10 Gorgeous Baby Gender Reveal Cakes That Deliver An Adorable Surprise

Gender reveal cakes are super popular these days and it makes a lot of sense why. They are a fun and delicious way to let your party guests know whether your little one is going to be a boy or a girl!

The cool thing about gender reveal cakes is that you can't tell what the baby's gender is from the outside — it's a surprise that can only be told once the couple cuts into the cake, showing off the blue or pink colors. Traditionally, there will be food-coloring inside the cake or maybe there will even be pink or blue candies falling out. Moms and dads are typically so excited to bring their little one into the world, but first: cake.

Here are 10 gorgeous baby gender reveal cakes.

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10. Sweet Shoes

There is nothing cuter than baby shoes. Okay, maybe baby socks... and basically any baby clothing. Okay, so everything that a baby could possibly wear is adorable. Incorporating baby shoes into a baby gender reveal cake seems like it's always going to be a good idea. And what a good idea it was. This cake is absolutely beautiful. It has two baby shoes sitting atop: one pink for the girl and one blue for the boy. There are even fun hearts and sparkly letters spelling out "Boy or girl?". Party guests will go nuts for this cake and won't stop complimenting it. It's one of those dessert designs that you might think is too pretty to eat (but, of course, you will because it's cake).

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9. Little Star

How beautiful is this baby gender reveal cake inspired by the classic children's song "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star"? Most parents know they'll be singing this sweet tune to their baby once they arrive, so it's pretty cool to include it in a baby shower, using this cake as the main gender reveal tool.

Everything about this cake is impressive; from the bright blue frosting that totally covers the surface to the icing-made stars and clouds. Oh, and the moons are truly adorable, too. I can tell that so much work and attention to detail was put into the design of this tasty cake.

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8. Pretty In Pink

This amazing baby gender reveal cake from Evolving Table is almost too gorgeous to eat. It would be a shame not to add it to this list!

As we can see from the photo, there is a yummy surprise inside the cake: pink candy to show that this couple was having a girl. Baby gender reveal cakes are so much fun because we all love cake and we all love a cake that has a candy surprise hiding inside. Upon seeing the surprising candy inside, it makes me wonder why not every cake has hidden candy surprises!

If you're in the market for a baby gender reveal cake, this one might give you a delicious idea.

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7. Macarons For The Mom-To-Be

Macarons are very trendy and popular these days. Made from egg whites, sugar, and almond flour, they are delicate little dessert dreams. It's genius to decorate a cake with them, especially a baby gender reveal cake. These macarons can also be seen as a metaphor for the sweet bundle to come.

I give this cake top marks for being so stunning. Everything from the white, blue, and pink macarons lining the top and bottom to the streaks of pink and blue running down the sides is gorgeous and well-crafted. I can already see some very thrilled party guests enjoying this cake.

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6. A Colorful Welcome

Every parent-to-be wants to give their baby a warm and beautiful welcome to the world. So what better way than to host a baby gender reveal, complete with a colorful cake like this one?

The tiny sprinkles really make this cake what it is: something truly special. I love the gold letters spelling out "baby" on top, too. What's cool about this particular cake is that it's flashy and fun but also understated and simple. It's the best of both worlds and works if you want something that guests will marvel over while also staying elegant.

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5. Oh, Baby

There are so many ways to decorate a cake, so when we see a creative design, it's always impressive. This beautiful baby gender reveal cake has icing in the shape of a bow at the bottom, along with delicate pink roses.

I love the gold letters that say "Oh, baby" on top. That adds a sense of whimsy to the cake. I bet that any couple who has a great sense of humor (and chic sense of style) would choose this cake. After all, life is more fun when you're not being serious all the time. And when you're eating cake to celebrate the gender of your soon-to-be-born little one, a little lightheartedness can go a long way.

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4. Little Dots

Is there a cuter baby gender reveal cake or what?!

You can't go wrong with little dots, and this cake has tons of them. The blue, pink, and yellow dots that line this white cake are going to put any party guest in a good mood instantly. How can you not grin at a cake like this one?

As we can see, this cake was made for a baby boy, with blue icing inside to show the guests. What's awesome about this cake is that it seems simple enough to make on our own, all while still being fun and special for guests.

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3. What's The Scoop?

We always love original and creative cake ideas, and this one is definitely that. Guests will be asking "what's the scoop?" when they attend your baby's gender reveal bash. They'll love getting a slice of this truly gorgeous cake. Just one cut will let them know what gender they're having, but if you ask me, it's almost too cool to cut into! There is so much to love about this cake, from the drippy look of the pink and blue icing to the writing on top of the cake to the ice cream cone on top. If you want a cake that will make guests smile big, this is it.

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2. A Happy Cake

This baby gender reveal cake from Diys.com just screams happiness. It must be the yellow dots all over the bottom and the fact that it's cake. Cake makes us all smile big!

There are different ways to reveal the gender inside the cake, but one popular way is through icing, which works really well inside this grey and yellow masterpiece. I would love to dive into that pink icing! The letters on top of the cake are also really creative and make this cake stand out. I'd be proud to serve this cake to party guests — it's both beautiful and delicious!

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1. A Bow For Baby

Sprinkles, bows, creative ways to use icing... this baby gender reveal cake has it all! Thanks to the gorgeous tiny colored sprinkles that line the bottom layer of this cake, I can't help but flock to it. I also like that the word "baby" is spelled out in said sprinkles. With the icing bow, this cake has a special, sophisticated feeling to it. If you ask me, it definitely takes the cake as the best on this list!

With so many gorgeous baby gender reveal cakes to choose from, what are expectant parents to do? Maybe any couple who is planning their party will just have to order (or make) all 10 cakes. Yeah, that sounds like a good idea.

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