10 Fun Not-Sandwich Lunch Ideas For School! Yum!!!

10 The Healthy Kabob

So much for to make and too eat. Why make a sandwich when you can just pile it on a stick and send it to go! Please everything is better on a stick! Who says Kabobs can't be healthy! 

9 Lunch Wraps 

Your days of cutting crusts off is finally over! Plus you can hide so much good stuff in a wrap and they never have to know :) 

Get your pitas ready and roll them up and roll them out the door! 

8 Pizza Rolls 

No need to put those huge pizza slices in their lunches when you can make some pizza rolls at home. Make them healthier and not dripping in oil and this will guarantee a smile from your little one. You'll be the coolest mom on the block! 

7 The inverted roll

This is a great idea if your little one has a gluten intolerance. No need for bread, just wrap from yummy deli meat around some cheese. Add some gluten free crackers and Nutella for desert! 

6 Energy packed in a lunch

Plenty of energy in this lunch. With some hard boiled eggs, some pita and some hummus your little one will be able to be awake and alert for the rest of the day! 

5 The Pepperoni Mozzarella Grilled Croissant

Go a little french and add a little croissant to his or her lunch. You can make it a vegetarian one, pizza inspired or the classic ham and cheese. The possibilities are endless and oh so yummy! 

4 The Healthy Burrito 

Add some rice, some black beans, some avocado and veggies and you are all set. You can also add some grilled pita points for dipping or scooping which is always fun and creates no utensils to wash! 

3 Tomato Bruschetta 

Talk about a nice fresh lunch. A bit of tomato, some frilled french or panini bread, onion and feta and one happy camper. Quick tip: Put the topping separate as to not make the bread soggy until lunch time. 

2 Pita Pizza 

This is great for you and your little one if you need to make a quick lunch. Use what you have as far as cheese goes, add some veggies of your choice and anything else that you might like (olives, pineapple etc) Quick, easy and Healthy! 

1 Quesadilla Strips

Some grilled pita, guacamole and sour cream, some salsa and cheese and you have a Quesadilla-to-Go! 

Plus anything you get to dip and build you know will get eaten! 

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