10 Celebs Who Splurge On Their Babies (And 9 Who Refuse)

It’s fair to say that no one is ever sure what kind of parent they will be be until they're actually in that situation. They will have all kinds of notions about motherhood, and how they will raise their baby. Then, when it happens, when they hold their little one in their arms for the first time, a lot of that just goes out the window.

For example, mom may have decided that she doesn't want to spoil her child. She's not going to splurge, buy her little one everything under the sun, even if she can afford it. She's going to bring that child up with good values, teach them the value of a dollar. But then the baby arrives into this world and that all goes to pot. Mom wants to spoil her baby, buy her little one anything and everything.

These celebs can actually afford to do just that. 10 of them have splurged lavishly on their kids. They’ve spent eye-watering amounts on all manner of things. The other 10 have chosen to be a bit more frugal. They’re not going to spoil their kids just because they can. They refuse to splurge on their babies in the hope they grow up having had certain values instilled within them. These are 10 celebs who splurge on their babies and 10 who refuse.

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19 Splurge: Beyonce and Jay-Z

via: usweekly.com

Beyoncé and Jay Z are the ultimate power couple of the celeb world. They’ve had their ups and downs, but have stayed together, have remained strong. Now they’ve added kids into the mix. Beyoncé has been very candid about her struggles trying to get pregnant, and the issues she’s faced during pregnancy. So, when Blue Ivy Carter came along, everyone was thrilled.

The duo certainly have the cash. Combined, their net worth is into the billions. A chunk of that – a small chunk for them – has gone on splurging for their daughter. They’ve spent millions on toys, including a $600,000 solid-gold rocking horse.

18 Refuse: Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher

Mila Kunis and her hubby, Ashton Kutcher, are among the top professionals in the business. Both have been hugely successful over the years. Therefore, money isn’t a problem to them. But that doesn’t mean they’re going to spend everything on their kids. The couples have a couple of kids, the youngest of which is one years old.

Both are known for raising their kids in a normal a way as possible. They don’t get any special treatment. Mila wants them to find their own path in life. That’s why she’s against paparazzi intrusion. And she’s against spending lavishly on her kids.

17 Splurges: Kim Kardashian

Most of you probably anticipated that Kim Kardashian was going to feature on this list. Of course, she was. She’s spent most of her life in front of the cameras. She was once a socialite, someone known solely for her looks, for being seen out and about and for her somewhat lavish celebrity lifestyle. Now that she’s got kids, she wasn’t about to change. Having kids gives her an excuse – as if she needed an excuse – to spurge lavishly.

With Kanye West being the kids’ baby daddy, even if Kim was thinking about raising her kids slightly differently, Kanye would’ve made sure they’re treated like princes and princesses.

16 Refuses: Christina Applegate

via: todaysparent.com

Christina Applegate found fame as a teen star. She’s remained in the spotlight ever since. Her marriage to Martyn LeNoble, was her second. This time it looks to have worked out. The duo got hitched in 2013 and they’ve added a daughter to their family. But Sadie Grace LeNoble isn’t the pampered princess many thought she’d become. Christina and her hubby don’t spoil her, don’t spend lavishly on her.

Christina is big into her philanthropy, and knows there are kids less fortunate. She wants to raise Sadie with strong values. She herself credits her mom with keeping her grounded. She’s trying to do the same with her own daughter.

15 Splurges: Kylie Jenner

Ok, so there was always going to be more than one of the Kardashian-Jenner clan to grace this list. They’re arguably one of the most famous celeb families in the world. Kim spoils her kids, there’s no doubt about that. Some may call Kylie a kid herself. A lot of people would say that she’s been spoiled herself, being brought up in the kind of lifestyle she has. But Kylie’s embraced it. It’s all she knows.

So, inevitably, Stormi Webster was going to be brought into that world. The eight-month-old has led one privileged, luxurious lifestyle to date.

14 Splurges: Jessica Simpson

via: people.com

Jessica Simpson’s two kids always seem to be in the limelight. She’s certainly not one to shield them from the celebrity lifestyle. Instead, since it’s a massive part of her own life she’s thrust her kids into the limelight too. There have been plenty of instances where her daughter has been seen acting like a diva. But the lavish spending started even before her kids came into this world.

Jessica reportedly spent $2m to rent out an entire floor of her hospital of choice. She hired security guards, bought everything she could use to make herself comfortable, the works. Jessica really pulled out all the stops.

13 Refuses: Jamie Oliver

via: eveningstandard.co.uk

In the celebrity chef world, you’re likely to have heard of Gordon Ramsay. He’s a global megastar. He’s also famed for being frugal when it comes to his spending, especially on his kids. He doesn’t let them sit in first class with him. He’s not going to leave them anything and refuses to pamper them.

Jamie Oliver is the same. Jamie has five kids. But he doesn’t pamper them, doesn’t spend lavishly on them. We recently found out that he couldn’t even if he wanted to.

12 Splurge: Victoria And David Beckham

via: pinterest.co.uk

The Beckham’s live luxurious lives alright. Ex-soccer player David Beckham is now involved in many business ventures. And because of his association with various brands, he’s raking it in. Victoria - well, we all know how well she’s been doing in the world of fashion. They have four kids together. Harper is certainly following in her mom’s footsteps. That’s because it seems like Victoria is taking her under her wing.

She’s been voted as being the world’s most stylish celebrity kid. She’s frequented fashion shows organized by her mom, is always dressed in stunning attire, even at such a young age. It pays to have a mom like Victoria.

11 Refuses: Sarah Michelle Gellar

via: pinterest.co.uk

Sarah Michelle Gellar is someone who prefers to stay out of the spotlight. Her private life is just that, private. She’s been married to her hubby, Scooby Doo co-star, Freddie Prinze Jr. since 2002. The duo have two kids together. Do we know much about their kids? Not really. That’s because Sarah has done her level best to shield her kids from the media and the paparazzi.

She wants them to live a normal a life as possible. That means not spoiling them either. She wants them to grow up with the right values. As they’ve gotten older, she’s starting to expose them to the limelight a bit more.

10 Splurges: Gwen Stefani

Staggeringly, Gwen Stefani’s been in the industry for over three decades. She’s produced hit after hit during this time, has broken plenty of records in the process. Gwen may not be as big as she once was. But she’s still keeping busy. She’s got numerous ventures on the go. She’s also got a family and kids to take care of.

Due to her success, Gwen has been raking it in ever since she came into the industry. So, if she wanted to splash out on her little one, she could. It’s been reported that for her son’s 4th birthday, Gwen spent over $15,000.

9 Refuses: Sarah Shahi

via: people.com

Sarah Shahi’s career has been one of ups and downs. Initially she had a tough time of it. She got into the industry as an extra, then at the behest of one of her directors, she decided to make the transition to full time acting in Hollywood. After the initial struggles she found her way, and fans of Hollywood have since fallen in love with her.

But Sarah hasn’t forgotten those struggles. She’s got three kids, but for their sake, refuses to spoil them. She wants to keep them grounded, teach them the value of working hard and the value of money.

8 Splurges: Sandra Bullock

via: dailymail.co.uk

Everyone loves themselves a bit of Sandra Bullock. At 54 years old, she’s still very much an integral part of the Hollywood scene, is still churning out hit after hit. Due to her numerous successes over the years, Sandra is one of the wealthiest women in Hollywood. Sandra is a philanthropist and does a lot of good with her wealth.

But that doesn’t mean that she too doesn’t splurge on the people that are close to her heart. Sandra has adopted two kids. For her son Louis, even though he wouldn’t have had a clue what it was, Sandra bought an Andy Warhol Peaches print, thought to be around $14,000.

7 Refuses: Dave Grohl

via: pinterest.co.uk

Dave Grohl is a Rockstar to the core. He’s famed for being the lead drummer for the band, Nirvana. Following the death of bandmember Curt Cobain, Dave wasn’t sure what to do next. He ended up being the founder, and so much more, of the band, the Food Fighters. The rest is history. Dave’s regarded to be one of the greatest rock stars on the planet.

He’s also one of the wealthiest. He’s actually deemed to be the wealthiest drummer on the planet. That doesn’t mean he spends his cash lavishly, though. He has three daughters, but they’re certainly not pampered princesses.

6 Splurges: Tori Spelling

via: starmagazine.com

Tori Spelling has had plenty of ups and downs during the course of her career. There’s been plenty of drama in her professional and also her personal life. Anyone who knows their history, their Hollywood, would know that the Spelling name is pretty massive. Tori was born into a wealthy family, and it’s all she’s really known. There was once an issue around her inheritance. Tori was set to receive a massive amount.

In the end she received far less that she’d have hoped for; she received $800K. Why? Her mom, Candy, has said that it was because Tori’s a spendthrift. She can spend tens of thousands on herself, on her kids, at one time, during one shopping day out.

5 Refuse: Kristen Bell And Dax Shepard

Kristen Bell’s youngest child with Dax Shepard, is three years old. The couple are known for being private about their two kids. It’s rare when they’re spotted out and about in public – they don’t want to give the paparazzi any opportunities to go wild. Everything that’s known about them, most of the pictures, have been done and taken on Kristen’s terms. She wants them to live a normal a childhood as possible.

That means shielding them from the celebrity lifestyle and refusing to spoil them. Kristen is far from the stereotypical celebrity mom. She has fun with her kids but they don’t get spoiled.

4 Splurges: Mariah Carey

via: abcnews.com

Mariah Carey has this reputation in the celeb world of being a bit of a diva. Her diva demands have made the rounds, have led to a lot of people judging her character. Go through some of the stuff that’s been said and you’ll know what I mean. Well, if that’s what she’s saying, demanding for herself, just imagine what she’s demanding when it comes to her kids! Only the best of everything.

Here’s just one example. When she gave birth to twins, Mariah and baby daddy, Nick Cannon, reportedly coughed up $1m to make nurseries for the two. Mariah’s splashed out plenty of cash since.

3 Refuses: January Jones

via: popsugar.com

January Jones may not have the best reputation amongst her colleagues. She’s become known for throwing tantrums, and some would say, have said, that she’s just downright rude. She’s a strong, feisty woman who knows what she wants. She certainly knows what she wants when it comes to her son. Her son is her pride and joy.

She’s raising him as a single mom. She doesn’t share many pictures of him, doesn’t splurge on him, and tries her level best to keep him out of the limelight. She wants him to have a normal an upbringing as possible. What January says goes.

2 Splurge: Chrissy Teigen and John Legend

via: people.com

Chrissy Teigen hasn’t been shy about letting people know of her struggles when it comes to getting pregnant. She’s used IVF to have kids, and it’s resulted in her and John Legend having a couple of kids. Chrissy wants even more kids. She’s said that she absolutely loves kids. While she’s done her best not to spoil her two babies, it’s been tough.

She’s said it’s been a tough balance between giving her oldest child what she wants, and learning to say no to her. But sometimes, Chrissy just hasn’t been able to say no, gives in, and there’ve been occasions where she’s splurged on her.

1 Refuses: Elton John

via: mirror.co.uk

Singer, pianist and composer, Elton John, is ruling supreme at the top of the music world. He’s arguably one of the wealthiest people in the music industry. Elton John has a couple of kids. But he doesn’t want to raise them in his celebrity lifestyle.

He wants to raise them with the working-class values, that grafter mentality, that he was brought up with. He also won’t leave the fortune he’s earned to his sons. He wants his sons to focus on something, make a success of it and stand on their own two feet. Elton wants his kids to be as grounded as possible.

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