8Hand-made Greeting Card

There is a lot of meaning and significance attached to hand-made cards. They serve multiple purposes as they are not only a gift but also a highly creative expression of your love for your mother as well as treasures which

will surely be displayed and kept for years to come. 

You can get your kids to paint their hands and cover the card in your children's hand prints, which not only makes the card colourful, but also serves as a date stamp of the time your children were at a certain age. If you don't want the kids to get messy, you can always make a potato stamp and stamp a pattern you carved in a potato onto the card.

Perhaps most importantly, hand-made cards are a fuel for relationship growth. Do yourself a favour and skip the line-up at Hallmark or any card store for that matter. A card made by you will make this Mother's Day gift giving experience much more comforting and memorable due to the uniqueness of the card. 

Make sure to write a loving message in the card to build on this emotional piece if you choose to make one. Since you are making a card by hand, you are telling your mom that you care enough to invest time and effort into a special card for her. This experience will be stimulating for both parties as you will stretch your imagination and the process will rejuvenate you from life’s everyday routine. 

The internet is your oyster when it comes to finding card making ideas but realistically, your imagination might even play a bigger role in how you want to make this card. Goodluck!

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