10 Incredible Ways To Optimize Your Chances Of Conceiving

In the spirit of spring, the season that represents growth and renewal, it is a good time to talk about growing your family. It has been statistically shown that more women are getting pregnant much later on in life than ever before. Many factors have caused this change, such as career goals, priorities, and lifestyle. As women get older, conceiving a child becomes more difficult. This article will provide you with incredible ways to optimize your chances of conceiving.

10 Get Lots Of Sleep

We all know the benefits of getting a full night’s sleep. You feel more rejuvenated and ready to tackle the day. Eight hours of sleep is the average amount of time for a good night’s rest. Sleep helps boost your immune system by repairing the cells and tissues in your body. Disrupting your sleep pattern can poorly affect your reproductive system as it is not getting the maintenance it needs. To optimize your chances of conceiving, ensure that you have good sleep habits.

9 High Protein Diet

Studies have shown that when both men and women increased their protein intake, their fertility rate went up. To increase your chances of conceiving, it is recommended that your diet consists of 25% protein. The protein you consume should be of high quality, such as eggs, lean meats, and legumes.

Stay clear of processed proteins as they are high in sodium and will not give you as many nutrients. Protein is high in amino acids, which helps with fertility. Be sure to incorporate proteins in your diet to help raise your chances of conceiving.

8 Maintain Good Oral Hygiene

Believe it, or not, oral hygiene plays a part in your fertility. Women with gum disease have a lower chance of getting pregnant. It could take them up to 12 months longer to conceive than someone who has good oral hygiene. To increase your chances of conceiving, get routine check-ups at your dentist, and be sure to brush and floss effectively. 

7 Lower Sugar Intake

When you are trying to conceive, you want your body to be at its best. Sugar is a culprit in lowering your immune system. Consuming too much sugar will not allow your body to defend itself from illnesses. Sugar takes away from allowing your body to be in the best shape. Instead, opt for natural sugars, such as honey and agave. However, even those sugars should be limited, as they still have a tendency to raise your blood sugar levels. 

6 Exercise

Exercise is also a part your healthy being. Exercise helps flush out unwanted particles from your body and keep you in shape to conquer stress and battle illnesses. Exercise helps keep your immune system and body strong. However, too much exercise can do the opposite. As long as you find a balance and do not overwork yourself with exercise, your chances of conceiving will be much higher.

5 Take Your Temperature

Keeping track of your temperature is a great way to know when you are ovulating. Your temperature is the highest when you are ovulating. The best way to keep a record of your temperature is by taking it every morning once you get out of bed. This is the best time as you have not done anything to influence your temperature. Once you see a spike in your temperature, you will know you are ovulating. Ovulation is the best time to conceive a child.

4 Decrease Stress

Stress is a major immune system killer. Stress affects your body mentally, emotionally, and physically, which significantly lowers your immune system. When you find yourself stressing out, find a quiet space to do some breathing exercises.

Take a single deep breath and hold it so that your lungs fill up with air and exhale. When you feel extremely stressed out, remember that it is okay to step away from the thing stressing you out. Take a moment for yourself and do something that you love – something that relaxes you. 

3 Protect His Sperm

Sperm should not be subjected to high heat. High heat can affect the effectiveness of sperm. So, be conscious of how often your man has his laptop on his lap and how long he sits in a hot tub for. Those simple activities can significantly decrease your chances of conceiving. 

2 Cut Down On Caffeine

Caffeine may be the reason for your lack of conception. Caffeine in moderation is fine while high consumption of caffeine can affect your fertility. The safe amount to have per day is two 8-ounce cups of coffee. To increase your chances of conceiving even further, you can cut out caffeine altogether. A great substitute for coffee is matcha green tea. Matcha green tea is loaded with anti-oxidants and gives you the same pick-me-up as coffee.

1 Change His Diet

The strength of his sperm depends on how healthy he is, in a normal scenario. Ensure that his nutritional intake is up to par. His alcohol consumption should also be limited as well. The higher the sperm count, the more chances you have of conceiving a baby. Both of you need to ensure that you are doing your part to increase the likelihood of growing your family.

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