10 Kim K Maternity Clothes That Are On Amazon (And 10 That Are Close Enough)

Along with the many joys of pregnancy comes the need for new clothes. All expectant mothers will experience their bodies changing and growing every which way, and the need for new clothes is inevitable. Luckily, there is a huge market for maternity clothes. “The maternity wear market is a $2 billion industry, with Destination Maternity constituting 18.7% of the industry’s revenue. Fortune estimates that pregnant women, on average, spend almost $500 per pregnancy on maternity clothes. That breaks down to between $50 and $60 spent per month of pregnancy,” shares Racked.com.

The market is there, and pregnant ladies are shopping! Largely in part to the fact that they can even shop maternity wear, and other goods adored by their favorite celebrities, like Kim Kardashian who, along with her sisters, has taken the maternity style world by storm. She was quoted by HollywoodReporter.com on the topic, "For maternity style, it's so subjective. It's just whatever makes you feel comfortable, whatever you really like," she explained. "I still want to have my style ... so I love the high-waisted skirts because they go right above the belly but they fit and still kind of show your shape. I think it's really beautiful to show the shape of your belly when you're pregnant. So I opt for things like that that are a little bit tighter instead of looser.”

Below is a round up of ten of Kim K’s favorite maternity clothes that are available on Amazon, and ten that are close enough!

20 American Apparel Jumpsuit

Kim is seen over and over again in shades of black, pregnant or not, so this American Apparel Leotard is at the top of the list of her maternity favorites. Pair it with leather leggings like Kim herself, or if you are further along in your pregnancy you might want to find a pair of pants that include a peplum feature at the waist to make your belly pop in a more flattering way. This leotard by American Apparel is available on Amazon in both black and white and almost every size includes free shipping, though unfortunately it is not Amazon Prime eligible.

Get it here.

19 American Apparel Tank Dress

Though it’s not actually a maternity item, so you will want to be sure and size up to account for your bump. For a look that is extra Kim K, pair this chic dress with strappy heels and a black choker. “Kim Kardashian is definitely proving that black will always be a hot favourite no matter how many other colours are available to us,” writes Swirlster.ndtv.com.

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18 BodyCon Maternity Dress

Easily achieve a chic and casual maternity look with this Bodycon Maternity dress, available in a variety of colors. Of course, you will want to snag it in black if you want to mimic Kim’s look. Don’t forget to snap a picture and share it with your Instagram account, just like Kim would.

I find Instagram to be my vision of what I am doing at the moment, of my curation of beautiful things. I post just random scenery and things that I find to be interesting and cool. You can see where I’m at in the world and you can kind of follow me through my journey or what events I’m at or if I’m getting ready. It’s a little bit more in-depth but all through imagery obviously,” stated Kim in an interview with the podcast, Re/code Decode, according to Jezebel.com.

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17 Motherhood Quilted Puffer Jacket

Parents.com recommends wearing layers, buying waterproof gear, accessorizing with cozy mittens and hats, among many other tips for staying warm and safe while pregnant in winter.

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16 Light-Pink Missguided Jumpsuit

Jumpsuits, in general, are a great way to look fashionable and put together but actually feel really comfortable. Gurl.com suggests adding a statement belt and/or bright or glittery heels to dress up your jumpsuit look. A blazer is another way to take a jumpsuit up a notch and totally achieve a look straight from Kim K herself.

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15 Saint Laurent Suede Platform Heels

MomJunction.com suggests ditching heels after the first trimester. “It is okay to wear low heels in your first trimester, after which the hormonal flow increases and your muscles start to stretch. Try to wear lower and sturdier heels,” suggests MomJunction.com.

Get them here.

14 Versace Red Dress

It’s no secret that Kim loves to rock a Versace gown, and now you can snag one of your very own on Amazon. Take your glamorous look to the next level with an appropriate hairstyle for a v-neck dress and a simple blowout for high collar dresses TheKewlShop.com advises.

If the neckline is extreme and requires showing off then choose an updo that keeps your hair from interfering with it. Otherwise, half-up, half-down hairstyles are best for these dresses. Both these hairstyles pull hair away from your face and provide full feminine style with loose locks flowing behind you.”

Get it here.

13 Jimmy Choo Heels

Another pair of heels, these nude Jimmy Choo’s are up next on the list of Kim K’s maternity clothes. A nude heel is a good investment for beyond maternity, so you can justify the splurge. Don’t forget the advice stated above about wearing heels during pregnancy.

If you choose to wear heels past the first trimester, just be sure you are very, very careful and have a partner always at hand to take your arm if need be. To achieve a look that is total Kim K, try pairing your nude heels with red lipstick and pull your hair back into a sleek ponytail.

Get them here.

12 Missguided Romper

“When it comes to wearing a romper as an adult, it needs to be structured and well tailored. There you have it: Rompers can look polished and elevated, as long as you keep these things in mind,” writes WhoWhatWear.com. They also advise opting for a pair of polished sneakers or block-heeled sandals to pair with your romper.

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11 Naven Blazer

The cropped version also makes a great maternity look! A nice blazer can pull together a lot of outfits, so this Naven blazer would be a great investment piece for your wardrobe. As a bonus, it could totally be used post-pregnancy, and this feature makes it that much more appealing. Having to buy maternity specific clothing ends up getting pricey, so the longer your purchases can last you, the better!

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10 Close Enough: Dreamskull Jumpsuit


This spaghetti strap jumpsuit is a total Kim K look and one that looks like it would be so comfortable during pregnancy. It’s not a maternity specific item, so be sure and size up and accommodate your growing belly. A black jumpsuit is a great piece to have in your maternity wardrobe.

You can throw it on if you’re just out and about running errands, or dress it up with a blazer to wear to work. Pair it with some military boots to make this look totally rad. This jumpsuit available on Amazon is totally affordable and available in a lot of fun colors!

Get it here.

9 Close Enough: Progulover Satin Kimono

“Kim rocked her kimono just in time for festival season, and if you’re heading to any upcoming music festivals than you can SHOP amazing & affordable kimonos on Amazon.com,” writes HollywoodLife.com. And they are right, browse Amazon if you want even more styles!

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8 Close Enough: Beston Thigh High Boots

“Coats and thigh boots were made for each other. Overcoats and long trench coats do wonders letting you rock all sorts of short, tight and sexy bottoms all the while letting the long cut of the coat slim and chic up the look,” writes StandardMedia.Co.Ke.

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7 Close Enough: Nothing But Love Pencil Dress

Our maternity clothing is designed considering average weight gain during pregnancy. We usually advise sticking with your pre-pregnancy size. But if you are carrying twins or feel like gaining extra-weight, choose one size up,” according to Amazon.com. Pair this dress with nude heels or black booties for a feminine look that definitely channels Kim K vibes.

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6 Close Enough: Listha Floral Maxi Dress

The flowy arms are a fun feature, and they make the dress a bit more fashionable and classy. Pair it with a sleek ponytail and blush lips for a look that is totally chic. The dress featured is available in black, green and pink and they are all really darling options!

Get it here.

5 Close Enough: Finejo Mama Dress

Feeling bold? Pair this little red dress with a bold lip and sexy updo, and you will definitely be sending out Kim K vibes to those around you. Kim loves to wear black, this is no surprise, but she is often spotted in the color red as well. And she is not afraid to rock a bold lip with the color.

This look is sexy and confident, and can totally be rocked while pregnant, as we see Kim flaunting above. Let’s be honest, it can be hard to feel sexy and confident while you’re pregnant, but a dress like this might just do the trick in achieving this! Have your partner take you on a fancy date night, and treat yourself to this little number to help you great about yourself!

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4 Close Enough: Asatr Cropped Faux Leather Jacket

This cropped jacket is so similar to one Kim herself has rocked while pregnant. It’s another piece that can be worn beyond pregnancy, making it that much more alluring. Again, I just love the cropped look for maternity wear because it really highlights the bump.

Pair it with any one of the neutral colored dresses featured on this list and some strappy heels or black pumps for a look that could rival Kim K herself. This jacket would also look really darling worn with skinny jeans and a black t-shirt. It’s definitely a multi-functional item that would make the perfect addition to any maternity wardrobe.

Get it here.

3 Close Enough: SunnyBuy Short Sleeve Casual Dress

This short sleeve bodycon dress is exactly like something Kim K would wear, as pictured above. It’s cheap, comes in several colors and has great reviews on Amazon. Add a couple of these dresses to your maternity wardrobe.

They are great staple pieces and you can easily change up the look from casual to more formal with the right shoes and jewelry. This particular dress in black would be so cute paired with the Naven blazer featured earlier on this list. Add a sleek Kim K ponytail and nude lips and you have yourself a maternity look that is right on trend.

Get it here.

2 Close Enough: House Of Harlow Open Toe Bootie

These House of Harlow open toe booties are absolutely on point with Kim K’s style, and you know she wouldn’t use pregnancy as an excuse to pack these babies up. She would actually do just the opposite, and buy them as part of her maternity wardrobe. Pair them with a jumpsuit or skinny jeans for a trendy look.

They are a splurge but are available on Amazon with free shipping. The great part about these is that they are shoes, so you can obviously wear them beyond your pregnancy. If you’re looking for a way to treat yourself, look no further!

Get them here.

1 Close Enough: TRCC Slim Maternity Dress

The little black dress is a classic! Throw on a pair of shoes with a pop of color and you’ve gone from day-wear to party outfit with the just a pair of shoes. Little black dresses are also great for pregnancy pictures. They can accentuate the belly while complimenting all your other curves,” writes 247ModernMom.com.

Get it here.References: www.racked.com, www.hollywoodreporter.com, www.jezebel.com, www.parents.com, www.gurl.com

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