10 Expensive Baby Products Kylie Jenner Actually Bought (And 10 Her Sisters Swear By)

Style icon, makeup mogul and famous reality TV star, Kylie has had an eventful year of first in 2018. She has added the title of "mom" to an evergrowing resume of accomplishments when she welcomed her daughter into the family fold with Travis Scott.

The young couple now spends their days doting on their darling daughter, Stormi Webster, and the loaded and in-love parents spare no expense it seems when it comes to treating their tot to the finer things in life.

While most of us expectant parents register for bottles and blankies, this couple is buying up baby products that most of us can only dream of ever owning. Clearly, they are living by the "go big or go home" motto when it comes to baby products. I wonder if this pair is perhaps in the market to adopt a haggard 36-year-old mother of four? If so, I am totally game.

This mama seems to have the shopping part of motherhood down to a science, but we think she may want to take notes from her three older sisters regarding their baby favs. Kourtney, Khloe and Kim, all mommies now, have some flawless infant product favs too!

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20 Organic Crib Mattress

Word on the street is little Stormi Webster rests her head at night on the finest infant mattress in all the land. Her mother reportedly scooped up an organic crib mattress from the high-end baby boutique, Petit Tresor, for around four hundred dollars. The Pebble Nook Pure mattress is considered to be one of the world's best organic infant mattresses, so there is a good chance that little Stormi is sleeping on that one. I had no idea that was even a thing! Mattresses like this one feature a coconut core layer with a surrounding of natural foam. The dual-sided design ensures a breathable sleep space and the eucalyptus wrap creates comfort.

19 Exquisite Wooden Teethers

via petittresor.com

My kids all gnawed on plastic teething rings that were filled with some type of gelatinous goo and kept in the freezer until they were needed. Clearly, I am behind the times because Stormi has no such thing come anywhere near her mouth. She uses handmade; wooden teether bears also picked up at Petit Tresor. These uncharacteristic teethers are crafted from wood straight from the lush forests of Southern Chile. They are coated in non-toxic bee's wax and cold=pressed flax-seed oil. Fancy little things! One of these teethers will run you roughly $29.00 per teether. I'm sure Kylie was able to score handfuls of them. The rest of us probably won't find this teether toy very practical.

18 Bancroft Changing Table

Via: Pinterest

Another must-have baby product that Mama Kylie has in her precious bundle's nursery is this pretty pricey changing table. Tha Bancroft changing table runs about two to three thousand smack-a-roos and is entirely hand-finished. The stunning piece of furniture is done in all hardwoods and completed with Zero-Voc paints so that Stormi's environment remains as earthy and non-toxic as humanly possible. If you are thinking of adding something like this to your own infant's bedroom, make sure you allow some time before your due date for it to be completed. This dressed takes roughly 2-4 months to fully complete.

17 Cybex Stroller

When Kylie feels like taking her little love bug on a stroll through her posh neighborhood, she has a few baby buggies to choose from. One of those is the pink CYBEX stroller by Jeremy Scott. Not only does this pram look tricked out as possible, it also comes with a memory foam mattress. The pattern on this carriage boasts cherubs, dollar signs, golden wheels and golden wings. My friends, this thing will set you back about $1,700 big ones. I thought I was rolling hard when I sprung for a stroller that cost a few hundred bucks. Clearly, I was wrong.

16 Gucci Baby Carrier

Most new moms have some sort of baby-wearing contraption on their baby registry. The Baby Bjorn is a pretty popular model of carriers for us normal folk. Kylie and Travis, of course, are not your run-of-the-mill Babies-R-Us shoppers though, so they skipped right over the middle of the road baby carriers and bought a designer one.

Who even knew that Gucci made infant carriers? Not me! Stormy snuggles up to her mommy in the most fashionable way, surrounded by Gucci of course. I'm trying not to get jealous of an infant, but frankly, I'm having a tough time with that.

15 A Fendi Buggy

Seriously, does this mother even glance in the direction of any baby products that aren't made by the most famous designers on the planet? She makes Kim K. look down to Earth and humble when it comes to baby product shopping. Just in case Kylie's CYMEX buggy doesn't match her mood, she has a fallback buggy to whip out and stroll around with. This is a Fendi carriage, and it does not come cheap. The stylish infant accessory runs about 1,600 dollars, but it is so stylish. Little Stormi has more designer names in her little grasp than Saks, Nordstroms, and Barneys all combined.

14 One-Of-A-Kind Nike High Tops

Truth be told, I love shoes. What girl doesn't? Stormi Webster is bound to be a shoe lover when she grows up. The kid is not one yet and already has a crazy impressive collection of footwear. Her mom and dad make sure that her closet is stocked with the best kicks that money can buy.  The tiny tot even has a pair of mini Nike Air Force 1's tucked away for a rainy day.

According to Marie Claire, Stormi has about 22,000 dollars worth of shoes at her disposal. I'm crying into my Keds right now you guys.

13 Hired Help

This is most definitely NOT a baby product, but more of an infant service. Kylie as initially anti-help when it came to taking care of her little girl, but she finally came around and hired a team of nannies to help her with the exhausting task of raising an infant while running a million dollar empire. There is nothing to be ashamed of her mama! You can be a top-notch working mother with assistants and nannies, and at the end of the day, you are STILL a mother. As four children circle me begging for their 100th snack of the day I wish I had a nanny or two on hand!

12 Clothes Fit For A Queen

Stormi has enough ensembles to cloth a small nation, and she can't pronounce the word "mom" let alone the names of the high-end designers who are keeping her looking like the most fly kid on the playground. Her millionaire mommy gave the world a sneak peek at some of her digs, and all we can say is color us jealous!

True, we have seen little Stormi photographed in everyday Gap wear as she vacationed with her parents in Turks and Caicos, but she also has some Stella McCartney rompers to offset anything that might seem typical for a baby.

11 Waist Trainers

Kylie and her sisters love themselves some waist trainers, so of course, she got herself one after nine months of baking that beautiful baby of hers. While waist trainers are not "baby products" we are going to say that they are related to the whole "having babies" era in a lady's life. Kylie is no stranger to the waist trainer and was rocking them long before Stormi was a twinkle in her eye, but after giving birth, she made sure to score herself a postpartum one in hopes on getting that pre-baby body back asap. I'd say she is well on her way to doing just that.

Kylie is undoubtedly establishing herself as a boss mom, but she might want to take some notes from her famous sisters who have paved the way in the world of motherhood already and snatch up some of these Kardashian-approved baby products.

10 Hatch Baby Rest Nightlight

Via: Pregnant Chicken

Stormi's Auntie Kimmy K. knows a thing or two about stocking up on baby goods. She and her husband Kanye West have three children now. One of Kim's favorite baby items is the Hatch Baby Rest Nightlight. This easy to use sounds machine is a nightlight, a sound device, and an alarm-to-rise all in one. You can use it manually or via an app that can be downloaded to your phone. This readily affordable product will grow with your little one as his or her needs change over the years. For sixty dollars you will never need to buy another nightlight, alarm clock or sound machine until your little dude leaves for college! Who knew Kim could spot a bargain?

9 Puj Tub

Via: Blogger

I won't lie, I had to google this product to see exactly what all of the fuss was about. The name and the appearance had me a bit perplexed as to what it would be used for. The Puj Tub is essentially a mold resistant mat that folds up to fit nice and snug in your sink for bathing time.

This sure beats the clunky plastic one that my babies sloshed around in when they were tiny! When you are done bathing your little guy, just hang it up to dry, so much easier to store! Aunt Kim might not be the most practical human being alive, but she could be turning a corner with more recommended products such as this!

8 Aden +Anais Serenity Star

Via: Natachouette and Co

Kylie's sister Kim's youngest child will inevitably grow up very close to little Stormi as the cousins are very close in age. Hopefully, Kim gifted Kylie with this useful, nifty little gadget at her baby shower. Kim is reportedly a big fan of the Aden and Anais Serenity Star. This sweet star is a feeding diary that can help parents remember when the last time they nursed or bottle-fed their baby was. The early days of parenthood are exhausting, and it's hard to sometimes remember your first name, nevermind the last time you fed your infant! At $70, this baby product is an absolute steal!

7 Bloom Coco Stylewood Modern Baby Lounger

Via: Bloom

If Kylie snags one of these, she and her cousin Chicago West can rock up and down while smiling and gurgling at each other. Kim is a lover of this baby product that is not only functional but sleek and modern as well. The style of this baby item would fit perfectly into Kylie's fashion-forward maternity style. The Bloom Coco Stylewood Modern Bouncer is a bit more pricey compared with Kim's other baby scores, but it's still a heck of a lot cheaper than the strollers and furniture that Kylie has already purchased for her baby girl. You can get this exact item on Amazon.

6 Aden + Anais Swaddles

Picture: Instagram/Kylie Jenner Kylie Jenner first pic of Stormi's face

Khloe Kardashian, like her younger sister Kylie, is also a new mom to a little girl. She and her partner Tristan Thompson welcomed baby True earlier this year. Khloe is a lover of the Aden and Anais swaddles. These super soft, muslin blankets make it simple to wrap up and comfort your new baby. They are known for going through multiple wash cycles and keeping their feel and shape. That is no easy feat considering how much of a beating infant blankies seem to take in those early days. These swaddles are no fuss, no muss, and no frills. You can pick these practical blankets up just about anywhere these days!

5 Storksak Diaper Bag

Via: Pinterest

Khloe Kardashian could have just about any designer diaper bag in the whole world, but she chose this simple, sleek and relatively affordable diaper bag, the Storksak Travel Shoulder Diaper Bag. Moms tote a whole lot of baby junk around for those first few years, and considering how much Khloe travels, she was smart enough to choose a diaper bag that is lightweight and easy to haul around. The tote comes with a fold-out changing pad, two bottle holders, and plenty of pockets for storage. It also clips onto strollers in a way that makes me want to travel back in time and buy one of these for myself.

4 Beaba Babycook

Via: Walmart

Eldest sister and mother to three beautiful kiddos, Kourtney Kardashian, has her set of favorite products as well. The Beaba Babycook was one item that Kourt was so into; she included it on one of her baby registries. If Kylie plans on whipping Stormi's meals up herself, she might want to get one of these for her home or better yet, borrow her older sister's old one. Kourtney's kids have all grown out of baby food now, so it might be sitting in storage! This meal maker comes with silicone storage containers as well as tiny silicon spoons that are great fits for little mouths.

3 Earth Mama Angel Baby Products

via: YouTube

I never thought I would have something in common with a Kardashian, but it turns out I do! Earth Mama Angel Baby products are about as heavenly as they get. Kourtney is a big fan of the line and included some of these lotions and balms on her baby registry. The products in the line have zero toxins and are all natural, so Kylie never has to think twice about whether or not she is lathering Stormi up in something sinister and dangerous. These products will go great with the organic, toxin-free environment that Kylie and Travis are aiming to create for their daughter.

2 The Sleepyhead

Via: Pretty Big Butterflies

While Stormi certainly has a nursery that is fit for a Queen all ready to be lived in, her mama might want to keep her close for these initial months. Babies who are as young as Stormi are just learning to sleep for longer than a few hours at a time, so parents often keep them at arm's reach during the nighttime hours. This Sleepyhead pillow bed might allow Kylie's girl to safely snooze next to her so that everyone can get that extra bit of rest that they probably desperately need at this point. This handy, dandy item that Aunt Kourtney included on her registry will come in handy should Kylie and Stormi travel the globe with Stormi's rapping daddy.

1 Ubbi Diaper Pail

Via: The PishPoshBaby Blog

Diaper pails aren't usually the cutest or most fun thing that gets bought for moms-to-be and new moms. These Ubbi models, however, are at least fun to look at and come in all sorts of bright colors. Move over Diaper Genie, there is a new pail in town. This was another must-have registry item that Kourtney asked friends and families to gift her back when she was baking her buns. The great thing about these poop pails is that they are made powder-coated steel and not plastic. This coating helps combat unpleasant odors that often get absorbed by plastic cans.

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