10 Clever Ways to Hide Your Pregnancy in the First Trimester

Pregnancy is one of the most exciting phases in a woman's life. You're thrilled, so you might want to shout out to the whole world from the rooftop. But, like so many other expectant mothers, perhaps you'd also like to wait until you cross the first trimester when the risk of miscarriage decreases. 

You may want to practice discretion until the first 12 weeks are over, or even wait a little longer than that, but your belly will most likely to tell a different story. While you're waiting, your belly will be expanding. Perhaps you don't want people at your workplace to know, or maybe you don't want your mom to start worrying; the reasons could be anything. But, to hide your bump, you need a clever disguise.

Read on for some time-tested ways to hide your growing belly and keep your pregnancy a secret.

10 Don’t Rush to the Loo at Work

Morning sickness can be nasty. It might interrupt your work schedule. It is likely to leave you panicking about people finding out as you rush to the washroom when the wave of nausea engulfs you. You've got a couple of options here. One, you can confide in a few people. Chose those who are important to you and with whom you deal with often. Obviously, you’ll need to ask them to keep their lips sealed in front of others.

Two, you can cover up your trips to the washroom with a few white lies. For example, you can say you have a stomach infection. Don't make up a terrifying lie that will cause more attention.

Third, schedule your meetings wisely. If you tend to get sick early in the morning but feel better by the afternoon, plan meetings later in the day when your nausea has largely subsided.

9 Invest in Different Scarves

While you're in the very early stages of your pregnancy, loose sweatshirts and sweaters will do wonders in concealing the slight bulge around your abdomen. However, once your pregnancy progresses, it will call for more creativity. A smart, stylish trick for disguising your belly is to adorn your neck with a scarf and knot it near your cleavage. The scarf will hang over your expanding bump and the knot will cover your expanding chest.

8 Dress the Right Way

Black is the color when you want to look slim. Dressing in dark colors takes eyes off your belly. Buy a couple of A-line tops and dresses to drive the focus away from your bump. Wear loose-fitting clothing, but make sure it’s stylish so people don't think you're trying to hide behind it. Layer over your dresses to disguise even more. Apart from the scarves, you can also try pairing your outfit with unbuttoned jackets or cardigans.

7 Munch Discretely

Your work colleagues and friends may not guess your secret before you come out of the closet as an expectant mom solely by your size. But, they will surely guess if they see you have super-sized, extra helpings of lunch, especially if you're usually a light eater. If you have been lunching with work pals for a while, they're sure to know your normal diet. Watching your binge is going to make them suspicious. Munch on your extra food while you're at your desk alone, during your break, or when you go out on an errand. 

6 Convince Others You like Alcohol-Free Beverages

When you refuse alcohol during your pregnancy, it might sound suspicious. Become the designated driver during these occasions to make your way out of drinking. You can also come up with an excuse, such as you’re taking a couple of days off the booze without sounding too lame. Or, you can simply grab one of the alcohol-free beverages that are sure to be available. You could also opt for a peppermint tea and announce it as the latest health trend you are following; people are less likely to question you on this. 

5 Master the Art of Changing Topics

A couple of folks might ask you outright about your pregnancy, and you might not want to confirm or deny their suspicions. Even though this is a tricky situation, don't feel pressure to tell the truth just because someone has questioned you. Deal with it tactfully. Point out something funny on the other side of the room, or pretend to remember something important or scandalous that you forgot to share with them. Change the topic and divert attention. If you can't, just be non-committal with, "Sorry? Can you imagine me like that?" This might work better than you think. I will also get you off lying as the other person would finally understand you don't want to talk about this.

4 Manage Your Doctor Appointments Wisely

Instead of making up an illness that generates attention or causes worry to your colleagues, simply say you don’t want to talk about it if people start questioning you on your doctor's appointments. Tell them you're fine and thank them for their concern. You can also say that you're on antibiotics; that will also get you out of drinking while covering your doctor's appointments. If the interrogation gets to be too much, mention your trouble with 'women's problems' and this is sure to shut up your male colleagues. 

3 A Makeover Can Do Wonders

If you change the way you look by smartening up with a new hairdo or a new way of applying makeup, people will be inquisitive, but you'll be sure to keep them guessing. In turn, you will learn a few new makeup tricks. The fact that you look different will most likely be associated with your new lipstick or the red highlights in your hair instead of your weight or your belly.

2 Keep Wearing Your Pre-Pregnancy Clothes

Maternity wear will obviously give away everything, so stay in your pre-pregnancy skirts, pants, jeans and shorts for as long as possible. All you need to do is buy an elastic waistband. You can put on this simple band over unbuttoned pants or even maternity wear. Anything that doesn't stay around your hips can be held up with these bands. This will give a little breathing space to your bump before you are ready to share your happy news with others.

1 Stress the Need for a Holiday

As an expectant mom, you are likely to feel more tired than usual as the levels of progesterone in your body increase. There are chances that your colleagues notice your excessive yawning or lapses in concentration, but don't worry too much about it. You can always attribute these symptoms to disturbed sleep, which we all suffer from time to time. Your colleagues will not read too much into this. If your face has become pale and you’ve got eye bags because of all the puking and disturbed nights, you can wail about how hectic your life is. It is okay to complain about high workload under these circumstances and talk about how much you need a break.

Choosing to hide your pregnancy in the first trimester is your personal decision. It should be a conscious choice made without any social or traditional influences. You don't want to feel too guilty about the white lies during this period. If you choose to announce your pregnancy in your second trimester, your friends and family are sure to understand, and will not hold grudges about the time you lied to them. When you share the news, their excitement and happiness will not be any less than it would have been if you had announced it at the very onset. So, don't fret too much over this.

Keeping pregnancy a secret in the initial few months due to higher risk of miscarriage is an aspect of human psychology. You don't want the world to know if something bad happens to you. Remember, you're doing this for your peace of mind, and not because of any taboos associated with miscarrying a child. Hiding your pregnancy can give you more time to get used to the idea and the changes occurring in your body. So, if it gives you some peace of mind to stay away from the public glare, by all means go for it. Make sure it does well for you, and doesn't leave you stressed and panicky all the time. This is when hiding doesn't serve any purpose, and is not good for your overall physical and emotional well-being. What is most important is to remain happy during this exciting phase.

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