• 10 Fun Art Projects For Kids
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    - : Crayola Masterpiece, Paint Outside the Tape, Marble Shaving Cream Art

    1. Crayola Masterpiece

    This beautiful creation is actually a lot easier than it looks. Take a pack of crayon and chuck the brown and black. Next, super glue the back of the crayons to your canvas, and start blow-drying the crayons. Before you know it, the wax will start to melt down the canvas and create this one of kind piece your kids will be proud of.

    2. Paint outside the tape

    An art project kids of all ages will enjoy. Even if your little one is still a baby, this art piece is doable. Collect your colors, some tape and a sponge brush. By placing the tape over the canvas, you child can have a blast painting all over the canvas. When he/she is done, remove the tape, and you’ll be left with a unique piece to hang on the wall.

    3. Marble Shaving Cream Art 

    Dad’s shaving cream is about to come into handy with these pretty pieces. Pour some shaving cream into a deep bowl and mix in your child’s favourite colours. Take watercolour paper or simple cardstock, and dip it into your shaving cream and paint mix. Pull it out and scrape the excess, and you’ll have a beautiful marble sheet of art.

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    - : Butterfly Board, Made with Love Keepsake, Watercolour Bubbles, Watercolour Circle Art

    4. Butterfly Board

    Let your child’s imagine run wild with this happy board of butterflies. In order to make a piece like this, paint all over a few pieces of paper with watercolours. Once it’s dry, take a butterfly punch and make as many butterflies as their heart’s desire. Paint a separate canvas with acrylic paint and glue your beautiful creatures on.

    5. A Keepsake Made With Love

    Surely you remember making art with imprints of your hands and/or feet when you were a child. These types of art projects always hit close to the heart and are good to keep for many years to come. Find a piece of wood in the size of your choice, paint the whole piece and then have your little one(s) plant their little feet and hands into a color that will stand out on the background.

    6. Bubbles of Watercolour Paint

    With a thick piece of waterpaper and a dropper, your kid(s) can create the shapes and designs of their choice, turning them into colourful bubbles.

    7. Watercolour Circle Art 

    A sharpie, duck tape and some watercolour paint will do the trick for this art piece. Place the roll of duck tape on the canvas, and trace around it and in it to create different shapes. Step two; let your colourful heart run wild.

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    - : Triangle Collage, Torn Paper Landscapes, Baby Picasso

    8. Triangle Collage

    This bright and colourful canvas was created by cutting up different sheets of watercolour paper and cutting them into triangles. As pretty as this looks, you can also take this idea and do something different. Basically, you can take any sheets of old artwork that your little one didn't want to keep and create new art out of it. Cut up the sheets of art into little shapes and stick them onto a brand new canvas.

    9. Torn Paper Landscapes 

    Pick up a pack of construction paper from the dollar store and have a ball tearing and ripping through the multi-coloured sheets. Make sure to keep a blue sheet for the background and have your kids create the landscape that suits their personality.

    10. Baby Picasso

    Help your child create an outline of a face and have them cut up different body parts from a magazine. Then simply stick them onto the outline and there you have it!

    To see more awesome art pieces your kids will love creating, visit our Pinterest page here. Happy crafting!

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