15 Celebs Who Didn't Plan Their Babies

Life is all about embracing the unexpected. Even with the most thought-out, best laid plans, a person's world can get shaken up by the unanticipated surprises that life throws their way.

Many expecting parents to shake off the initial feelings of OMG and welcome their little surprises with open, albeit shaking, arms. Just because you didn't set out to become a mom or dad so soon doesn't mean that you can't adjust to the idea.

More than a few women have found themselves with a child before they were ready to join the ranks of Club Mom. In the United States alone roughly fifty percent of pregnancies are not planned. Some of these pregnancies will end in elective termination, but certainly not all of them.

Take these first ten celebs for example. Babies were not exactly in their immediate plan, but the world had different ideas as to the direction their lives would take them. Although they didn't expect the bump so soon, they turned out to be loving, fantastic mamas to their little ones. Sadly though not everyone handles the news of an "oops" baby so gracefully. The last five celebs wouldn't even acknowledge that the babies they sired were theirs!

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15 Jaime Lynn Spears

via entertainmenttonight.com

Jaime Lynne Spears is an actress in her own right, a mother, a wife and a singer. She has accomplished quite a bit in her short lifetime, but she will likely forever be known as Brit Brit's pregnant little sister. Jaime made jaws drop when she announced that she was expecting...at the ripe, old age of sixteen.

Nothing will get the public gossiping like a good old teen pregnancy!

Jaime Lynne never dreamed that she would be sitting in the restroom at a gas station staring at a positive pregnancy test at age sixteen, but that is truly how life happened for her.

Her hit television show Zoey 101 had just wrapped and she had returned home to Kentwood, Louisiana for a spell. Jaime had been so ill that a friend suggested that maybe she was preggers. According to the Daily Mail, the pair pulled over at the local BP and purchased a pregnancy test. It was there that Jaime Lynne learned that her and boyfriend Casey Aldridge were about to become teen parents. The two welcomed a daughter, Maddie, into the world and even got engaged before deciding to part ways. Jaime Lynne and her baby girl both did a whole lot of growing up and the once famous teen mom is now a settled, married mommy to TWO daughters.

14 Kourtney Kardashian

via people.com

Once upon a time there were a bunch of Kardashians running around town, partying and living it up sans kids. It seems like a million years ago considering the famous clan now has nine new additions to the family! Eldest Kardashian daughter Kourtney and her ex-partner Scott Disick kicked off this massive baby parade when they found out that they were expecting. It was a shock to their systems to say the least. Not only were Kourt and Scott living a fairly wild and free lifestyle, but they were constantly having issues and blow-ups that we all got to witness on the family's reality television show, Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

Kourtney revealed to listeners on the Ryan Seacrest Show that she was forever forgetting to take her birth control pills, according to Babble. Those things have to be popped consistently in order to be considered reliable protection. Six months after letting the world know how genuinely irresponsible and forgetful she was, Kourtney and Scott welcomed their first of three children, Mason Dash Disick into the world.

While Kourtney now says she loves motherhood, she certainly wan't so sure back in those days of wild and unprotected romps. She must have made the whole experience look good though because we blinked and suddenly Kim, Kylie, Rob and Khloe were all joining Club Parent.

13 Tori Spelling

Via: UPI.com

"Unexpected" is kind of the mantra for Tori Spelling and Dean McDermont's entire relationship. The two first fell for each other back in 2005 while starring together in the Lifetime made for t.v. movie, Mind Over Murder. Both Tori and Dean were hitched to other people and Dean even had children with his ex-wife.

They reportedly managed to wait an entire day before getting down and dirty. Needless to say the two were totally hot for one another. I guess when you know, you just know. The pair divorced their respective spouses, married each other, landed a reality television show and welcomed a son into the family.

All seemed blissful for Tori, Dean and little Liam for a hot minute there and then Tori found out that she was again expecting. According to Babble, her second pregnancy was most definitely unplanned, but the pair embraced the experience and soon enough their daughter Stella joined the gang. Since Liam and Stella came along the McDermonts have added three more kids to their toe-headed gaggle as well as a pet chicken. Tori sadly got one more unexpected shock when she discovered that this man of hers had been sneaking around with other women behind her back. No more surprises you two!

12 Keisha-Castle Hughes

via celebritystir.com

Oh the irony of life my friends, it's almost too much to handle. Actress Keisha Castle Hughes made big waves in the acting world at a very young age. She was nominated for an Oscar award for her work in Whale Rider before she was a legal adult. The Australian talent certainly found herself on a road to fame and fortune early on lading the role of the virgin Mary in the epic film A Nativity Story.

That's where she found out that she was expecting a child. Yep, here this sixteen year old was playing the most notorious virgin in the history of EVER all the while hiding her bump beginnings under costumes. According to Esme, Hughes said of her only pregnancy that she felt like "the dirty girl who had done something wrong."  She has also made mention of the fact that her pregnancy was completely unplanned, yet it was the best thing that could have happened to her."

Hughes and her then-boyfriend Bradley Hull welcomed their daughter, Felicity Amore Hull, with open arms and managed to keep their young family intact for seven years before calling it quits for good.

Hughes married for the second time and ended up divorced yet again before revealing that she struggles with bipolar disorder. This actress has certainly seen her fair share of ups and downs and continues to roll with the unexpected.

11 Solange Knowles

via lifeandstylemag.com

As if Solange Knowles didn't have it hard enough as a teenage. She grew up in the shadows of one of entertainment's brightest stars. How was this kid not blinded by the glowing light that is Queen Beyonce? While Solange's older sister was blowing up the charts as the lead singer for Destiny's Child, Solange herself was blowing up in a different way.

Even though she was attempting to make her own way in the music industry, that all came to a screeching halt when she found out that she was expecting a baby with her high school sweetheart. She and boyfriend Daniel Smith gave birth to a baby boy and moved to Idaho of all places so that Daniel could attend college and their family could be together.

Needless to say none of this was in Solange's original vision for her life. She spent a few years being wife and mommy before her and Daniel divorced and went their separate ways. The girl lived about one thousand lives before she could legally kick back with a glass of wine. According to Harper's Bazaar, Ms. S is remarried now and remaking her world over, living in New Orleans and working as a musician, art director and creative consultant for Puma.

10 Megan Fox

via pinterest.com

Actress Megan Fox has had not one, not two, but THREE unplanned pregnancies with her sometimes hubby Brian Austin Green. Megan revealed on the Ellen DeGeneres Show that all of her pregnancies have been surprises, but it was that third one that really shocked Megan, Brian and the world.

According to Hollywood Life, the pair had already separated when she suddenly debuted a baby bump while walking the red carpet. Even though this hatrick baby wasn't in Brian nor Megan's plan, the news was reportedly happy news that both partners were thrilled over. The two had been rumored to be working their issues out, and once they discovered that another little one was on its way it was just what they needed to reassure them that they were meant to be together along with their kids.

The couple now has three boys together, (Brian also has a teenage son with his ex Vanessa Marcil,) and are showing no signs of splitting again anytime soon. If fact the duo looks to be stronger than ever. Surprise pregnancies tend to create stress and concern for a lot of couples, but clearly some unions rise to the occasion and welcome the challenge that an unplanned pregnancy can bring.

9 Halle Berry

Stunning actress Halle Berry was already a mommy to one when, as reported by Today's Parent, she got what she described as the biggest surprise of her life. The beauty had endured two nasty divorces, (one with baseballer David Justice and the other with musician Eric Benet,) had her beautiful baby girl Nahla with her super hot model ex-boyfriend, and found herself a strong single mother before falling in love yet again with her co-star Oliver Martinez.

Berry and Martinez met in 2010 while filming the movie Dark Tide and things moved pretty quickly from there on out.

They were engaged in 2012 and by 2013 the two newlyweds got the shock of a lifetime when they discovered that they would be having a baby. Already in her mid-forties,

Berry assumed that her baby making days were over, but life had other plans apparently. The symptoms that Halle had been experiencing weren't the pre-menepausal symptoms that she assumed were assaulting her body, they were due to the surprise growing in her belly. Halle, Oliver and big sister Nahla were overjoyed to meet their little man, Mateo, but their bliss was not to last forever. Sadly the couple couldn't make their love into an everlasting thing and the two split a few years after having their son.

8 Jessica Alba

I won't lie it kind of surprised me to hear that lovely Jessica Alba hadn't planned the conception of all three of her children down to the minute. The girl always seems to have everything so perfect and put together! I can't help but imagine her setting up a conception timeline on a white board and discussing it in depth with her hubby Cash Warren.

Everything about this woman seems to scream flawless and accidental pregnancies simply don't seem synonymous with the actress. Alba clearly has at least some spontaneity down in her soul though because she became a mother by sheer accident, instead of by a carefully laid out plan, as pointed out by In Style. Alba knew that she always wanted to become a mother in due time, but she wasn't exactly ready for that step when she found out that she was expecting for the first time.

Regardless of not exactly being prepared for life's greatest chapter, Alba took things in stride and chalked her bump up to the universe's way of knowing what she was meant to do even before she herself knew. Her and Warren are now the proud parents to two daughters and one son, proving that parenthood was most certainly what they were meant to do.

7 Nicole Richie

Remember when the epic swoony crooner of the 1980's Lionel Ritchie's daughter Nicole was the merely the clueless, crazy side kick to super-socialite and resident dummy Paris Hilton and not much more? My how far this lady has come over the last ten years.

The once out-of-control, streaky-haired rich girl is now a rock and roll wife and a mother to a son and a daughter.

Nicole Ritchie will be the first to admit that she isn't exactly a type a, planning sort of gal. In fact when it comes to the babies, she and her hubby Joel Madden have left their "babies up to love," as quoted through Babble. The girl has literally let love plan her family for her. Explain this to us Nicole and Joel. In regards to family planning, the two free birds just kind of let things happen organically and assume that if babies come, then that was what was supposed to take place all along.

Nicole and her husband never even had the all-so-common discussion as to how many hypothetical children they thought they might have prior to popping those babies out. Really what is the point of that kind of convo when you believe that it isn't something to be controlled and micromanaged anyhow?

6 Christina Applegate

Via: Daily Mail

Christina Applegate and her musician-man Martyn LeNoble were completely over the moon at their little surprise baby. Christina had recently engaged in the battle of a lifetime, fighting breast cancer, and came out a champion.

Three years later she was rewarded with one of life's greatest blessings.

Applegate and her love knew that they wanted to be parents, but they were shocked none the less when they discovered that their plans were actually being put into action asap. The pair wasn't actively trying to get preggers and since Christina was no longer in her early child bearing years, they didn't think it would happen as easily and as quickly as it did.

Thankfully Christina's battle with cancer was not a deterrent to her bearing children. She ended up having a double mastectomy, but didn't require radiation or chemo. While the actress was over the moon to finally be on the path to family and motherhood, the path was not smoothly paved. She ended up sicker than a dog during those early months battling severe nausea and bronchitis and towards the end of the nine months was more than over this chapter in her life. In fact she told People that she was "not glowing, but rather an angry, miserable person."

While plenty of parents in Hollywood embrace the good old surprise pregnancy, not everyone is ready and willing to step up to the plate and enter parenthood. These next five famous fathers weren't so keen on admitting to their offspring and some hid their secret children for years!

5 Chuck Norris Knew Nothing Of His Baby

Via: Pinterest

He is the king of karate, but he is also a closet cheater and secret papa to at least one grown daughter, according to the National Enquirer. Many moons ago, when Norris was married to his first wife Dianne, he fathered a daughter with another woman. The year was 1962 and the Walker Texas Ranger actor was waiting to be discharged from the military police in Riverside, California.

His wife Diane had already gone to Los Angeles and Chuck met a nineteen-year-old Johanna Brady. Brady had no idea that Chuck was a married man and the young lovers carried on an affair for weeks. It was during this time that Johanna got pregnant. Chuck knew nothing of the baby until he received a letter demanding support a few years later. In fact, the litter girl, named Dina, grew up thinking that her mother's husband was her biological father.

She was sixteen years old when she overheard her mother talking about Norris with her husband and Dina started putting the pieces of her life's beginnings together. In 1991 Dina wrote a letter reaching out to Chuck and the pair have since reunited and now are one big, happy family. Geez, it took you long enough Chuckie.

4 Eric Clapton Had A Love Child

via thesun.co.uk

During Clapton's marriage to Patti Boyd, he made a love detour with a woman named Yvonne Kelly. Kelly ran the infamous Air recording studio in Monserrat, which Clapton was recording at. The pair enjoyed each other's company for a time before he returned to his wife and Yvonne returned to her partner as well.

While no longer together the two would remain forever bonded through the child that they created. This "child" is now a grown woman and an indie musician and while she has always remained adamant that Clapton has been present in her life, the rest of the world didn't exactly know about this little girl. When Eric's four-year-old son tumbled out of a 53 foot story apartment building, it was little Ruth who held her father's hand at the funeral and was outed as his secret daughter.

Regardless of Eric's acknowledgement of his out of wedlock child, the press and media have long coined Ruth as the hidden love child of one of the world's most famed rockers. Ruth told the Daily Mail that she likes to refer to herself as "a secret that was hidden in plain sight." It's nearly comical to the eccentric and talented woman who has genius running through her veins because in her mind, her dad was always her dad. It just took the rest of the world longer to catch on.

3 Gavin Rossdale - 6 Years Later

Rocker dude, former hubby to Gwen Stefani and resident cheating jerk Gavin Rossdale is plenty hated for what he did to our very loved Gwennie, but it turns out that there is so much more reason to dislike this dude.

According to the Daily Mail, he knew that he had fathered a baby with his former lover, Pearl Lowe, but told the mama to his kid that if she allowed their daughter Daisy to take a paternity test proving his patronage, he would never speak to her again.

Daisy took that test and Gavin held tight to his word. It took six long years for him to come around and make this family whole. The whole situation was totally soap opera-like.

Gavin and Pearl carried on a five year relationship while she was married to someone else. She got preggers in that window of time and passed her husband off as the father to her daughter for years. Gavin stayed in the picture though as Daisy's Godfather and Pearl's friend. He even frequented her school functions along with other recognized parents! Time truly does heal all wounds it seems. Pearl and Daisy strengthened their relationship and Daisy further developed hers with her God-father/bio-father. Oh Gavin, there truly are so many skeletons in this guy's closet.

2 Jude Law Makes The News

Via: Popsugar

This guy is another wandering cat who loves himself some ladies, just not the responsibilities that befall him when he doesn't take proper reproduction precautions. Actor Jude Law was once a happily married family man. He and his ex-wife Sadie Frost were busy being beautiful and raising three kiddos together, but the monogamous life wasn't cut out for Jude it seems.

He now has two more kids with other women.

Jude fathered a child with a New Jersey Hooter's waitress back in 2008 and little Sophia, Jude's 4th child, was the product of that hook-up. Jude reportedly sees this kid maybe once a year when her mother takes her to New York or London, but other than those rare occasions Jude is pretty hands off in regards to her child rearing. While Jude isn't a physical presence in Sophia's life, he does pay a whopping six grand in child support every month to cover the cost for his daughter's schooling and medical fees. Law has one more kid thus far, with his ex girlfriend Cat Cavelli rounding the total out to three baby mamas and five kids. The guy seems to be on quite the reproductive roll!

1 Arnold Schwarzenegger's Mini Me

via youtube.com

This was such a juicy scandal!  Former California Governor and super icon Arnold Schwarzenegger was married to Maria Schriver forEVER, but that didn't stop him from sewing his oats elsewhere during their union. Arnie clearly got it on with the family's housekeeper a time or two and the proof of that affair comes in the shape of a young adult man that looks exactly like The Terminator.

Really? No one saw the housekeeper's kid throughout the years and thought to themselves, hmmmmm, that kid looks a whole lot like Arnold? Come on!

As if this situation wasn't complicated enough, Maria and Arnold's youngest son Christopher is five days older than Arnold's love child. Obviously that was a busy year for the actor. The love child, whose name is Joseph, does get some financial assistance from his mum-keeping papa though. It is rumored that Mr. Schwarzenegger bought a four bedroom home for his love child and his mother as well as a Jeep. The news of Arnie's dalliances broke back in 2011, but he managed to keep his living secret pretty quiet there for awhile. No wonder his once-wife Maria finally kicked him to the curb. The housekeeper? I'm rolling my eyes over here.

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