10 Crazy and Unusual Types Of Yoga! A Different Way To Relax

10 Nude Yoga

Nude yoga was introduced during the hippie movement in the 1960's. It died down and resurfaced when Aaron star started a male only Nude Hot Yoga class in New York City. Soon, a bunch of copy cat classes started to begin around the world.

Nude Yoga is not a place to pick up! So, leave your sexual intentions at the door. “If you are looking for an orgasm, you are in the wrong place,” the Bold & Naked website states. Nude Yoga is used to help you get comfortable with your body and remove shame and negativity towards it!

9 "High" Yoga

Trying to find a new way to feel enlightened during your yoga class? Well this Cannabis yoga might be for you. Also known as 4:20 Remedy Yoga, it encourages students to get high during classes. This is becoming more and more popular in different states and encouraged to people who use marijuana for medicinal purposes.

Some people and professionals do not believe that drugs and yoga should be mixed, while others believe that it is a perfect pair since it both has calming and euphoric effects.

8 Doga: Yoga with Man's Best Friend

Doga, also know as dog yoga, lets you meditate and take care of your body all while interacting with your favorite pooch. They thought that dogs would be a great match for yoga since they are known as pack animals.

Although some yogis are worried that they are simple turning yoga into a fad and lack of control of the puppies in class, others swear by it. They have seen improved health and digestion in their beloved friends.

7 Yoga Raves

In a world where drinking and parties are a part of our generation, Yoga raves provide us with an alternative. These parties while often start with stretching and guided meditation before getting into the vibe of the music. This is really great if you enjoy doing yoga in a large group and connecting with others.

These parties will often turn into a dance party however, there is no alcohol and vegetarian and raw food is usually what is provided.

6 Aerial Yoga

If you have a love for the circus and yoga, this is the perfect pairing for you. This practice compines aerial arts and traditional yoga poses while suspended in anti-gravity hammocks. This is a great way to practice positions and alignment.

I personally have tried this form of yoga. It takes a lot of patience and hard to at times not get frustrated. If you are prone to motion sickness, this is really not for you!

5 Equine Yoga

Do you have a love for yoga and horses? Well here is how you can combines both of your favorite things into one awesome activity. Horse back yoga lets you build a bond with your horse all the while getting a good work out.

It also includes includes lots of stretching for both the partners and should you chose to do yoga poses on the horse, it will allow you to focus on core and balance while the horse moves naturally.

4 Tantrum Yoga

Screaming and stretching for mental health! That"s right, this yoga class encourages you to scream it out. Along with your traditional yoga poses, they include voice techniques such a yelling, stomping and even chest pounding.

If you are looking for a quiet space to relax, roll up your mat and turn around. Students of this class have said that they found themselves more relaxed and more ready to face life after these classes.

3 Karaoke Yoga

Karaoke yoga lets you sing to your favorite tunes, dance and get a great workout. The classes often include a Dj and some TV screens (for lyrics of course).

Along with your usual yoga poses, you will also be asked to do the ''Air Guitar'' pose. This is a great activity for a group of friends. Students have reported laughing to a point of tears as they try to sing to the Beatles and stay balanced into a pose.

2 Mommy and Me Yoga

This is one I am pretty sure you have already heard of and it actually very common. This is a great way to spend some bonding time with your child and giving both of you a good needed stretch. This is also a great opportunity to meet other mommies who have yoga as a common interest.

These classes also help babies and say to help develop motor skills and is great to stimulate development. It is also a great way to get those little ones moving while will let them have a longer nap and longer free time for you.

1 Paddleboard Yoga

Great if you lives where there is usually lots of warm weather and hopefully calm waters, paddleboard yoga allows you to stretch it out on the water.

No need for a mat with this yoga class, the board will keep you from slipping. Paddleboard yoga will also help you focus and stretching, flexibility and core strength as you try to stick to the poses with the natural movements of the water trying to throw you off.

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