10 Judgy Baby Faces That Are Still Cute

Ever seen a baby scowling or making an angry or agitated face, and still think to yourself, what a sweetheart he/she is? You want to go and squeeze those little baby cheeks! Ever seen a little kid looking at you like you’re crazy, yet you want to go and give them a kiss too? Yep, babies are still so darn cute even when they’re ticked off, unlike the rest of us who just look, well, ticked off.

Have a look at some of these precious bundles of joy in picture form. I think you’ll agree that these judgy baby faces are still cute and would be keepers in your household!

10 Angry Baby Face

Wow! Don’t mess with this little guy. He means business. Hopefully Mom and Dad will give him his meals, nap, and play time on schedule or else! He may huff and puff and pretend blow your house down! He knows what he wants and wants it now.

Still, looking at that face, we want to give him a hug and take that frown away, don’t we? After all, an angry baby is just frustrated due to not being understood, right? With time, he’ll be the happy cute baby again that we know and love.

9 Perplexed Baby Face

Ok Mom, Dad, what the heck are you trying to do? This little guy is confused, and does not know what his parents want. The world can be hard for our little ones. This little dude looks like he could use a hug or two as well. Or maybe Mom and Dad are baby talking to him, and he is thinking, guys I don’t know what the heck you are saying. It’s hard not to coo and talk cutesy to a face like his though. Don’t blame you at all Mom and Dad!

8 Sweaty and Not So Happy Baby Face

She is gorgeous. She also could be wondering, why I am outside in this sweltering heat like, right now? It’s TOO hot! I want to go into my cool crib, and take a long long nap. Take me back inside, change my diaper, put me in my pajamas, and I’m all set to power nap the afternoon away.  Then when I get up, I could chase you all around the house Mommy!

7 Wet and Not Amused Baby Face

This cutie looks like he is a little ticked that he is not warm and snuggling away in his crib. He looks annoyed at being photographed as well. Come on people! I need my zzz’s so that I can look even cuter when I wake up. No more photos please. Speak to my agent.

6 Dreading The Doctor’s Visit Baby Face

Say what Mom? We’re going to the doctor. I don’t think so. I'll stay here in my carrier and party, while you go and tell him I’m healthy. All good? OK? Thank you.

You know your baby knows what's up when you go to hand them to the doctor and they reach for you screaming, and then you wind up feeling like a guilt accomplice to some scandalous crime.

5 The You’re Joking Baby Face

You’re kidding right, Ma? I can’t have any more time to play? But why? I don’t want to take a nap. Come on, five more minutes. Please! I’m having too much fun with my toys on the floor.

Here's another look that will tug at your heart strings. Who can resist the puppy dog eyes with the pouting lips? This face makes you want to give them your wallet and the access code to all your credit cards.

4 The Go Away Baby Face

I need some “me time” Mommy and Daddy. Leave me alone to play in my crib. Thank you. You are excused and can leave now. Look at how serious this little one is. The pursed lips, narrowed eyes. If he could shoot lasers, you'd have a hole in your head already.

If your baby gives you this serious look, you better make with the monkey noises and clown faces--and quick! This little one is wanting some space or entertainment, stat!

3 Don't Like Christmas Clothes Baby Face

Ok, I know you love Christmas and the trimmings. Parents just can't resist me in costume, but I am NOT loving this get up. It is up, I can't move and I look like a Christmas decoration. Put me back in my regular clothes please. Merry Christmas!

Not to mention the synthetic fabrics can't breath and neither can I. Just get.this.off. Like NOW!

2 Don't Wear That to the Park Baby Face

Ok Mom. I'm glad you're all dressed to take me to the park soon, but like, that color is not you. Really, not you. Wear that red blouse you look so beautiful in. I have a reputation with my buddies, and cannot be seen with you in that yellow top! Thank you for your cooperation.

Look at what you've done to me, I can't even see straight. No you can't mix patterns. Ugh! Do I have to dress you myself? Maybe the neighbor can push me through the park today.

1 I Didn't Throw the Toy Over Baby Face

Mom, what you are looking at? That toy? I have no idea how it fell over the top of my pack n play. I didn't do it. I'm enjoying my pacifier and playing quietly by myself. That's my story, and I'm sticking to it.

So there you have it. We can see all the varieties of cuteness in various mood stages. This reveal to us parents that even when babies are angry, upset, or annoyed, our children are still adorable, we love them to pieces, and we wouldn’t trade them for anyone else in the world. Next time as parents when we feel annoyed at their antics, we can sit back, have a laugh, and think, babies are cute no matter what!





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