10 Great Reasons To Raise Funny Kids

We all hope for a home filled with love, laughter, and happiness. There are few sounds more heartwarming than our baby’s first giggles and our children laughing so hard they get the hiccups. The ability to laugh is, of course, the hallmark of having a sense of humor.

According to the Cambridge Dictionary, a sense of humor means that one has the ability to find things funny as opposed to being serious all the time. Everyone has a sense of humor to a certain extent, but encouraging it in your children can only lead to good things. This doesn’t mean your endeavor to encourage it should be terribly effortful, we are merely suggesting that you encourage your child’s natural inclination to indulge their sense of humor where appropriate. After all, it has many positive effects. The following article discusses why it’s important to encourage your child’s sense of humor.

11 Builds Confidence

Being able to make other people laugh and knowing the right timing helps children feel good about themselves. It’s a wonderful feeling to brighten someone’s day, lighten the mood, and bring on a good belly laugh. We as adults know and appreciate that. Children can grow to appreciate it as well.

Further, a sense of humor isn’t only about entertaining others, it’s also about feeling included. Being ‘in’ on the joke and enjoying the laughter with people you love and care about makes children feel a part of something. Naturally, this will make children feel better about themselves. A strong sense of humor leads to more confident children.

10 They Won’t Take Themselves Too Seriously

Children can be very competitive little creatures. It’s as if they don’t realize they have their whole lives ahead to prove themselves. Knowing when to find the lighter side of a situation means a child can get over things more easily. Brooding over a lost sports game, a silly thing they said at school, or being left out of some social situation isn’t necessarily healthy.

Many of the things we go through in life are not the end of the world. Taking them too seriously can be an unhealthy burden and can be an unattractive quality to others. Think of the ‘sore loser’ adage. Those people are tough to be around. Most people would choose to be around a person who bounces back easily and who is ready to face the next challenge. A child who can find the light in tough situations (when appropriate) and laugh at their own silliness is a child who will learn to shake things off more easily. 

9 Promotes Their Verbal Skills

Ever wonder who writes all those hilarious jokes, new and old, that we all laugh at? Who comes up with the memes that are very on-trend today? Funny people. In order to create such clever, witty, and timeless jokes, you have to be smart yourself. Comedians, by their nature, are clever people.

Now, we may not want to raise a comedian, but in order to get certain jokes, and find humor in certain situations while having a good sense of timing, you have to be fairly clever yourself. Funny people by their nature have strong verbal skills, as do those who ‘get’ the joke. Helping your child understand the subtleties of certain humor, and the edgy tone of sarcasm, will only serve to help them expand their verbal skills.

8 Makes Them More Fun to Be Around

Funny children are fun to be around. When a child is old enough to joke around and get in on the healthy poking of fun, they become entertaining company. It feels SO good to make someone laugh and to be around people who laugh with us.

In fact, a sense of humor is one of the seven qualities of an ideal partner, as indicated by Dr. Lisa Firestone on Psychalive.org. It is just a good characteristic to have. A child with a good sense of humor will be attractive to others, make friends more easily, and grow into an adult with a good sense of humor. These are all positive traits.

7 Supports Emotional Development

Knowing when to use humor, and seeing when others use it, helps children grow emotionally. As they develop their sense of humor, they begin to interpret cues that guide them to learn about timing and appropriateness. If humor is a key part of your home, they will also take cues from parents and siblings and begin to gain an understanding of when to turn it on and off.

As such, building a sense of humor helps children build awareness of other emotions, helping them become more sensitive to the situations to which they are exposed. Humor, laughter and fun tend to elicit positive emotions. A child who knows when to put the brakes on means he or she is in tune with other emotions as well.

6 Combats Stress

We already know that laughter is a good stress reliever for adults. The same holds true for children. According to mdjunction.com, nothing gets rid of stress like humor. A child who laughs readily and finds the fun and humor in things tends to be a more relaxed child.

Even though children don’t experience the same types and levels of stress as their parents, they can experience childhood stress. Homework, feeling left out by peers, or even rushing to the school bus can stressful for children. Laughter and humor can be a natural remedy to help combat stress resulting in a more relaxed child.

5 Physical and Mental Health Benefits

Not only is laughter a stress reliever, it also promotes positive physical benefits. According to the mayoclinic.org, laughter can stimulate your organs, improve your immune system, relieve pain, and combat depression. It also triggers endorphins, the body’s natural, feel-good drug.

While it’s obvious that laughter and fun have short-term benefits, some of the aforementioned benefits can also be long-term, thereby setting a person up for better health in adulthood.

4 Good Leadership Trait

According to cbsnews.com, a sense of humor is an underrated leadership trait. They purport it helps keep leaders humble and can be motivating to employees. The reality is that if humor is an attractive quality, it will make you a more likable person, which is an important trait for a leader.

So, is your funny child going to be a future sports coach, CEO, or successful entrepreneur? Maybe. Maybe not. But, a great sense of humor will help your child be viewed as a leader among their peers.

3 Way to Bond

Sharing the same sense of humor and laughing together is a great way to bond. It means people ‘get’ each other. Humor makes it easier to know where to turn to find a like-minded person. Helping to nurture your child’s sense of humor is a great way to build a connection. You can develop your own inside jokes, akin to sharing a little secret.

Not only will a sense of humor help you and your child bond, but it will also help them create meaningful relationships with others. Best friends laugh and giggle together, often sharing jokes for years to come. Furthermore, laughter promotes group and team affection. Social laughter is a strong bonding mechanism.

2 Makes Them Happy

Above all else, a sense of humor helps children be happy! They will laugh easily and make others laugh easily. These traits are things we all need and love. So, the next time your little comedian tells you the same knock-knock joke for the 10th time that makes absolutely no sense, don’t roll your eyes. Laugh and encourage them to keep trying. They will delight in your laughter and attention.

As we mentioned earlier, we all dream about a household filled with love, laughter, and happiness. As parents, we need to develop this environment . A sense of humor will lead to a happier child, and by association, happier households


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