10 Celebs With The Worst Maternity Style (And 10 Who Totally Rocked It)

Let's be honest - we all know that pregnancy is full of highs and lows, but dressing up your baby bump should be one of the many perks that being prego has to offer. When your body is carrying a baby it’s a beautiful thing, and showing off your burgeoning belly is something to be proud of. Of course, while some pregnant moms dread putting on a few extra pounds throughout the course of their pregnancy, others can’t wait to try out a whole new wardrobe that complements their recently redefined figure.

Just like us regular folks, celebrities are no different when it comes to picking and choosing maternity fashions that flatter their physique. While some stars go above and beyond when it comes to crushing the whole ‘mom-to-be’ look, others fail hard with their lackluster efforts in the style department. Granted, stars so have the luxury of having a team of stylists and unlimited money to ensure they always look their best…but that only makes us question their judgement even further when they step out in public looking like they just got off of the hot mess express.

Just because you’re pregnant doesn’t mean you should let your looks fall to the wayside. In terms of pregnancy priorities, looking and feeling your best is paramount to having a positive experience during the long nine months before your little one arrives. Celebs are the perfect people to look at for fashion inspiration when it comes to dressing up your baby bump to its fullest potential. While not every famous face can manage to take our breaths away with their maternity fashion choices, others leave us wishing we could look half as good as they do at six months pregnant when we’re not even knocked up at all!

Here are 10 celebs with the worst maternity style and 10 who had the best.

20 Worst: Mila Kunis


We seriously love Mila Kunis, but unfortunately we just can't say the same about her maternity style. While Mila is usually someone we see on all of Hollywood's 'best dressed' lists, she completely missed the mark when it came to dressing her bump for success. The famed actress definitely dressed for comfort during both of her pregnancies and her sloppy styles were on full display every time the paparazzi snapped a photo of her. With her denim overalls, ill-fitting tops that exposed her midsection and excessively baggy sweatpants, it was easy to see that Mila didn't put a whole lot of effort into her image whenever she had a baby on board. We can admit that finding the right wardrobe for an ever-changing body can be a bit of a challenge at times, but someone should have told the star that the over-sized flannel shirts and jeans that are two sizes too small only made her look super sloppy and disheveled.

19 Best: Chrissy Tiegen


We’re just going to come right out and say it: Chrissy Tiegen’s maternity style was nothing short of amazing. The model wife of John Legend looked positively breathtaking throughout her whole pregnancy and her fashion choices were on point every time she graced us with her presence. Chrissy impressively dressed herself in the trendiest fashions while customizing certain styles to accommodate her growing bump. Whether she was decked out in a comfy yet classy above-the-knee length dress paired with a long overcoat or a trendy bodysuit and ripped boyfriend jeans, Chrissy knew how to work it every which way in the name of fashion. By sticking to simple patterns, neutral tones and stretchy materials, Tiegen was the perfect example of maternity style done right. Everything about Chrissy’s maternity look proved that you don’t have to compromise your look just because you’re pregnant. With only a few minor modifications, she was able to wear everything she normally would…only everything looks a little better with a baby bump.

18 Worst: Blac Chyna


We all know that Blac Chyna will do just about anything for attention, so we really hope that her dreadfully awful maternity style was just one big desperate publicity stunt. Throughout her second pregnancy, Chyna was best known for showing off her heavily tattooed baby bump on social media and tasteless taking twerking videos while heavily pregnant. Chyna appeared to be a big fan of spandex bodysuits, short-shorts and sheer paneling during her pregnancy, but her maternity style only got worse as time went on. The explosive reality star looked like she was ready to pop last year when she showed up to her friend’s birthday party wearing a baby pink silk tracksuit. Chyna looked uncomfortably crammed into the unattractive ensemble, complete with a matching silk belt that looked entirely too tight. Rob Kardashian’s baby mama made sure that all eyes were on her at the event and adorned her look with a flashy diamond-encrusted watch. This definitely wasn’t one of Blac Chyna’s best looks and she easily solidified herself a spot as one of the worst dressed pregnant celebs we’ve ever seen!

17 Best: Carrie Underwood


When it comes to picking out the perfect outfit, it seems like Carrie Underwood can do no wrong. The country crooner has an exceptional taste in fashion and her ability to remain one of the best dressed stars in Hollywood was only strengthened when she was pregnant with her son, Isaiah. Even though it was her first and only pregnancy to date, Carrie managed to execute the whole maternity style thing with ease. Whether she was dressing up or dressing down, the blonde beauty looked sensational every time her and her bump hit the scene. Carrie really earned her stripes when she co-hosted the Country Music Awards alongside Brad Paisley in 2014. Of course, hosting the CMA’s would be a daunting task for anyone, but Underwood managed to keep her cool throughout the night and even impressed the audience with her whopping ten outfit changes during the big event. From floor-length chiffon to sequins and everything in between, Carrie Underwood was truly the star of the show. Pulling off one marvelous maternity style would have been more than enough, but the songstress blew us all away with her gorgeous gowns and brilliant baby-doll dresses. It goes without saying, but Carrie had some seriously savvy maternity style.

16 Worst: Jessica Biel


She always knows how to work it on the red carpet, but when she’s off the clock Jessica Biel is notorious for dressing down…and we mean way down. The actress seems to be a huge fan of casual clothing but when she was pregnant with her son Silas in 2015 she wore nothing but her laziest loungewear. While Biel is usually dressed to the nines in designer gowns and draped in diamonds from head to toe during Hollywood events, the star took a more ‘relaxed’ approach when it came to her pregnancy wardrobe. One of Jessica’s worst-dressed maternity moments was in the final stretch of her pregnancy when she was only a few weeks from giving birth. She was spotted out and about in LA wearing a long cream colored sweater, baggy snakeskin patterned pants and a dirty white t-shirt that had an embarrassing amount of holes in it throughout the midsection. To top off her laidback look, Jessica slipped into a pair of leopard print flats and carried a floral handbag. With her overuse of dizzying patterns and her weathered tee Jessica looked unkempt to say the least.

15 Best: Megan Fox


Let’s face it: Megan Fox is one of the hottest female celebrities around, and she flawlessly upholds that image even when she’s pregnant. With three pregnancies already under her belt, Megan Fox is a seasoned vet when it comes to her timeless and tasteful maternity style. The actress knows exactly what works and what doesn’t for her ever-changing figure and she does a great job at accentuating the best features with what she wears. From fitted moto-jackets to flirty maxi dresses, fans can always count on Megan to look foxy no matter what the occasion. One of Megan’s best overall pregnancy looks was when she rocked a floral bodycon maternity dress by famed designed Roberto Cavalli. While opting to go with an assorted mix of colors and patterns can be a risky fashion move, Megan pulled it off flawlessly. Fox completed her look with a pair of red strappy wedge sandals and decided not to go overboard by adding any accessories.

14 Worst: Kim Kardashian


Whether you love her or loathe her, Kim Kardashian is a trendsetter and an obvious fashion icon. She is often known for setting the bar high when it comes to adorning herself in the finest fashions, but her entire sense of style took a total nosedive starting with her first pregnancy in 2012. The notable reality star lost nearly all of her fashion credibility when she repeatedly stepped out wearing atrocious outfits that made her go from fab to drab in an instant. It looked Kim was in denial about her new body type when she was carrying her babies, and some of her worst-dressed moments made us all collectively ask ourselves “what was she thinking!?” At one point, Kim squeezed her visibly swollen feet into a pair of clear stiletto heels, making onlookers cringe at the sight of her obvious discomfort. Kim was also a big fan of peplum skirts, which only drew attention to her midsection and made her look larger than she actually was. But Kim’s worst maternity style came out in full-force during the 2013 Met Gala when she donned a detestable floral Givenchy gown with matching floral gloves and heels. Kim topped every worst-dressed list with her huge fashion fail and became the subject of an endless supply of internet memes. Her maternity style was so bad that people even drew comparisons between her now-infamous Met Gala look and Mrs. Doubtfire.

13 Best: Blake Lively


When it comes to donning fabulous maternity fashions, few can do it better than Blake Lively. During her two pregnancies, the stylish former Gossip Girl star stepped out in a number of designer ensembles that made even women who weren’t with child green with envy. Whether she was walking the red carpet at a major Hollywood event or taking a casual stroll down the streets of New York City, Blake rocked the finest maternity styles as if it were her sole mission in life. From couture gowns all the way down to figure-hugging sweaters and day dresses, Blake lived to proudly show off her mom-to-be bod every chance she got. No matter what trimester she was in, Lively always managed to somehow find the perfect outfit to hug newfound curves in all of the right places while looking both classy and effortlessly elegant. The actress put on such a never-ending display of chic styles during her pregnant days that we all started to wonder if the woman ever has ever vegged out in sweatpants and loose-fitting t-shirts in her lifetime.

12 Worst: Britney Spears


We can all admit that aside from her jaw-dropping costumes on stage, Britney Spears never really flourished when it came to her personal fashion choices. After back-to-back pregnancies with sons Sean Preston and Jayden James in 2005 and 2006, it’s safe to say that Spears was a major disappointment in the wardrobe department on both occasions. One of Britney’s biggest maternity style blunders was undeniably when she wore low-plunging crop top with a mismatched blue tie-die skirt and mustard yellow cowboy boots. There were so many things wrong what the popstar was wearing we didn’t know where to look first! For starters, somebody should have told Britney that wearing a good ole support bra would have been a wise decision before stepping out in public looking like it was laundry day and what she had on was the last of her clean clothing. There’s nothing wrong with showing off your belly when you’re pregnant but preggo or not, nothing screams “look at me” more than walking down the street in broad daylight with your entire midriff exposed. Britney’s maternity style could easily be summed up in two simple words: totally trashy.

11 Best: Kristin Cavallari


Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the most fashionable celebrity mom of them all? Kristin Cavallari takes top honors as one of the most effortlessly chic celebs when it comes to her saucy taste in maternity styles. The former star of Laguna Beach and The Hills was fearless when it came to making bold wardrobe decisions throughout all three of her pregnancies. The reality star looked as if she had just walked off a runway every time we saw her step out during a pregnant moment, and we have to give her all the credit in the world for wearing high heels when it’s not always the most comfort-conscious choice. Boots, skinny jeans, leggings and flirty summer dresses were just a few of Cavallari’s go-to pieces of clothing while she was rocking a serious baby bump, and she looked like she was styled to perfection every time. Its super evident that Kristin took a whole lot of pride in looking her best during her pregnancies and appeared positively glowing because of it. From head to toe, Kristin looked like such a stunning mom-to-be that we couldn’t help but be a little bit jealous.

10 Worst: Amber Rose


Of course, Amber Rose is best known for being an outspoken model and ex-girlfriend to a number of famous figures, but she also earned herself a reputation for having some seriously bad maternity style during her first pregnancy in 2012. Amber is a pro at getting noticed, and when she was pregnant with her son Sebastian she did whatever she could to make sure the paparazzi paid attention to her…even if it meant making a sacrifice in the name of fashion. In her third trimester, the heavily pregnant star was spotted shopping at a Neiman Marcus wearing a flashy getup that could best be described as an eyesore. Amber donned a skin-tight yellow dress with large black polka dots, bright red lipstick that accentuated her visible red bra straps and a gawdy Captain’s hat that left Amber looking like she was wearing a really bad Halloween costume. There are so many ways for maternity fashion to be done right, and as a model you’d probably think that Amber would know how to dress her bump…but clearly that’s just not the case.

9 Best: Reese Witherspoon


We can all admit that Reese Witherspoon’s fashion sense is pretty top-notch, and when she was pregnant her maternity style never faltered. The polished mother of three has been a staple on the Hollywood scene for a number of years now, and every time we see her it’s like she gets better with age. Known for her squeaky clean image and her tasteful fashions, Reese could teach us all a thing or two about looking our best when we’ve got a baby on board. For celebs, image plays a pivotal role in their popularity but Reese definitely has nothing to worry about in that department. Whether she’s wearing a chic all black dress that shows off her physique or she’s decked out in a blue gown for a major event, Witherspoon always knows how to dress the part. Pregnant or not, Reese keeps things classic and timeless while turning heads everywhere she goes. It’s easy to see that she earned high marks when it came to slaying maternity style.

8 Worst: Alyssa Milano


There are plenty of designs and patterns that would look great on a pregnant woman’s body – but polka dot is never one of them. Unfortunately for Alyssa Milano, she had to learn that lesson the hard way when she appeared at the movie premiere for The Hangover in 2011. The super pregnant actress was positively glowing during her pregnancy with her son, Milo, but her maternity style was a poor take on how to properly dress her growing bump. The excessive polka dot pattern paired with the dizzying black and white color combination was enough to leave anyone feeling a bit frazzled. The unflattering dress didn’t do Alyssa any favors and it only made her stand out from the crowd like a sore thumb. It’s easy to see that the pattern and the color scheme was overpowering and took away from Alyssa’s overall beauty. Maybe someone should have told her that it would have been a better choice to stick with solid patterns and clean lines before she found herself smack-dab in the middle of a ‘worst dressed’ list.

7 Best: Jessica Alba


Sure, there are a lot of stunning starlets in Hollywood, but Jessica Alba is a natural beauty. The actress turned successful entrepreneur has balanced motherhood with a budding career for close to two decades now, and she shows no signs of stopping any time soon. Of course, raising a family while juggling a growing empire can be exhausting, but Jessica never lets that stop her from looking like a ten at all times. Even during both of her pregnancies, Alba has looked fresh-faced and superbly dressed. While carrying daughters Honor and Haven, the star maintained her red carpet ready appearance at all costs. She looked elegant in an array of strapless gowns that were flowy and surely comfortable while still being fashion-forward. Jessica recently revealed that she is expecting baby number three, and we can’t wait to see what kind of maternity styles she has in store this time around.

6 Worst: Kelly Clarkson


Kelly Clarkson dazzled audiences nation-wide during the first season of American Idol where she was ultimately crowned the winner, and she has maintained a bountiful music career ever since. Of course, many years have passed since then and Kelly has come a long way both personally and professionally. On top of being a Grammy-award winning recording artist Clarkson is also a wife and mother to her two young children, River Rose and Remington. Clarkson endured two grueling pregnancies and she made no secret of how uncomfortable the whole baby-making process was for her. On top of frequent morning sickness and tiredness, Kelly often spoke out about how she couldn’t wait for either of her pregnancies to finally come to an end. After hearing how much Clarkson and pregnancy didn’t fare well together, it’s no surprise that she put little effort in when it came to her everyday maternity style. In 2016, the singer stepped out looking worse for the ware in over-sized black overalls draped over a yellow “New York City” t-shirt. Kelly completed her fashion faux-paus with a black fedora and matching ballet flats. Needless to say…Kelly’s maternity style was some of the worst we’ve ever witnessed.

5 Best: Jessie James Decker


If you think that being sultry is like second nature to Jessie James Decker, then you certainly wouldn’t be the only one. The buxom country singer turned reality star knows a thing or two about fashion – she even recently embarked on creating a clothing line of her very own. During both pregnancies with her daughter Vivianne and son Eric Jr., Jessie always knew how to pull off pretty much any look. From long-sleeved mini dresses to a pair of basic black black leggings put with a blush pink blazer, Decker always remained on top of her game when it came to her maternity style. Jessie kept things fairly simple while adding an extra touch of flair with a statement necklace or a pair of sky-high heels. The leggy star was smart to show off her best features all while showcasing her beautiful baby bump. With her sexy yet sophisticated style, there’s just no denying that Jessie James Decker was one hot mama.

4 Worst: Courtney Stodden


Courtney Stodden is best known for her controversial marriage to much older actor Doug Hutchinson when she was only a teenager. In the years following their scandalous ‘love story’, Stodden managed to stay in the spotlight with her trademark unpredictable antics and over-the-top behavior. When the couple announced that they were expecting their first child in 2016, Stodden never missed an opportunity to show off her belly in some seriously dreadful wardrobe choices. It’s obvious that Courtney was never exactly a fashion maven, but she continued on a downward slope when she was pregnant. During some of her lowest points in maternity fashion, the overexposed star opted to wear a red low-plunging velour bodysuit and a revealing crop-top paired with unbuttoned jeans. Courtney looked cheap and unrefined with her lackluster maternity styles, and it’s obvious that she completely missed the mark when it came to her wardrobe choices.

3 Best: Kourtney Kardashian


How could we possibly have a list of best and worst maternity styles without mentioning Kourtney Kardashian? While the Kardashians may be an acquired taste for some, there’s no denying that Kourtney knows how to dress. The three-time mom has always had an enviable sense of fashion, but when she was pregnant she amped up her wardrobe even more and became an instant go-to for A+ celebrity maternity style. Over the years, Kourtney has knocked it out of the park when it came down to dressing her bump. Whether she was rocking a black and white striped dress and nude pumps or a grey off-the-shoulder top with leggings, this Kardashian is flaw-free in the style department. From distressed denim to stylish blazers, ankle booties, and designer accessories (we see you and your Balenciaga bags); Kourt is a certified fashionista in every sense of the word. The reality star knows exactly how to compliment her bump while still keeping up with current trends. Perhaps she should give her big sister Kim some advice on how to style herself if she ever decides to have another bundle of joy.

2 Worst: Kate Hudson


Kate Hudson is an alluring actress who usually looks like a million bucks when she steps into the spotlight, but during her two pregnancies in 2004 and 2011 she really fell flat in terms of maternity fashion. Kate really let it all hang out (quite literally) when was carrying her sons, Ryder and Bingham. Although she is known for her couture style and her exquisite high-fashions when it’s time for a big Hollywood event, Kate was often photographed with her big belly busting out of her clothes. The star was very candid about gaining over seventy pounds during her pregnancies, and she was unashamed to let it show every time she made a public appearance. Kate’s maternity style was pretty careless and sloppy, leaving her looking less than desirable. Whether she was laying-low and posing for photos with fans of making a grand appearance in a belly-baring two piece frock at the Venice Film Festival, Hudson was a pregnancy fashion failure in every sense of the word.

1 Best: Gwen Stefani


From basic blacks to bold pops of color, Gwen Stefani slayed all day when it came to perfecting the art of dressing her baby bump. Of course, the singer is often noted for her wild style, so why would we expect anything less when she’s carrying a bun in the oven? The songstress proved time and time again that she could do no wrong when it came to dressing up her bump. Quite possibly our favorite look of Gwen’s was when she rocked an all-black ensemble that featured a form-fitting tunic, liquid leggings and a sassy pair of open-toe pumps. In true Gwen Stefani fashion, no look would be complete without the star’s signature bold red lip and matching nail polish on both her fingers and toes. Stefani proudly took to social media to share the snapshot of herself posing in front of the mirror while showing off her insatiable style.

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