10 Celebs Who Make Good Parental Role Models

If it's true that kids today look to public figures and celebrities as role models, then the same can be said for us as parents looking to celebrity parents to be role models for us. No, we don't need our hands held, since being a parent is knowing how to be an adult without being told exactly what to do. But the best celebrity parents are the best role models for us to look to when we may not be so sure of some of our decisions, or simply when we want to feel like we aren't alone.

Seeing a parent who is also a big time actor or actress wipe their child's nose or push them in a stroller without the help of a nanny or assistant, makes you feel some kind of comfort in your own parenting methods. It keeps them grounded as humans, and takes away from of the unapproachable glamor. Down to earth celebrity moms and dads aren't that easy to come by and so refreshing because, let's face it, what parent isn't totally intimidated by the made up and insanely successful versions of our celebrity parent role models?

These particular celebrity moms and dads are kind of amazing, in that they're actual parents and not just looking at kids as a way to have a new accessory. You know the types. So let's take a look at the celebrity parents we would all love to basically know in real life and have play dates with.

10 Jennifer Garner

It's no secret that Jennifer Garner has long been the type of celebrity mom who can wear jeans and sneakers to take the kids to soccer, and then slip into a couture gown and walk the red carpet. Basically, she can turn on the glam when it's necessary but still remain a hands-on mom like the rest of us.

9 Brad Pitt

As any parent of multiples knows, it's not an easy job trying to take care of and give the right amount of attention to each of them. Throw in a hugely successful and busy career like that of Brad Pitt and you're doubly screwed. But somehow he manages to be a normal dad at the end of the day, giving his kids the chance to experience life with their parents the way they should, instead of through chance meetings. As he told V Magazine, being there for your kids at the end of the day to help them brs=ush their teeth and really talk to them is very important.

8 Jessica Alba

As a normal mom and celebrity at the same time, Jessica Alba still somehow finds time to spend with her little ones with husband Cash Warren. It also helps that she helped start the Honest Company, which produces nontoxic and organic lotions, diapers, and other household products. Plus, Alba isn't above consulting with her Mommy and Me group for advice, which we can all relate to, right?

7 Adam Sandler

Not surprisingly, Adam Sandler is an all around cool dad. You'd probably suspect as much from the comedy powerhouse of a man, but it's still refreshing to know that a celebrity of his caliber spends every night at home with his two little girls and longtime wife. He's also no stranger to the wonderful world of not being able to stay up past 10 p.m. because your kids are either bouncing off the walls and leading you to exhaustion or they'd been doing it all day to zap you of your energy.

6 Michelle Williams

No one ever said that being a single parent was easy, but it's always comforting for single moms and dads of the "real world" to know that an actress like Dawson's Creek alum Michelle Williams feels the weight of such a role, too. In an interview with ELLE UK, Williams spoke out about her juggling act as a single mom, saying that she often feels as though she's doing two jobs as one parent, and both using everything she has. Even parents lucky enough to have partners by their side can relate to that kind of stress as a parent.

5 Kevin Hart

He might be known for his adult comedy in stand-up or his less than family friendly comedy movies, but Kevin Hart is one of those celebrity parents that is so clearly down to earth that you know he's got to be doing something right. By doing something as simple as taking a family vacation after a long stint of movie making, Hart shows that he too sees the importance of spending time with your kids and family, as opposed to starting on another work project right away or opting for a grownups-only tropical vacation.

4 Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes was born in Toledo, Ohio and raised in a fairly normal household with four siblings, an attorney for a father and a stay-at-home mom. So it should come as no surprise that she attributes her ability to raise her daughter Suri on her own to the way she was raised by her own mother. Valuing the impact a strong female figure has on her daughter is important for any mother to recognize, and Holmes does just that.

3 Neil Patrick Harris

Neil Patrick Harris and his husband, David Burtka, have become popular dads for the adorable family Halloween costumes they come up with to share with their five-year-old twins. And not only that, the couple's ability to do something as simple as a weekend night arts and crafts fest with their little ones. Which doesn't seem like the biggest deal but when you and your spouse are both huge celebrities, it takes real ingenuity and parental skills to find the time for things like that.

2 Sandra Bullock

After adopting her second child, three-year-old Laila, last year, Sandra Bullock sort of cemented the fact that she is a mom on a mission to be able to adopt and raise little ones as a real parent, instead of, you know, the glamour and glitz of a team of nannies handling everything. She has also said on record what we need to remember as parents and that is that our children come first before everything in our lives.

1 Stephen Colbert

For someone who always seems to be on, you wouldn't expect Stephen Colbert to be the guy to dole out parenting advice that would be anything to take very seriously. But what he had to say on Rookie.com, an online for teen girls, spoke volumes when answering the question of a 14-year-old girl who asked about men who catcall and joke about rape.

If there's anything we can learn from celebrity parents as role models, it's that as parents, we all make mistakes and we all share an undying and totally unwavering love and devotion to our children. We all have that in common and being able to sometimes look up to the best celebrity parents certainly can't hurt.

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