10 Celebs Who Looked Their Best Pregnant (And 5 Who Could Have Tried Harder)

From stretchy pants to red carpet gowns, here are the celebs who rocked their pregnancy and 5 completely missed the mark.

It is no doubt that celebrities have access to some of the best fashion so we expect that they have great fashion while pregnant too. We know that they have the best of the best to work with so we expect them to look their best while they're expecting, and most of the time they pull through. There are some celebrities that we cannot even imagine wearing their fashion or pulling off their looks while carrying a child in our own wombs.

Being in the public eye, going to red carpets, and so on means that most celebrities do not get to wear the usually stretchy jeans and leggings while they are pregnant. Some of these crazy women actually wear high heels with their baby bumps, and we are just in awe of how they do it.

In many ways though, celebrities are just like us. Pregnancy does happen to be one thing that celebrities cannot escape the symptoms or even some of the downsides of. They have to do with the weight gain, swelling, and even morning sickness just like the rest of us! Unfortunately for them, they do have a herd of paparazzi and flashing cameras that capture all of it.

15Best: Amal Clooney

Amal Clooney, wife of actor George Clooney, is an international human rights lawyer. The pair are absolutely adorable together especially when Amal was pregnant with the couple's twins this past year. The twins were born this past June and have kept their famous parents very busy ever since.

Clooney's job in the courtroom required some very business friendly and formal maternity wear which left her looking stunning. It wasn't the comfy maternity clothing we are used to, but we might want to switch to Clooney's style. While her job has her saving the world (or attempting to), at least Amal looks absolutely stunning while doing it. Amal looked radiant and glowing throughout her pregnancy. She did not let pregnancy decide her fashion fate and continued to be a trend-setter throughout her pregnancy. She was a fashion icon baby bump and all!

14Best: Jessie James Decker

The Decker family is currently expecting their child, which SPOILER ALERT Jessie announced was a boy via Instagram. Jessie has never let pregnancy stop her fashion sense in her previous pregnancies, so it is no surprise that she adorably rocks her bump in whatever she wears with this pregnancy as well. We have seen her rock red carpets with a bump so we know that she can do it all!

Jessie's first pregnancy was recorded on the couple's reality show Eric & Jessie: Game On all the way up to the birth of their daughter, Vivianne. This pregnancy will also be chonociled in the media as Jessie keeps a rather public profile, and was announced via an Instagram post on the season finale of the couple's show. The country singer and expectant mother has kept plenty busy during her pregnancy with press, her Kittenish clothing line, and releasing a new album.

13Maybe Next Time: Blac Chyna

Blac Chyna's pregnancy with Dream Kardashian was chronicled on the former couple's reality show Rob and Chyna. The reality star set a goal to gain 100 pounds during her pregnancy with Dream, which does rub most of us as strange since recommended weight gain is an average of 25 to 35 pounds during pregnancy. Chyna gained more than 50 pounds by her last trimester and had plans to gain more.

Chyna's pregnancy was filled with lots and lots of drama which put the mom to be in a negative light. Her tumultuous relationship with former fiancee Rob Kardashian was revealed not only in the couple's reality show but also via their personal social media channels. Her pregnancy with Rob was her second as the star has a son, King, with Tyga.

Chyna was one star who strayed away from keeping up her fashion during her pregnancy. She kept it casual in loose workout clothes and sweatsuits similar in style to baby daddy, Rob.

12Best: Mila Kunis

Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher have been upping the bar for "couple goals" for years so it is no surprise that Mila Kunis rocked her baby bump during both of her pregnancies. The couple that first met on the set of That 70's Show share two kids, Wyatt and Dimitri. While the couple do keep their children out of the public eye, the actors acknowledge that their careers put them in the public eye so Mila's pregnancy was no exception.

The Bad Moms star lives her life in the spotlight. That means that we all got to enjoy her pregnancy with her. We saw Mila's baby bump grow throughout her pregnancy, and we were also lucky enough to be able to copy some of her style as she kept it rather casual during her pregnancy. Most of the time Mila was not one of those lunatics who could rock heels while pregnant, and we thank her for that because let's be honest our center of gravity is already off when we're pregnant.

11Best: Lauren Akins

Lauren Akins and husband, Thomas Rhett Akins, have been basically making us all swoon since his "Die a Happy Man" music video when we saw just how adorable their marriage is. Now the couple that everybody has fallen in love with our parents as Lauren gave birth to the couple's second child, Ada James, shortly after they adopted toddler, Willa Gray.

The couple just happened to conceive in the middle of Willa Gray's adoption which meant that they were really thrown into parenthood this year. Although Lauren spent the majority of her pregnancy chasing after a toddler, she didn't look ragged or run down. Instead the country singer's wife looked absolutely adorable throughout her pregnancy. We really have to wonder where this supermom got her energy from. Lauren proved that she could conquer motherhood while she rocked her pregnancy while keeping up with a toddler. Those skills would prove necessary as she is now mom to two under two, something that is a challenge for anybody.

10Maybe Next Time: Heidi Montag

Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt recently welcomed their first child together, but they have been those obnoxious parents since Heidi's pregnancy was announced. Montag even went as far as to try to what seem people assumed was a recreation of Beyonce's pregnancy announcement. As if the former Hills star would ever be Queen Bey, but after all imitation is the highest form of flattery.

Montag did continue to show off her fitness throughout her pregnancy even documenting workouts into her third trimester. Montag did share a lot of her pregnancy with her fans, but we cannot side step around the feeling that the couple was more obnoxious than excited about the pregnancy. It probably did not help that her husband, Spencer Pratt, publicly revealed how the couple's intimate life has been greatly increased as a result of Heidi's pregnancy. Some things might just be better kept between husband and wife.

9Best: Kristen Bell

Kristen Bell and husband, Dax Shepherd, are two parents who largely advocate to keep pictures of celebrity children out of the media. The only time we have ever really gotten a glimpse of the couple's two daughters was when they were in Bell's belly during her pregnancies. The Bad Moms actress keeps it real about parenthood, and pregnancy was no exception. It was refreshing that she had a normal pregnancy just like the rest of us.

Kristen had the usual bump and a decent amount of weight gain. Maybe it was her honesty mixed with her great maternity style, but Kristen Bell absolutely stayed her pregnancies. At the same time, she also let us in on the fact that things in the parenthood world are not always easy or perfect. In fact, Bell was so honest that she confessed worrying that she would not bond with her daughter like she had with her pets! We can all appreciate her concerns because many of us have had them ourselves!

8Best: Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, is married to Prince William is currently expecting her third child. Middleton suffers severe morning sickness during her pregnancies, but that has not stopped the Duchess from absolutely slaying the fashion game during her pregnancies. While we do not see as much of Middleton as we usually do when she is pregnant, when we do see her she looks phenomenal.

Kate's severe morning sickness has caused her to cancel several appearances and limit her time in the public eye during her pregnancy. We cannot really play the royal mom because honestly no one wants to get ready or go out when they are puking their guts out or dehydrated. The Duchess has started to make some more public appearances, and she has not disappointed with keeping it absolutely adorable. While she may be sick, she is not down for the count and has been up to par with the fashion that we have come to expect from her.

7Maybe Next Time: Kourtney Kardashian

While we have come to expect the Kardashians to push the boundaries when it comes to fashion choices and showing skin, Kourtney Kardashian really pushed some limits in what was acceptable maternity wear during her pregnancies. The fashion icon just did not make the best choices about her maternity wear while pregnant. Maybe we can blame it on the pregnancy brain. The eldest Kardashian sister might be a fitness fanatic now, but as her sisters have said on the show before it wasn't until after she had her third child, Reign, that she really got her game back!

Kourtney nov focuses on clean and organic eating as we have heard A LOT about her dairy free, gluten free lifestyle, but that wasn't always the case when she was pregnant. During Kourt's second pregnancy with daughter, Penelope, she admits that she craved junk food, specifically cheeseburgers. We all know how hard it is to not give into those cravings, but it certainly isn't healthy to give into all of them.

6Best: Beyonce

Remember when Beyonce broke the internet when she announced her pregnancy with twins, Sir and Rumi? Beyonce did not let pregnancy slow her fashion roll especially when she made appearances at the Grammy's. The star's maternity fashion might cost more than some of our vehicles, or even homes, but she completely blew our minds at least!

Being pregnant with twins is a lot on a woman's body, but we could never tell that Beyonce was put out a bit. Her pregnancy might have taken a toll on the star's energy levels, but she still kept up her public appearances and looked good at them all! No one expected Queen B to be on her A game all of the time while she was carrying twins, but she looked flawless just the same. Beyonce rocked her pregnancy from the beginning when she announced back in February with her baby bump in lingerie. She showed that nothing was going to stop her from being confident and being who she was!

5Best: Blake Lively

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are another couple whose careers put them in the public eye, but they keep their children out of the spotlight. Honestly we are so glad that Blake's pregnancy was caught in the spotlight because she looked flawless. The expecting mom rocked a red carpet better than most of us could ever imagine even not pregnant.

Lively shares two daughters, Ines and James, with husband Ryan. While we got to see Blake glowing throughout her second pregnancy, the couple is so closed off about their children that it took two months after their second daughter, Ines's, birth in 2016 before her name was revealed to the public. We are sure that Ryan, who is known for his hilarious tweets, probably teased his wife practicing her dad jokes throughout her pregnancy. Maybe his humor and her laughter is what had her glowing so much!

4Maybe Next Time: Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson was one celebrity who took a lot of judgement during her pregnancy as a result of her serious weight gain. Jessica was even shocked by her own weight gain during her pregnancy. We can imagine that she wasn't exactly thrilled with the numbers on the scale even though some weight gain during pregnancy is necessary. She was mocked for taking the phrase "eating for two" too seriously because of her weight and shape.

While we don't agree with the mocking, we can agree that Simpson maybe could have handled her health a little better as too much weight gain during pregnancy can be a bad thing. Simpson's pregnancies were both close together which probably didn't help her weight situation, but it got to the point where many were concerned about how much her face had even changed as a result of the weight she was putting on. Unfortunately for Simpson whose weight gain was likely caused by poor nutrition choices, the media was there every step of the way to photograph and document her weight gain.

3Best: Kerry Washington

The Scandal actress looked absolutely adorable while pregnant with her second child back in mid 2016. She now shares two children with husband, Nnamdi Asomugha. While Washington's character, Olivia Pope, has never been pregnant, that didn't stop Washington from shooting while pregnant. They did have to get pretty creative with angles to hide Washington's growing bump on set, but the crew managed well and the show is currently on its final season.

Washington's glow and adorable bump might have something to do with how health conscious the actress is. She balanced a good diet, watching what she ate, and yoga throughout her pregnancy. While some women do use pregnancy as an excuse to eat whatever they want, Washington knew that her diet and nutrition were still as important as ever while growing a tiny human and was cautious about what she put in her body.

2Best: Serena Williams

Tennis star, Serena Williams welcomed her first child this September with her fiancee and Reddit founder, Alexis Ohanian. While the tennis star did not participate in some tournaments due to her pregnancy, she did not let her pregnancy slow her down from practicing and staying active. She advocated that rest is a pregnant woman's best friend, and we can agree. Being well rested allowed Williams to have a happy, healthy pregnancy, and she was also able to keep most of her active lifestyle during her pregnancy as well.

Serena Williams was so active when she was pregnant that it has been determined that despite her late announcement, she did win the Grand Slam title number 23 WHILE she was pregnant. Talk about girl power, right? Serena did not publicly announce her pregnancy or show off her bump until she was 22 weeks pregnant.

1Maybe Next Time: Kim Kardashian

One well known fact about Kim Kardashian West is that she was absolutely miserable during both of her pregnancies. Like many of us, although we may not like to admit it, Kim HATED being pregnant. When reviewing her time on Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Kim spoke about how she wished she had used angles better during her pregnancies while on the show because of how big she looked and was.

While we have always known Kim K. to show us just a little too much, pregnancy was no exception. We are used to her normally perfect selfies, but during both of her pregnancies Kim gained a lot of weight. The junk food cravings won the best of the reality star who gained more than she probably should have. While it is refreshing that Kim K was less than perfect while pregnant and she admits it, we can probably agree with her that she could have eaten a little better during pregnancy as health is pretty important.

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