6Homemade Facial Scrub

Did you know that a lot of the facial scrubs you see on the market today that promise to make you look younger and reveal better looking skin rarely live up to their promises. The reason being that the ingredients they use can't deliver what they promise. Any product with

anit-oxidents isn't going to give you younger skin over time, because your body uses anit-oxidents for almost everything it does.

Although anit-oxidents do generate new cells, they're too busy generating those new cells on the inside to use any that make you look younger. That's why we have such long lives, because our bodies care about repairing internal damage for extended life, not extended beauty. The good news is, you can make your own facial scrub that is just as good as any you can find on the store shelf.

Not only are these scrubs inexpensive and thrifty gift ideas, they are also packed with numerous facial benefits. With your facial scrub, your mom can skip the expensive facials at the spa and still yield the same results. 

facial scrub will remove dead skin cells off ones face to reveal their fresh skin. Most toxins are also washed off with the help of a facial scrub. Meanwhile, facial scrubs new skin cell growth and stimulate the face for the purpose of relaxation and rejuvenation. This scrub will keep your moms face looking young, clean and fresh all the while improving her blood circulation. 

Trust me, she will thank you and probably ask for more batches. I would suggest you start by trying any one of the ten recipes found on Beauty.About.com

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