10 Hacks For Taking The Perfect Baby Photo

Every mom knows the scene: you, your partner, and your sweet little one are all ready for your annual photo shoot. It's the holiday season and you want to send those cards to the people you care about the most. Or, perhaps this is a special shoot to celebrate your newborn baby and the creation of your new family. You're all dressed up and everything seems great... but there's just one tiny problem: every time the camera goes off, your little bundle of joy starts crying.

While it might be challenging to take photos with a baby, there are some techniques to make your photo shoot a total success. Here are 10 hacks for creating perfect baby photos.

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10. Fam Jam

This tip from Forever Is Forgotten is to ensure that you take amazing photos of your newborn baby. The number one rule they suggest is: make sure that the photo shoot involves the whole family. This means that the parents and any siblings should also be featured in the picture.

The website says, "Pose the baby with his siblings and parents," and further explains why this is a great tip: "It is an emotional angle that you can play up."

We love this idea since it plays off the emotions felt by the room. And why not have a raw family photo with everyone in it? It makes it more special.

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9. Good Morning

You're all set to plan your photo shoot, but there's one thing you're not sure about: when should you have it? It can seem tough to plan since your life has changed so much. You might not even know if the shoot should be at day or night or what's going on. That's the life of a mom with a newborn, of course.

According to Us Weekly, a morning photo shoot is a great bet when it comes to snapping pictures of babies. Here's why: "The earlier, the better, because this is when babies are most relaxed. Morning light produces soft, beautiful images; shadows and harsher light are a risk during afternoon sessions."

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8. The Sweet Spot

When should you have a photo shoot with your newborn? It might be tricky to think about the perfect time. Thankfully, this tip from Forever Is Forgotten is very useful: the photos should be taken 10 days after birth, and here's why: "It is the perfect time or phase. The first 10 days of the baby’s life is the most important phase for you to plan your photo shoot around. The baby is not that well aware of his surroundings just yet during the first 10 days of his life so this is the perfect timing if there is going to be any."

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7. Getting Used To It

Color Experts brings up a good point: when you're photographing your baby, they're not exactly used to it, and they might not love seeing the camera. This hack for newborn photography is simple: have your baby get used to having their photo taken.

Here's the hack to remember: "So, your infant photography effort may fail at that moment and you may lose a very suitable photography environment with natural lighting, which you are waiting for a long time. Now, what you can do! Simple, you should make your babies habituated with the photography instruments and photography processes."

If you take a few photos of them on a daily basis before the photo shoot, that should help.

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6. Remember This

Are you feeling the pressure to have all kinds of backgrounds and crazy props for your baby's photo shoot? If you answered yes, it's no wonder because those are the kinds of photos that you see everywhere.

This hack from Myaloo is amazing: just focus on your adorable baby and forget anything too complicated. As this mom brilliantly says, "Why do we need flowing fabric, garlands of flowers, elaborate backdrops, and accessories to take attention from the newborn? Look at their toes! And fingers! And tiny little lips! And the ears, cheeks, eyelashes…you get my point."

Every mom can totally agree with this, right? Why not have all eyes on the beautiful baby than the backdrop!

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5. Hospital Photo Hack

Do you want to take some photos of your newborn while you're still in the hospital? Take a page out of this smart mom's book and use the meal tray as a tripod.

As the mom behind Bethadilly wrote, "Hopefully your hospital has a meal tray that raises and lowers, they are amazing! I did not bring a tripod with me to the hospital but instead set my camera on the meal tray that was in our room for having meals in bed. The meal tray is an excellent tripod because it has wheels on it, allowing you to move it around the room so you can position it anywhere. If your tray is like mine, it can be raised higher and lower as well, which gives you full control like a tripod."

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4. A DIY Shoot

If you choose to take the photos of your baby yourself instead of hiring a photographer, there are some great hacks you can use to ensure that you get the best baby photos ever.

Myaloo suggests, "Keep the space warm with space heaters or a heating pad (on low, safely placed under the protection of several blankets." This mom also says that if you want a light reflector that won't break the bank, try "white poster board or cardboard with foil taped onto it." Another affordable background can also be "bedsheets tied to a door or to tripods, or tape some gift wrap on the wall."

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3. Different Poses

The Sweeter Side Of Mommyhood also has a smart hack if you're snapping your own baby photos and want to try some different poses. Of course, you want to be super careful, but how do you make sure that the photos don't all look exactly the same?

This mom says, "If you get baby comfy, try switching up the pose in MINOR ways — roll baby onto their side, tuck an arm up by the chin, snuggle baby in on their tummy. This will get you more variety in your images causing the LEAST amount of disruption." Anytime we can get cute giggles or photos from our baby without making them upset is a winner in our book!

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2. Cozy Vibes

What should your baby wear during their photo shoot? It's a pretty important question since you want to create the best baby photos in the given timeframe.

Most parents want their baby photos to give off a cozy vibe, and there is no better way to do that than by choosing what your baby wears comfortably and happily.

This great idea from Us Weekly sounds like just the thing: "Soft, hand-knit outfits photograph beautifully and look adorable while adding texture to photos. For snuggling parent and baby portraits, a simple solid onesie, a knit diaper cover, and a cashmere blanket are all great options."

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1. The Best Tips

What do you do when your baby is not exactly loving having their photo taken?

These two ideas from Us Weekly seem to work perfectly. The first is about white noise: "Sounds in the womb are very loud (some say they can be as loud as a vacuum cleaner), so newborns will sleep soundly with white noise in the room." The second is about swaddling: "A nice tight swaddle always seems to do the trick in helping newborns relax."

Thanks to these 10 hacks for creating the best baby photos, you and your sweet bundle of joy will have a great photoshoot. These wonderful photos will be looked at by friends and family for generations, and you can share your tricks of the trade for how they came to be.

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