10 Fears and Truths About Sex During Pregnancy

Everyone knows that sex is an important part (often the ONLY part) of making a baby. But what happens to your sex life once you conceive? There are so many fears about damaging the baby, or about how you look naked, but you shouldn't fear having sex during pregnancy.

You might even find that you're looking for sex when you're pregnant! Here are 10 fears and truths revealed about sex during pregnancy.

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10 FEAR: My partner won’t find me attractive!

TRUTH: You’re a glowing, baby creating, childbearing mama-to-be! Sure, there are a few unattractive things about pregnancy. The nausea, the heartburn, the hemorrhoids, the gas…

Okay, so maybe there are a lot of ugly parts. But chances are your partner will be more attracted to you than ever. You’re growing a human – and that’s pretty amazing!

9 FEAR: I won’t want to have sex while I’m pregnant!

TRUTH: Running to the bathroom every five minutes isn’t very sexy. If you suffer from morning sickness, sex during the first trimester is probably out of the question. And when you’re the size of a small vehicle it can be hard to get in the mood.

 So there’s a good chance you may not be interested in sex during your third trimester either. But during that second trimester, when you’re not feeling sick and can still reach down to shave your legs? Oh baby! Time to get it on!

8 FEAR: Sex will hurt me!

TRUTH: Pregnancy isn’t going to suddenly make sex painful. But it’s true that your growing body may experience some aches and pains, which may make finding a comfortable position a little more challenging.

 So pull out your copy of the Kama Sutra, find some positions that accommodate a baby belly, and get busy!

7 FEAR: Sex will hurt the baby!

TRUTH: Haven’t you taken a human anatomy class? Your baby is growing safely surrounded by the amniotic sac in your uterus, which is separated from the vaginal canal by your cervix and mucus plug.

 It’s physically impossible for your partner’s penis (or a sex toy) to touch or harm your baby. And trust me, your baby will have no idea what’s going on.

6 FEAR: The baby will feel us having sex – gross!

TRUTH: Didn’t you read the last article? Your baby absolutely cannot tell if you’re having sex! (Although the rocking and rolling might lull them to sleep.) If you orgasm, however, your baby will get a nice dose of oxytocin – a feel-good hormone! Happy mama = happy baby!

5 FEAR: Sex will feel different!

TRUTH: Yes. Yes it will. Everything will feel different while you’re pregnant. But different doesn’t mean bad! Increased pregnancy blood flow to your vagina, and increased vaginal secretions may mean you’re about to have some of the best sex of your life!

 Do you need any more of a reason to go jump on your partner?

4 FEAR: Am I going to lactate during sex?

TRUTH: It’s not sexy, but it’s true. Any pregnant or nursing mama will tell you, milk doesn’t just drip – it shoots from your breasts like a fountain! As you near your due date, your body begins to produce milk, and many things (including sex) can cause your milk to “let-down”.

 So unless you and your partner are into that particular fetish, it’s probably best to wear a bra and nursing pads during sex!

3 FEAR: My body (or my partner’s body) smells disgusting! There must be something wrong!

TRUTH: Nope. That’s just good-old pregnancy hormones wreaking havoc on any body system they possibly can. Your normal vaginal secretions, sweat, and even your saliva may suddenly smell and taste different.

 And a heightened sense of smell means that the aftershave you once loved to smell on your partner now sends you running to the toilet. This is totally normal. So tell your partner to hop in the shower and wash off using unscented soap – bonus sexy points if you wash each other!

2 FEAR: Sex could induce early labour!

TRUTH: No scientific studies have proven that sex could induce early labour in normal healthy pregnant women. But if you’re overdue, and desperate for your baby to make their appearance, it definitely won’t hurt to give it a try.

 At the very least, it’s a pretty fun way to pass the time until baby arrives!

1 FEAR: I can’t relate to anything I just read. I must be totally weird!

TRUTH: Probably. But what’s normal? Everyone’s pregnancy is totally different! You may be a sex machine during your first trimester, and then want nothing to do with your partner for the next six months.

 Or be turned off of sex for the whole pregnancy. Or be turned ON the whole pregnancy! Every pregnant woman’s relationship with her body and with sex is very different – and that’s okay!

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