10 DIY Gift Ideas for Mothers Day

As we approach close to the weekend, meaning this year’s Mothers Holiday, I bet a lot of you are looking for last minute gift ideas for your precious mothers. You are not alone. Mothers day is celebrated in 46 countries around the world. 

While there are unique variations in terms if traditions, Mother's Day has definitely become a commercialized, or in more American terms, a Hallmark Holiday. This day now comes complete with its cold and impersonalized standard greeting cards. The Business Pundit website lists Mothers Day as the tenth most commercialized holiday on the planet. YIKES! 

In my solid and honest opinion, the commercialization of Mother's Day has disrupted the traditions associated with Mother's Day. Now-a-days, showing gratitude to your mom for her sacrifices has become easier and more packaged than ever, thanks to Pandora gift boxes and grab and go flower bouquets. I am also of the belief that commercial gifts and expensive dinner reservations are the furthest thing from authentic praise and appreciation for your mother and her role in your life. 

You can’t buy gratitude just like you can’t buy your mothers love. To emphasize my argument, I have compiled a list of 10 Do-it-yourself gift ideas that you can make and gift to your mother this weekend. These gifts require some of the things you mother has given you her whole life: time, energy, dedication, patience and most importantly, love. So why not try something different and give the same back in return?

8 Hand-made Greeting Card

There is a lot of meaning and significance attached to hand-made cards. They serve multiple purposes as they are not only a gift but also a highly creative expression of your love for your mother as well as treasures which will surely be displayed and kept for years to come. 

You can get your kids to paint their hands and cover the card in your children's hand prints, which not only makes the card colourful, but also serves as a date stamp of the time your children were at a certain age. If you don't want the kids to get messy, you can always make a potato stamp and stamp a pattern you carved in a potato onto the card.

Perhaps most importantly, hand-made cards are a fuel for relationship growth. Do yourself a favour and skip the line-up at Hallmark or any card store for that matter. A card made by you will make this Mother's Day gift giving experience much more comforting and memorable due to the uniqueness of the card. 

Make sure to write a loving message in the card to build on this emotional piece if you choose to make one. Since you are making a card by hand, you are telling your mom that you care enough to invest time and effort into a special card for her. This experience will be stimulating for both parties as you will stretch your imagination and the process will rejuvenate you from life’s everyday routine. 

The internet is your oyster when it comes to finding card making ideas but realistically, your imagination might even play a bigger role in how you want to make this card. Goodluck!

7  Homemade Potpourri

For those of you who might be wondering, Potpourri is a mixture of flowers, plants and oils which are combined to generate a distinct scent in any given room. The smell of potpourri is relaxing and pleasurable. It is known to have medicinal benefits by helping divert patients attention away from their mild pain. 

This natural mixture is not harmful in the air as it is made up of natural ingredients. Potpourri is aesthetically beautiful to look at. So why not kill two birds with one stone and make your own homemade potpourri. You will not only be giving your mom a beautiful and inexpensive gift, but you will also manage to spritz up her house. The best dried flower mix you can buy is available at craft stores, or if you're feeling very handy, you can dry the flowers out yourself at home.

You can try making the mixture in a bowl or a vase or even a plain dish. You can even use jars specifically made for Potpourri. Potpourri, thanks to its aesthetical component, is usually used as centerpiece decoration. This gift idea will allow you to harness your own originality and use your personal methods yet provide a high use value. Depending on the season, you can search up seasonal potpourri recipies. You can start with a simple potpourri like the ones found on Pinterest.

Some of the best blended oils used in Potpourri are:

Blend #1

- Jasmine 3 drops

- Sandalwood 9 drops

- Bergamot 12 drops

- Grapefruit 6 drops

- Oakmoss 5 drops


- Bergamot 12 drops

- Lemon 5 drops

- Grapefruit 8 drops

- Ylang Ylang 4 drops

- Cedar Wood 6 drops

Blend #3

- Orange 11 drops

- Ginger 6 drops

- Cinnamon 8 drops

- Nutmeg 1 drops

- Frankincense 4 drops

3. Assorted Gift Basket

If you do choose to buy gifts, you can add your personal touch by putting a little effort and making a gift basket. An easy, yet thoughtful idea for mothers day is a handpicked assortment of various gifts, neatly arranged into one last gift basket. This way you can give you mother a number of smaller gifts rather than one large one. 

Gift baskets can follow a variety of themes such as fruit gift baskets, wine and cheese gift baskets, chocolate and rose gift baskets and you get the idea. What you want to add into your basket is entirely up to you, but make sure to put some thought into what it is that your mom would actually use. 

For example, if she is into movies, try finding a few of the movies she missed during theatre showings and include them in the basket with popcorn and snacks. Tailoring your gift basket to your mom’s interests and needs will really be the ultimate gesture of caring. Have fun with this convenient option.

A great theme for Mother's Day is the home spa. Make a gift basket with all the spa items she'd need to give herself a mani pedi, creams for her feet, hands and body, and maybe a CD with spa music with bubble bath for a relaxing time in the tub.

If you're mother loves gardening, you can make a basket with all the seeds she'll need to grow vegetables. You might even put bulbs in there for new flowers to add to her garden. If her gardening tools are old, you can include some new trowels, spades and any other little tool that will aid her in the gardening.

If your mother loves to travel, make her a gift basket full of the things she'll need for her next vacation. A passport wallet, sunscreen, sunglasses, scarf, maps and a good book are great gifts she'll need and adore for her next trip.

4. Homemade Body Butter

There is no gift better than the gift of beauty. Getting older also implies the need for extra routine and care needed when tending to our body, skin, nails and hair. You can help your mother with her beauty routine by making for her a homemade body butter to perfectly compliment her skin care routine. 

Did you know that you can make your own body creams? You absolutely can, and what better gift than a homemade body cream for your mother that you specially put together for her? You can give her a signature scent and feel this Mother's Day with a do-it-yourself body cream. Not sure where to start, try Google.

The Internet is home to plenty of Body Butter recipies that only require a quick visit to the natural food store and an hour of your time. That way, you can avoid expensive marked up body butters from commercial stores, which are heavily laden with chemicals and skin irritants. For starters, try indulging your mom with Mint Chocolate Whipped Body Butter. The recipe can be found at Mommy Potamus.com.

Some of the best DIY body creams are moisturizing lotions that use coconut oil as an essential ingredient. Another great reason to use this recipe is that it's good for all seasons, great for keeping your skin moisturized during the dry cold winter months and super for summer when you want something light and pleasant smelling. Definitely consider this recipe when you're thinking about making your own body cream. Oh and did I mention you can use this one on your face as well? Yep, you can!

Is your mom obsessed with body butters? No need to go to Bath and Body Works this weekend, you can spend some time in your kitchen making your very own! Body butters are luxurious thick creams that get deep under the skin for a really penetrating and smooth feeling skin. And this recipe only takes 30 minute to make, so definitely check it out.

6 Homemade Facial Scrub

Did you know that a lot of the facial scrubs you see on the market today that promise to make you look younger and reveal better looking skin rarely live up to their promises. The reason being that the ingredients they use can't deliver what they promise. Any product with anit-oxidents isn't going to give you younger skin over time, because your body uses anit-oxidents for almost everything it does.

Although anit-oxidents do generate new cells, they're too busy generating those new cells on the inside to use any that make you look younger. That's why we have such long lives, because our bodies care about repairing internal damage for extended life, not extended beauty. The good news is, you can make your own facial scrub that is just as good as any you can find on the store shelf.

Not only are these scrubs inexpensive and thrifty gift ideas, they are also packed with numerous facial benefits. With your facial scrub, your mom can skip the expensive facials at the spa and still yield the same results. 

facial scrub will remove dead skin cells off ones face to reveal their fresh skin. Most toxins are also washed off with the help of a facial scrub. Meanwhile, facial scrubs new skin cell growth and stimulate the face for the purpose of relaxation and rejuvenation. This scrub will keep your moms face looking young, clean and fresh all the while improving her blood circulation. 

Trust me, she will thank you and probably ask for more batches. I would suggest you start by trying any one of the ten recipes found on Beauty.About.com

5 Hand-made Picture Frame

This do-it-yourself project is a long standing tradition of DIY projects for Mother's Day. Whether you make it out of popsicle  sticks, or add embellishments to a wooden frame, the homemade picture frame is a classic for Mother's Day.

You can buy pieces from your local art store to bring home and paint and decorate for your favorite mother. Some leave pace for you to print a poem beside the picture while others are more simple. If you really want to make the whole thing yourself with no store bought pieces you can find a number of tips online to create a wonderful Mother's Day gift.

You can always show how much your mother means to you by reminiscing about your past memories with her. It will connect you two and bring about authentic emotional bonds lying just beneath the surface. I think this emotional experience calls for a personal touch when it comes to the actual photo frame. Visit your local art supply store and you will easily find all he materials you need. To help you get started, try the following link which contains a step-by-step frame making process.

A variation on a picture frame is making a calendar with photos of the family. One family went viral a few years ago when they recreated the photos of their childhood as adults, making one awesome calendar for their mother. These are also fantastic gift ideas that your mother will love.

You can also create a beautiful picture album online with your digital photos. Apple's iPhoto has the ability to take your pictures stored on the cloud or your computer or device and create glossy paged photo albums using your pictures that you took. If you don't own an Apple product you can use Smilebox and Shutterfly to make glossy paged photo albums with your pictures as well.

4 Painted Flower Pot

Summer is in the air which means it is gardening season. If you mom spends half her summer in the backyard, then it is time to spoil her rotten with painted flower and plant pots. You can use plastic or clay pots as your gift choice. Both types of pots are readily available in the marketplace all summer long. 

When it comes to colour schemes, try a white base with pictures of lakes, cottages, boats and anything that screams of summer. Of these painting ideas are out of the question, go for more lighter and simpler ideas such as ladybugs or butterflies. You can even complement your painted flowerpot with garden seeds. This will ensure that both you and your mom can have fresh and ripe tomatoes all summer long. It’s a win-win situation for all.

Flower pots are available at gardening stores, Wal-Mart, home improvement stores and seasonally at the grocery store. Choose any size pot you want and carefully transport your pot home where you will paint it. You can use any type of paint you want, but remain consistent with your paint type choice, because not all paints types can be mixed and matched.

Once the painting is done, put your pot out to dry and don't fill the pot with any flowers or dirt until the paint is completely dry. Don't attempt to fill the pot when the paint is still tacky or you'll wind up with debris in your paint.

Pick out a lovely mix of colours, or go monotone for a great pot of flowers that your mother will proudly display. Choose a variety of sizes of plants so that the pot feels full, but don't actually over fill the pot with flowers or they'll die because they're too crowded. If you need help, ask the workers at the store what they recommend.

3 Painted Dinner Plates

This Mother's Day gift idea will have her eating out of the palm of your hand, or at least off the plate that you made her. Whether you go to a specialty store that allows you to pick out a dish, or you just pick up an inexpensive plate from a local store, this do-it-yourself gift idea is sure to please your mother!

Dishware is the lifeline of every dinner party that ever took place on this planet. Aside from my dramaticism, you can play a big role in sprucing up dinners for your mother by presenting her with a set of painted dinner plates. You can pick up a batch of inexpensive and plain white dishes and then paint over them with your own materials. 

Just be careful in buying paints designed especially for porcelain plates instead of the regular water based paints, which come off easily upon washing. There are numerous designs that are applicable to dishware including flowers, animals, scenery and quotes. I found a very interesting flower design with complete pattern instructions available on WiseGeek.com

Porcelain plates make the best paintable surfaces because porcelain is porous, meaning that pain won't bead off of the material, but rather be sucked into it making it last. Be careful which paint you use, make sure that it's not toxic, or you'll be sending your mother to the hospital. If you're not sure which paint is safe, ask at the art store fro some help and tell them what it is specifically that you plan to do with the paint so they can give you the best one and the safest one.

When you get ready to paint, you can make a stencil with card paper, or used painting tape as a guide to create all sort of wonderful patterns and images. Look online for simple designs that you can create, and let your imagination soar!

2  Hand-made Jewelry

This is where you get the chance to really get your creative juices flowing. Do not get intimidated at the challenge of making your own jewelry. With enough direction, ideas an inspiration, you are bound to end up putting together a presentable, fashionable and usable piece of jewelry. 

One of my friends actually started her own hand-made jewelry business right out of high school. Believe me no one saw it coming. Today she sells her jewelry line to commercial vendors around the city. So if a high school kid could do it, so can you. I understand that this option may not be easy for everyone. For those of you brave enough to try, you might have to make a few attempts before you end up with a glamorous piece of jewelry. 

However, this gift is very personalized and usable. For most women, jewelry is an expression of their individuality. You hand made gift will build on the originality and personality of your mother so be sure to know her favourite colours. Take a good look at her jewelry collection before taking on the project. Your handmade and personalized item, whether it be a necklace or a pair of earrings, will speak volumes of the love, care and time you put into making it, all the while matching your mom’s new summer dress. 

Start with simple wire jewelry if you are an amateur. There are lots of tutorials for wire jewelry on YouTube. If you feel more daring, perhaps due to your prior jewelry making experience, then try something more adventurous such as stone carved earrings or leather straps decorated with sequins to use as bracelets. 

1 Five Star Dine in Experience (At home)

The final and perhaps most challenging ideas, at least for me, on this mothers day would be preparing a three-course luxury dinner. Luckily, the internet is once again in your favour. These dishes do not have to surpass some high gourmet standards. The point is to create a dining experience for your mother and thereby allowing you both to reconnect and bond over delicious food. This year, I am attempting to make ceasar salad (starter), baked tilapia with steamed veggies and salsa as well as cheesecake for dessert. Wish me luck! As for you, I suggest going on over to Martha stewart’s website right after reading this article.

You can either make this a surprise gift, or in order to tailor the meal towards what your mother would really like to eat, you can ask her what type of dinner would she like this Mother's Day. Look through recipe books, watch YouTube videos, or the Food Network to get ideas for fabulous homemade dinners. And don't cook outside of your comfort zone. If you don't think you can make a soufle, then don't try to make one now. Practice any hard to make items before hnd so you have the experience of making it under your belt and you'll know what to do and what no to do the next time you make it.

Before you start cook anything, make sure you have everything you need on hand. If you have to go to the grocery store make a list of everything you need to make the meal and buy it, or just the things you don't already have. If you have siblings, you can give each one a different task, or portion of the meal that they are responsible for. Doing this will make it easier on you.

You can go all out an make your mother feel special by dressing like waiters and giving her the special treatment she'd receive if she was a movie star. Make the place setting gorgeous with flowers and special plate and glass ware, you know the good stuff you only see at Christmas. A clean plain white table cloth and candles will make her dining experience one she won't soon forget.

For any cooking tips you might need use Google, you'll be surprised what you can find! And it will come in handy in a pinch if you need it!

So there you go folks! Ten realistic gifts that you can make or bake yourself this mothers day. If you put time and effort into making such a gift, it will save you money while you successfully boycott the commercial culture of Mother's Day. Furthermore, you will also go a long way in showing your mother how much you appreciate her and the energy she invested in you. Remember: The most important thing you can give to someone is your time. So don’t forget to spend quality time with your mother this weekend, gift or no gift.

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