10 DIY Mother's Day Gifts. Easy and Special!

12 Tin Can Planters


So you might have forgotten Mother's Day. Either you were busy, didn't think of it or are currently a student and have no cash flow but you want to tell mom she is awesome! We are here to help! 

Moms love flowers, this is a great gift! These flowers will not die and mom will be happy you made something for her. Great to do with Kids too and decorate them as much as you like! Grab some cans, pretty spray paint (adult should do that part), some flowers, and poke 3 wholes at the bottom of the tin can! Voila you have made a planter!

10 Decorative Yarn Love

Great to do with kids. Let them pick their favorite yarn color! You will need a wire reinforced clothesline, yarn, write clippers. Take about a foot of clothesline and shape the word Love (or anything else you might like) and glue the end of the yarn at the beginning of the wire and start wrapping! Once at the end, tie a knot and glue it into place! 

9 Beautiful Tote Bag

You will need: a canvas tote bag, fabric paints, tape (if you want to make straight lines), foam brush, and a pencil. This is another great idea to do with kids. Let them paint their favorite designs or if you are an aspiring artist, go to town. Your mom will love showing it off! 

8 A Coupon Book

Be careful what you promise! Grab some construction paper and some markers. Make some mom only coupons. Like a night of washing dishes, or a "ill vacuum for you" or "Ill help with Laundry". Its the gift that will keep on giving! 

7 Breakfast in Bed

Make a small menu the night before and present it to her in the morning. Make room on the paper for her to put her order. Let her relax in bed for the rest of the morning (she deserves it). 

6 At Home Spa Kit

Don't be afraid to get fancy with this Spa Kit! You will need olive oil, avocado, Greek yogurt, eggs and lemon juice. 

There are many recipes to choose from with just these 5 ingredients such as a face cleanser, masks, hair treatments and more. Here is a full list! She will love this! 

5 A Compliment Jar 


You will need a jar, paper and a pencil. Gather everyone around and have them write down all their favorite things about mom. Everything they love, admire about her. Fold them up and put them in the jar. She will then have days and days of happy moments! 

Feeling Ambitious: Do 365 of them. One for each day until next mother's day! 

3 Give her an Alone Day

You don't need anything but time! Offer to go do her groceries, her chores and play mom for the day. Let her get some much needed R&R and do all those things she has put on the back burner for you. 

2 Any Crafts! 

Moms just love when you spend time on something for her. Have the kids make pencil holders with cans and colored paper or make home made cards with a personalized written message by you. Go to the craft store, there are plenty of fun ideas for the whole family! 

1 Do Something with Her

The most expensive thing you can ever get anyone... is your time. Ask mom to show you her favorite activity or teach you something you don't know. Go with her to do something she has always wanted to try! Make it all about her. She has always made it all about you! 

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