10 Early Signs The Pregnancy Will Be Easy (And 10 Signs It'll Be Hard)

Every woman experiences pregnancy differently. Some ladies are lucky enough to sail through all nine months, while others find pregnancy uncomfortable and gruelling. Most women have good and bad phases during the three trimesters. This list is designed to help women figure out if they're going to have rough pregnancies or not.

Even the roughest pregnancy may get easier when a woman gets proper medical care and practices appropriate self-care. For example, a woman who's plagued with severe morning sickness may want to talk to her ob-gyn about what she should eat to ease morning sickness (dry toast, crackers), or experiment with the Sea-Band wristband, or other medication-free therapies that are proven to soothe nausea.

Pregnancy is a journey. It brings significant changes. It's all worth it. Women who've really had it rough during pregnancy often forget their aches, pains and illnesses when they see their beautiful babies for the first time. Women often forget their labor pains, too. Motherhood is the greatest, but getting there is sometimes tough. Pregnancy takes its toll. Now, let's look at ten signs that women are going to have an easy time of it while they're expecting...and ten signs that things may be harder for them.

20 No Morning Sickness: Pregnancy Will Be Easy

If you're pregnant and you're not having any morning sickness, and your ob-gyn is happy with the way that your pregnancy is going...you're lucky! I know from personal experience that morning sickness can be intense. It really sucks, especially if you need to get yourself to work in the a.m.

So, what causes morning sickness, anyway? Well, it's triggered by higher-than-average hormone levels during the initial weeks of pregnancy. Some women, such as Salma Hayek, had to deal with morning sickness the whole time that they were pregnant.

If you're not getting sick in the morning, you may be one of those fortunate women who is going to be blessed with an easy pregnancy.

19 Normal Growth: Pregnancy Will Be Easy

If you're pregnant and gaining weight just as you should be, that's a good sign. When you're in the normal range, it bodes well for an easy (or relatively easy) pregnancy. Women who gain too much or too little may be in line for more problems.

Of course, there are plenty of other variables which play a role in whether a pregnancy is easy or not. That being said, weight gain is one thing that ob-gyns do keep an eye on.

To boost the odds of a smooth pregnancy, figure out how much weight you're supposed to gain. Most women gain between 25 and 35 pounds during their pregnancies.

18 Good Energy Levels: Pregnancy Will Be Easy


Pregnant ladies who feel energetic, just like they did before they became pregnant, have a high likelihood of enjoying easy pregnancies. It's quite common to get exhausted during pregnancy. Growing a baby is a big job and it's hard on a woman's body. If you're not falling asleep all of the time, or wishing that you could get away from your everyday responsibilities and just lie on the couch with the remote control for a few days, you're one of the lucky ones.

Even if you have lots of energy, remember to rest. Conserve this precious energy. Don't do too much.

17 No Swelling and Bloating: Pregnancy Will Be Easy


Water retention is not uncommon in pregnancy and it can make pregnant women feel mighty uncomfortable. If you're not experiencing this type of swelling and bloating, which is also known as edema, congratulations. Maybe you're drinking lots of pure water and other healthy fluids, and flushing out sodium and/or impurities that contribute to bloating. Your healthy hydration habits may be paying off.

2.3 litres of fluid per day is the recommended amount of hydration for a pregnant women. That equates to ten cups of fluid. Drinking a lot of water is definitely the best way to avoid bloating. It's also a good way to keep energy levels high.

16 Very Few Mood Swings: Pregnancy Will Be Easy


Pregnancy hormones tend to trigger some wild mood swings. Women who aren't moody during pregnancy, at least sometimes, are few and far between. If your mood isn't going up and down like a Yo-Yo, it may be sign that your pregnancy isn't going to be too stressful.

Emotional equilibrium during pregnancy makes it easier to handle the other challenges that pregnancy brings, from swollen ankles to lower back pain to heartburn. When a pregnant woman is moody, it's tougher for her to handle discomfort and other pregnancy issues. Whatever you're doing to keep your mood on an even keel, keep doing it.

15 No Cramps: Pregnancy Will Be Easy


Pregnancy sometimes triggers cramps. These cramps are generally caused by the expansion of the uterus. When the uterus does expand, muscles and ligaments that support it start to stretch out. This is something that many women feel, and it doesn't feel particularly good.

While cramping is possible anytime, it's actually most common during the second trimester, so it may strike later, even if you don't experience cramps during trimester one. However, some women don't get cramps, and you may be one of the lucky ones. No cramps early on is a good sign. Every woman knows that cramps are the worst.

14 No Lower Back Pain: Pregnancy Will Be Easy

When the front of the body gets heavier, the lower back has to carry more weight and this can lead to lower back pain. Normal, non-pregnancy weight gain may cause a woman to develop back problems, even if they are minor back problems. This is why exercise experts and doctors advise non-pregnant woman to stay in the normal weight range and strengthen their cores through exercise.

During pregnancy, weight gain is inevitable, but keeping it within normal ranges may shield you from lower back pain. If you're not feeling it yet, maybe you won't get hit with this common pregnancy symptom.

13 No Weird Pregnancy Food Cravings: Pregnancy Will Be Easy

Some women develop some bizarre food cravings during pregnancy. There are pregnant women who feel compelled to eat dirt or paper or very odd food combinations. Obviously, a woman should never eat non-food items, even if her pregnant brain is telling her to do it. Also, a woman shouldn't gorge on weird food combos a lot while she's pregnant, or she might get sick.

If you don't have any strange food cravings, it's possible that you're going to be one of those fortunate ladies who has the easiest pregnancy ever. One tip is to avoid eating a lot of high-sugar fruit during pregnancy, as eating too much fruit may boost the odds of gestational diabetes.

12 You’re Not Getting Headaches: Pregnancy Will Be Easy


Headaches can sometimes be a bad sign during pregnancy. Usually, they are caused by hormone shifts, and hormone-related headaches are typically harmless, if extremely annoying. Women who get a lot of headaches during pregnancy may be dealing with pre-eclampsia, which is quite serious. Pre-eclampsia happens when blood pressure rises and a lot of protein is found in urine.

So, it's a good sign if you're headache-free.

Any woman who is concerned about headaches during pregnancy should definitely talk to her ob-gyn. Frequent headaches while expecting a baby are something that a doctor should know about. A doctor will be able to help.

11 No bathroom Problems: Pregnancy Will Be Easy

Constipation is one of the irritating side effects of being pregnant, but you may escape this tiresome symptoms. Eating a diet that's high in soluble fiber is a good way to stay regular while you're expecting a baby.

If you have healthy eating habits, and do get fiber from whole grains and other sources, you may find that your good eating habits help you to enjoy an easy pregnancy.

Some pregnant women get hit with constipation even when they do all of the right things, such as drinking lots of water and getting enough fiber. It usually happens because hormones which relax the muscle in the intestine are affected by hormones.

10 You’re Feeling Really Nauseous: Pregnancy Will Be Hard

Nausea isn't a small thing. When pregnant women feel nauseated every morning, or all day long, it saps their strength and makes them feel miserable. Hormones in pregnancy trigger nausea and it can be extreme. If you don't have nausea, you're missing out on morning sickness and this means that you're missing out on one of the very worst pregnancy symptoms. If you're lucky, you'll sail through pregnancy, from trimester one to labor.

Women who do have severe morning sickness should definitely talk to their docs. They should never have to deal with it in silence. A Sea-Band wristband or change in diet may help.

9 Your Chest Is Very Tender: Pregnancy Will Be Hard

When we're pregnant, we all get a lot more...voluptuous. Changes to the size of our chests tends to trigger a lot of tenderness. When parts of the body change so much, we're going to feel it. If this is happening to you, you will find that wearing a bra that's more supportive is very helpful. Also, go for clothes that aren't too snug in the chest area.

Some women benefit from putting cold compresses on their chests, or find relief when they take warm baths or showers. If these tips don't help, talk to your ob-gyn about pregnancy-safe pain relief.

8 You Have Aversions To Certain Foods: Pregnancy Will Be Hard


Aversions to certain foods during pregnancy is a sign that you have a sensitive system. It doesn't mean that anything is wrong. It's just one more thing that you'll need to worry about while you're expecting. It's another layer of stress, because it may make it harder to eat a balanced diet.

In general, pungent foods cause the most intense aversions. For example, I personally found that strong-smelling cheeses, such as Romano and Parmesan, were truly yucky while I was expecting. I could not stomach them and still can't, because my aversion during pregnancy was so intense. It's wild how those cheeses grossed me out so badly while I was expecting.

7 Some Odours Make You Feel Sick: Pregnancy Will Be Hard


I couldn't eat Romano or Parmesan cheeses while pregnant, and the mere smell of them was enough to make me feel sick. You may find that certain odors make you feel ill, too. Usually, it's food odors that make pregnant women feel ill, but they may be sensitive to other scents, too, such as perfumes or body lotions. Even cleaning products or air fresheners may make you react.

It's a good time to shield yourself from gross-out odors, as much as you can. Turn your home into a safe space where you can escape from strong odors. Consider using green cleaning products and fragrance-free personal care products.

6 Your Back Hurts A Lot: Pregnancy Will Be Hard

If your back is killing you while you're pregnant, it's likely to get worse, because you are going to continue putting on weight as your unborn baby gets bigger. It's unfortunate that you're dealing with back pain, but it's not uncommon. Women who are carrying big babies may get hit with the worst back pain, just because their bellies are bigger.

To deal with back pain, try to get healthy exercise. It should be pregnancy-safe exercise, such as prenatal yoga or swimming. It should be exercise that isn't too aggressive or intense. Talk to your ob-gyn to find out which forms of exercise will be best for your back.

5 You Have Zero Energy: Pregnancy Will Be Hard


Pregnancy often brings intense fatigue. It's often very difficult for pregnant woman to stay awake. Their bodies are crying out for sleep. It's natural to need more sleep at this time. It's restorative. It gives the body a chance to recover from all of the changes that it is going through. Unfortunately, some women really don't have time to rest as much as they should.

For example, a woman who's pregnant and has a toddler to care for, as well as a job, may feel stretched way too thin during pregnancy, and feel very burnt out. Pregnant women who are exhausted need to reach out for help from their support networks. This is so important.

4 You’re Feeling Really Moody: Pregnancy Will Be Hard

If you're feeling moody while you're pregnant, you're not alone. Those hormones are wreaking havoc. Don't feel bad if you have the urge to cry once in a while, or feel angrier than usual over little things that irritate you. Try to stay calm. Let the people around you know that you're dealing with mood swings. Ask them to be patient with you.

Of course, being pregnant isn't an excuse to take out your bad moods on everyone else. You'll have to dig deep to remain mature as your moods ebb and flow. Meditation will be really helpful. Also, giving yourself space to rest and just be alone for a while is a good idea.

3 Your Food Cravings Are Out Of Control: Pregnancy Will Be Hard


If you have the urge to eat weird things while you're pregnant, which don't even classify as food, talk to your ob-gyn. Also, obviously, don't eat the weird things. There is a disorder that some pregnant women have that compels them to eat non-food items. It's called Pica. This disorder is not a good sign, and it's something that you should seek out medical attention for. A doctor will help you to handle it. In terms of food cravings, indulge, as long as the food isn't too bad for you. I wanted McChickens and other chicken sandwiches. I craved chicken. Maybe my baby wanted the heme iron in the meat.

2 You’re Getting bigger: Pregnancy Will Be Hard

If you're gaining a lot of weight rapidly, you may want to talk to your ob-gyn. Of course, we will gain weight in pregnancy, but it shouldn't be too excessive. We're supposed to gain between 25 and 35 pounds over the course of our pregnancies. Lots of women gain more.

If you're eating for three or four, rather than two, you may need to set limits. Eating too much may cause weight gain that makes you feel very uncomfortable. Here is a general guideline to follow: during trimester one, eat 1800 calories. During trimester two, eat 2,200 calories. During the final trimester, eat 2400.

1 You’re Not getting big enough: Pregnancy Will Be Hard

Gaining too much can be bad. Gaining too little can be worrisome. We're all built differently and our pregnancies differ, too. This is why an ob-gyn is the best resource when it comes to assessing your weight gain and whether it's normal or not. Our tips are helpful, but they aren't designed to be a substitute for medical advice from a licensed ob-gyn. If you're worried that your baby bump is too small, talk to your doc. He or she has years of training and education and will be able to let you know if your pregnancy is going well, or whether you need to eat more calories, or whatever.

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