Cavallari actually killed the bounce back game in 2016! The mother of three showed off her rocking post-partum body just six months after welcoming her daughter, Saylor. The reality star is known for her time on the Hills. It has also become a well known fact that she rocks her bounce back game with each and every one of her pregnancies.

Like many new moms, Kristin credits breastfeeding to aiding to her weight loss. She combines that with time in the gym and a healthy diet, and it is clear that it works for her! The new mom mixes her time in the gym with working as a shoe designer and balances it all with motherhood.

14 Bounced Back: Mila Kunis

Mila Kunis shares two kids with her husband, Ashton Kutcher. Kunis has been recognized for her great bounce back quickly both times she had her children. After giving birth she referred to breastfeeding as a great workout as it does help many mommies lose their baby weight. It also encourages the uterus to shrink back down to normal, pre-baby (or close to that) size.

Just four months after having their daughter, Wyatt, pictures were captured showing Kunis had a flat tummy again where her baby bump used to be. Two months later when she was six months postpartum, she showed the world her abs were toned and back! We did not really expect anything less from the other half of Ashton Kutcher as the couple has long been coined couple goals.

13 Failed: Hilary Duff

Hilary Duff endured a heck load of backlash from the media, and even fans, after giving birth to her first son named Luca. Her weight gain did not go unnoticed and soon after the body-shamers came out of the dark and voiced their opinions online, claiming that the new mom wasn't shedding off the baby weight fast enough. Hilary, on the other hand, didn't seem to mind the criticisms, and was more concerned about her new baby boy than getting her body back to the way it was. Hilary has slimmed down since, but she never seemed to get her body back to the way it was before she got pregnant. She even stated, back in 2016, that she had a 5-to-10 pound struggle with her weight, but she wasn't concerned with "being the skinniest person."


12 Bounced Back: Kourtney Kardashian

We all know this reality star and mom of three is often referred to as "mom goals" or a "MILF" because of her great snapback game. After three kids, it is easy to be pretty surprised that the reality star still has flat abs. Everyone knows this Kardashian sister takes her fitness super seriously these last few years so her bounce back after having son, Reign, at the end of 2014 with Scott Disick.

Kourtney struggled slightly losing the pregnancy weight right after having her daughter Penelope before she began working with a new trainer. Since her work with him, bouncing back was an easily achievable goal following her pregnancy with Reign. She is the queen of the bounce back for sure!

11 Bounced Back: Kerry Washington

The Scandal star gave birth to her second child in October of 2016. She quickly bounced back into her figure and into her role as Olivia Pope on the ABC series. Washington was one mom who did not feed into the worry about the snapback game, but she still bounced back rather quickly.

She had the same mindset with her first child in 2014, and bounced back into great shape despite not worrying about it. Maybe that's just the right mindset to keep us from stressing, but still allowing us to shed that baby weight. Kerry followed doctor instructions that six weeks off from working out postpartum is necessary. She hated rumors about her working out too soon because she wasn't. She wants women to have realistic expectations about bouncing back, but it is possible!

10 Failed: Adele

We have always known the singer as a "bigger girl" or at least that's how so many have defied the mom and artist. Adele gave birth to her son, Angelo, back in 2012, but we still haven't seen her bounce back (body wise at least). The star had no problem bouncing back musically and touring which we are all so grateful for, but there was not a whole lot of hope for some crazy "snapback game."

Maybe it was because back in 2012, we weren't as obsessed with a mom's bounce back right after pregnancy or maybe it's just because, hello she's Adele! The singer kept her round shape that she had before and during pregnancy, and still has it today in 2017.

9 Bounced Back: Jennifer Lopez

Recently A-Rod said he struggled to keep up with Lopez's fitness routine so it really is not shocking that J-Lo had a great bounce back after giving birth to her twins with Marc Anthony. The singer gained a mere 50 pounds during her pregnancy with the twins. She set a goal to run a triathlon just six months after giving birth! WHOA!

She had the twins nine years ago, and her fitness game was not something to mess with even back in 2008. J-Lo bounced back from having her twins before the bounce back game was even a fad, and we aren't even surprised! Maybe she set the stage for Beyonce who would give birth to twins with Jay-Z in 2017 and bounce back beautifully as well!

8 Bounced Back: Beyonce


The singer gave birth to her twins with Jay-Z this summer, and many of us first focused on Queen B's bounce back game more than anything else. After all if we expect a great come back, she's our girl! The twins were born in June, but there were no official pictures released for quite a bit. We finally caught a picture of them in July with Beyonce for their one month birthday.

The picture always raised quite a bit of speculation as to how the singer was working on her postpartum body. She surely did not look like someone who had just given birth to TWO babies. Sir and Rumi Carter keep their mom busy, but not busy enough because she is still able to hit the gym just as she did when she had Blue Ivy.

7 Failed: Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore gave birth to her second child, Frankie, in April of 2014. She was not a participant in the trending snapback game that so many celebrity moms have done. She follows the philosophy that the weight took nine months to gain so it's okay if it takes nine months to lose it. In fact, that is what many new moms are told when we have such unrealistic expectations to walk out of the hospital in our pre-baby skinny jeans.

Barrymore is actually an inspiration to many of us when she told PEOPLE that, "I wanted fettuccini already. I didn't want a barbell." She was talking about how unappealing it was and how challenging it would be to lose all of her baby weight. Not everyone is lucky enough to have their baby weight literally fall off within a few days.

6 Bounced Back: Chrissy Teigen

Chrissy Teigen... where do we even begin with this onw? Not only is the former model hilarious on Twitter, a food enthusiast, and every girl's dream best friend, but she bounced back from her pregnancy like a boss - and it left the media and her fans with their jaws wide opened. After giving birth to her first daughter, named Luna, images of Chrissy began surfacing online, and it isn't the food in the photo above that got everyone drooling. She looked as if she were never pregnant, not only that but the wife of John Legend was glowing at every angle. Chrissy admitted later that she had worked out more pregnant then when she wasn't carrying, so getting back her body wasn't a concern.

5 Bounced Back: Ciara

Ciara started her bounce back game strong losing 20 pounds just four weeks after the birth of her daughter. This isn't the singer's first rodeo though as she was determined to lose the 60 pounds she gained while pregnant with her first child. Ciara talks about how great it feels to accomplish such serious weight loss after sharing her body with a baby for 40 weeks!

She tried to avoid gaining as much weight with her second child when it wasn't absolutely necessary to gain 60 pounds, but she did. The star set out to lose it with a goal to lose about ten pounds a week. She had set high standards for her bounce back, but she was proud of the body she worked for.

4 Failed: Kelly Clarkson


It is no stretch to say that we are a society that is obsessed with weight and losing weight which is probably why so many people are obsessed with whatever numbers are on Kelly Clarkson's scale. It's not a huge surprise that the singer was less than concerned with her baby weight and losing it because her weight has fluctuated pretty greatly over the last several years.

Clarkson had her daughter back in 2014, and many still don't think she has lost all of the baby weight. Or maybe she has just adapted into a new "mom body." Either way, Clarkson is showing women the reality that they do not have to bend to pressures to bounce back immediately after delivery.

3 Bounced Back: Halle Berry

Halle Berry gave birth to her second child in October of 2013, and within four months she looked more fit than ever! The actress was 47 at the time so that gives her bounce back game an extra boost up as well! When Berry was spotted looking utterly fabulous she said that she still had more plans for her body, and actually planned to shed more baby weight.

Berry is a mother of two, will a full time career, and still managed to absolute kill it with her bounce back game. She dropped the pounds in what seemed like no time, and was back to her slim figure as quick as could be! We can assume between all of those things she kept herself very busy.

2 Failed: Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera was not only known for her voice but for her toned body - which she showed off so infamously on stage and in her music videos. So it came as a surprise, then, when the pop star packed on the pounds while pregnant with her boy. Christina didn't look like the star we remembered, and what's weirder is Christina swung back and forth on the weight scale - losing the weight to only gain it back again. Pregnancy changes women for the good and for the bad. In this case, Christina has since slimmed down, and definitely better than what she did before, but it seems like The Voice judge cant get her weight down... and keep it there.

1 Bounced Back: Kandi Burruss

Kandi Burruss, is the wife of Todd Tucker, and a reality star on Real Housewives of Atlanta. She welcomed her son, Ace Wells Tucker, back in January of 2016, and snapped back into great shape in less than two months. The reality star has two great "tricks" that led to her weight loss. One is that she breastfed her son strictly for a month and a half which she credits to helping her lose weight quickly.

The second thing she did was a "prayer fast" after he was born in January which she does annually. She only drank water for a month and gave up sweets which is an obvious, but not always easy, trick to shedding some pounds. She actually lost all of her baby weight, and it looks like possibly a little more following the birth of Ace.

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