10 Great New Baby Shower Games

Having a boring baby shower is the worst thing ever. Ok, maybe it’s not the worst thing in the whole wide world, but having a boring baby shower sure doesn’t make for a very fun 1-5pm party now does it?

Of course a baby shower isn’t just about the games, you need good food, decorations, and best of all, you need some good people too, It doesn’t hurt to play some great games either. Don’t get me wrong, adults playing baby themed games isn’t going to be as exhilarating as strapping yourself into a roller coaster, but it is going to help pass the time just a little bit.

The problem with these baby shower games is that for the most part they are painfully old, outdated, and just plain boring. That’s why we’re here, to give you some new revolutionary, earth shattering baby shower game ideas that you can play at your next baby shower. Enjoy!

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10  Pass the Pacifier Down the Line

This is a neat little game that you can play at a baby shower to keep the adults entertained and happy, it’s called Pass the Pacifier. It’s really simple to play and you only need a little group of people, a bunch of straws or pencils, and 2 pacifiers that have a ring handle.

This may not be an entirely new concept for a game, but it sure does have a different spin on it. What you’re going to want to do is divide up the baby shower party into 2 separate teams which are going to form a straight line. You can choose the teams any way you want, like the classic boys versus girls if you there’s guys present, and to be cute you can make the pacifiers for the guy’s team blue and the girl’s team pink.

The point of the game is for the first person in line to put the pacifier on the straw using the handle and then passing it all the way down the line. Sound easy? Well fear not, because it’s not quite that easy because each person is not allowed to use anything but the straw being held in their mouth. What, thought you were going to get to use your hands?? That would be too easy!

9 Which Guest Can Break Their Water First

The next fun game that you can play with your friends at a baby shower, is called who can break their water first. It may sound like a weird and crazy race to see who can force their baby out first, but I assure you it’s not that bad, just a little less so.

What you need to play this game are some ice cube trays, miniature plastic babies and some good old freezable water. Just freeze one little baby into an ice cube and once it gets to game time, give each person a little ice cube baby.

The aim of the game is to melt the ice cube as quick as possible to save the baby from its impeding frozen doom. Or wait I guess it’s meant to signify the water breaking and the baby being born. In any case the aim is to free the baby from the ice as quick as possible. The winner gets to keep their plastic baby and some other prize.

8 Grow Your Balloon Baby Until You Pop

It’s a pretty fun and funky game to play, and what’s even better, is that you don’t need anything but a pack of normal balloons to play this nifty little game. It might not take too long to play, but you can always play a few rounds or have it as just one little part of your game time at the baby shower.

This game is pretty easy to understand, but it might not be quite as easy to play. The whole party is divided up into 2 separate groups which can form a line or whatever shape your team can make, doesn’t matter all that much.

Each teammate will blow up their balloon one by one and stick the balloons under their shirt. When one person is done, then the next person begins. Once your whole team is done, then each member must pop their balloon inside their shirt using only their hands and belly. 

7 Don’t Say the Word “BABY” at the Baby Shower

This little game that you can play at a baby shower makes for great fun since everybody has to be constantly involved and actively playing.

The title is pretty self explanatory, you just aren’t allowed to say the word “baby.” The way it works is that everyone gets one diaper pin pinned to them when they arrive and then if they say the word baby anyone who hears it can take their pin away. This can go on until the party is over or until only one person is left with all of the pins.

It’s a really good game because it will keep everyone on their toes and entertained throughout the baby shower. Not to mention that you’re going to be hearing the word baby enough once you actually have the baby, so it might be nice to get a few hours in where people don’t actually say the word.

6 The Alphabet Baby Name Game

I’m going to be honest with you here, I just came up with this game completely on the spot, but it just sounded so good and it seemed like a pretty fun game, so I had to include it.

The game is played by giving each person at the baby shower a certain letter of the alphabet and with that letter they have to come up with as many baby names beginning with that letter as possible, and of course they only get 1 minute to do it.

If you want to make it a little bit more challenging you can move the time limit down or even restrict the gender of the name that each person can select, either boy or girl. I like this game because it gives a great opportunity for the mother to be to get some great baby name ideas in case she’s having trouble coming up with the perfect name.

5 Pin the Pacifier On the Baby

Ok, so this game is just a little less terrifying than it sounds as you’re not actually going to be pinning pacifiers to real babies. Anyway this game is of course somewhat similar to pin the tail on the donkey, but things have gotten switched up a little bit, yet again.

These games are great because you don’t need much to play, all you really need is a big picture of a baby, another picture of a pacifier, and a blindfold. To actually pin the pacifier to the baby’s mouth you can either use something like a thumbtack or you could go the extra mile and get some Velcro and glue it on to each picture.

Pin the pacifier on the baby is a pretty fun game to play, just blindfold the person whose turn it is, spin them around a few times and see how close they can get to sticking the pacifier in the baby’s mouth, it will make for some good practice for when the baby actually comes.

4 Pictionary- Draw the Cravings the Pregnant Mom Is Having

I think this is probably my favorite baby shower game on this list. It’s kind of a mashup between several different games and my own ideas… maybe that’s why I’m a little bias, but it’s pretty fun nonetheless.

The way you play it is just like with Pictionary, each person tries to draw a certain thing, but it’s a little different. The way this version works, is that the person whose turn it is will describe the cravings they had during their pregnancy without naming an actual food item, or if it’s the mother to be, the cravings she’s having at this very moment without actually saying what the food item is with words.

You can only describe the flavor, size, shape, color and so on. Each person has a pad of paper and a pen or pencil as will draw what they think the craving is. The person to get the most right at the end will be the winner.

3 Paint and Decorate the Baby Onesies

This is a great game that everyone can play and it doesn’t necessarily have to be competitive, so anyone who perpetually comes in last place loser gets a chance to shine as well… as long as there’s no clearly distinguished winner.

Anyway, the point of this game or activity is to get a bunch of plain white onesies, enough for everybody there, and then paint and decorate them in any way they want. Once they’re done they can either keep the onesies, or since the party is in fact for the mother to be, they could always offer to give the onesies to the mother to be.

To make the onesies really stand out with some funk, you could even get some tie dye and give the onesies that children’s summer camp look. None the less it’s a fun little activity to do at a baby shower.

2 Match Up Pairs of Baby Pictures

This is another baby shower game that takes an old game and puts a little twist on it to make it a little more modern and fun. To play this game what you need is 16 pairs of baby pictures, to make this game more interesting you can use whacky baby pictures that will make everyone laugh.

The point of the game of course is to match as many whacky baby pairs as possible within the allotted 1 minute time limit. No, the cards aren’t facing upward, they’re facing downwards, so each time you don’t make a match you have to turn the card around again so they’re face down. And to make it even harder, you can make the rule that if no match is made then you can’t choose the 2 cards that were picked previously.

It’s a fun little game to play because it doesn’t have to rely on pure luck, it actually involves some memory and intellect as well, it’s a game that’s great for everybody.

1 Guess Which Baby Picture Belongs to Which Guest

Keeping the last theme of baby pictures in mind, this makes another really fun little baby shower game to play with all your friends. Something that should be said though, is that to play this properly you’re going to need to have quite a few friends there that already have children, preferably more than one.

Of course, you can guess that the point of this game is to guess whose baby it is in the picture, if they have more than one child and which baby is it exactly. Muahaha, this game gets really complicated when twins are involved.

This game isn’t going to be very fun at all if only 1 or 2 of your friends have kids. Or just 1 or 2 friends in total, come on, let’s face it, there’s a difference between a party and 3 friends sitting in a room eating cookies and sharing pregnancy stories. 

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