10 Little-Known Things That Make Breastfeeding Easier (And 10 That Make It Harder)

Becoming a parent is amazing, but it is also extremely hard. There are a lot of things about parenting that probably should be talked about more so that when new moms and dads have trouble with certain things, they know they are not alone and they can feel free to discuss their experiences with others.

Nursing is one of these things. It can be hard for anyone, including those who have done it before. A lot of people discuss the benefits of it, but rarely include the possible issues that can arise that will make it harder to do. Sometimes new mothers find themselves unable to nurse their babies, and they discover that bottle feeding is a better fit for them, and that is totally fine. Part of learning to take care of a new child is finding out what works and what doesn't work as all mothers and babies are different from one another.

As far as nursing goes, there are some things that make the process more difficult that mothers can avoid. Additionally, there are also some pretty fantastic tips out there that make it easier.

20 Getting The Right Latch Makes It Better

There are a lot of things that are very difficult when it comes to figuring out how to take care of a brand new little boy or girl, and this is even more true for those who have not had other children previously. Nursing can be one of those things. However, finding the right latch is a great tip that is very helpful.

When a mother helps her child latch on, she may feel some pain. However, if it is the right latch, the pain will go away pretty soon after the baby begins to nurse. If the pain continues, the right latch was not found yet.

19 Piercings Can Cause Issues

Having any form of a piercing on one’s body has long been looked at as a form of art by some people. However, there are some negative aspects to it as well, such as possible issues with nursing a baby.

There are quite a few drawbacks to having a piercing when it comes to nursing. Some of the issues that can arise because of this are damage to the milk ducts (which would hinder the amount of milk the mother is able to produce), as well as leaking while the baby nurses, which could be a choking hazard for the child.

18 Hiring A Lactation Consultant Is Helpful

Expecting mothers often hear stories about how their motherly instinct will take over once the baby is born, and that they will just automatically know what to do. While that can be true, especially when it comes protecting your baby, sometimes new moms do not automatically know what to do when they are having some rough moments, which is especially true for first-time moms.

This can be the case when it comes to nursing. There are a lot of things that make it harder, so mothers who have just recently had a baby may find it beneficial to hire a lactation consultant. Lactation consultants will typically assess the overall health of the baby to find anything that may be causing nursing problems, as well as answer any questions the parents may have about nursing.

17 Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome Can Make It Harder

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome is the number one cause of female fertility issues. There are a number of unpleasant things that can occur as a result of having this condition, some of which include excess hair loss, weight gain, and increased chances of type 2 diabetes, as well as various kinds of cancer.

However, new moms who have this condition, which is often referred to as PCOS, may also find that their ability to successfully nurse their children is hindered by it. In many cases, women who have PCOS have less glandular tissue in their chest, which can affect the amount of milk they make.

16 Finding The Right Position Is Key

Nursing is something mothers have done with their babies for centuries. It is something that comes naturally, but that does not mean that it can be done easily and without some occasional issues.

In fact, sometimes moms need a bit of instruction on how to do it, so that they can make it an easier process for both themselves and their children. One of the things new mothers should do to make nursing an easier thing to do is to find the right position.

There are a couple of different positions that are good for nursing. One positions moms should try is called the “cradle hold,” which involves the mom cradling the baby, and making sure his or her head is propped up against her elbow on whatever side she will be nursing with.

15 Hospital Visitors May Not Help

The birth of a new baby boy or baby girl is an amazing thing. This is an exciting time for the parents, as well as the grandparents of the new child. It seems as though every member of the baby’s family wants to come and see them right after they are born.

While there is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to see the new addition to the family, everyone should wait a bit before visiting. This is because the first moments after birth is a time of bonding between the mother, father, and the child.

Additionally, for those who wish to nurse their little one, having people visit while the mother is learning to nurse her baby can be very chaotic. This can make things harder on the mom.

14 There Are Some Prop Tools That Are Good To Use

Nursing can be one of the most difficult parts of learning how to take care of a newborn baby. Once the mom gets the hang it, though, things should get easier. However, there are always some great ways to help make things a bit easier, and one of the ways to make nursing seem less difficult for a mom of a new baby is a nursing pillow.

These pillows are not all the same. The position a mother prefers to be in when she nurses is unique to each woman, and therefore the styles of nursing pillows are very different.

13 A Short Maternity Leave Is Hard For Nursing Moms

Mothers have been nursing their children since the beginning of time. This is something that is natural to do. However, it seems that it has been made harder in recent years.

A great example of that is that new moms many years ago did not have to worry about leaving their babies at home as they worked as much as some do today. However, a lot of mothers have full time jobs these days, and they have to return to work not long after the child is born.

This can definitely make nursing harder. For one, it can impact the milk supply. Mothers who have a longer maternity leave have a better chance of being able to make enough milk for their babies. This is because working mothers usually do not have as many opportunities to pump their milk out.

12 Prepare For It To Be A Challenge

There are many ways in which babies can benefit from nursing. Furthermore, it is actually good for the mother as well. Nursing not only enhances the bond between a mother and her child, but it also enhances the health of both of them as well. However, it is usually not something that is easy to do.

One tip that might make nursing a bit easier, especially for a woman who has never done it before, is to expect it to be a bit hard at times. Knowing that it is not an easy task can push expecting mothers to get some tips about it, which can help them prepare for what it will be like when they need to begin feeding their baby after he or she is born.

11 Wearing The Wrong Undergarments Is Not Good

There are many times in life when wearing a certain thing is not only suggested but actually needed. Nursing a baby is one of those times, as it seems that wearing a regular bra is not exactly a helpful thing to do. There are multiple reasons for this.

For one, nursing bras are designed specifically for nursing mothers. When milk comes in, the mothers’ chest will be full, and a nursing bra will grow right along with it. Then when the milk is gone, the nursing bra still fits perfectly. A regular bra will not work like this, as it was not made with this type of thing in mind.

Another reason moms definitely need to buy a nursing bra is because it is easier to pull up or down during feeding time. This is not something that is always easy to do with a regular bra.

10 Have Someone Else Get Involved As Well

Typically when people think about the process of nursing, the only people they picture being involved are the mother and her child. However, it is ideal to have someone else involved at times as well.

Having a partner around when a mother is feeding her son or daughter can be beneficial for many reasons. For one, someone who is a witness may be able to tell why a certain position does not seem to be working, or they might be able to make things easier for the mom by providing her with refreshments.

Additionally, the mother’s partner will likely be feeding the child at some point as well. If he or she watches the mom when she nurses, then doing it themselves will be a bit easier.

9 Having More Than One To Feed Is Not Impossible, But It Is Hard

Nursing is not an easy task, especially in the beginning, as new moms are trying to get the hang of doing it. However, nursing two or more babies at once can prove to be even more problematic for some mothers.

Typically, a lot of moms who have more than one baby at once tend to worry about whether or not they will have the right amount of milk to feed all of their little ones. Furthermore, moms may have a harder time sticking to a feeding schedule if there is more than one child. In this scenario, some mothers go by a schedule during the nighttime, and they feed on demand throughout the day.

8 Using A Pump Is Beneficial

A pump that can be used to retrieve a mother’s milk so that she can save it for a later time is not just a nice thing to have. These days, it is practically an essential item for all mothers, because there are moments when it is hard to nurse, especially for those who work outside of the home.

In addition to storing milk, there are quite a few other benefits to having one of these things. For example, a mom’s milk supply can arrive when her chest is exposed to suction frequently. The suction a newborn provides may not be strong enough, whereas the suction of a pump can be adjusted.

7 Being Tired Or In Discomfort Is Not Beneficial

One thing almost any parent to a new baby will tell expecting parents is that they will be tired for awhile after the baby is born. After all, taking care of a new child can be rather exhausting. However, this is definitely something that can have a negative impact on nursing. There are multiple ways in which being tired makes nursing harder to do.

Tired mothers may be more likely to get frustrated when learning how to nurse. This can cause them to want to give up on it, and it can also cause a low supply of milk. Furthermore, this may lead to an infection called “mastitis.”

6 Try To Nurse Without Additional Items At First

In many cases, babies have been fed from multiple sources. They include the mothers chest, as well as a bottle. However, a good tip for making things easier for a nursing mother is to try to avoid things like a pacifier or a bottle for a bit.

Sometimes babies tend to prefer getting their milk from a bottle rather than their mother, so waiting approximately one month before introducing them to bottles is a good idea. One reason they might prefer being bottle fed is because some baby bottles tend to expel their contents faster and easier than the moms’ chest usually does.

5 Certain Herbs Can Hinder It

Consuming herbs is a very popular thing to do. After all, many people would rather take a more natural route towards some unpleasant things they may be going through physically. However, there is a negative side to doing this. Many herbs can have a direct impact on the experience a mother has while nursing her child.

Numerous herbs, such as chickweed, oregano, lemon balm, sorrel, spearmint, yarrow, peppermint and parsley have been known to decrease milk supply. Bladderwrack, Indian snakeroot, star anise, ginseng, wormwood, rhubarb, coltsfoot, ephedra, and chaparral, can all be harmful to both a nursing mother and her baby.

4 Try To Think Positively

Nursing is not something that fits every mother, as some prefer to feed their babies with formula, which is totally fine. But those who choose to nurse their children may find that they will not always feel terribly positive about it.

It is hard, and sometimes it is painful before moms learn how to find the ideal latch and position, and there are times when they might consider switching to a different method of feeding. However, something that can be helpful during the learning process is to think positively. Nursing moms should consider the benefits they will be giving their baby and themselves when they do not give up on nursing.

3 Waiting A While To Start Is Not Going To Make It Easy

Nursing has many great benefits to it that do not only affect the baby, but the mother as well. In fact, it is for this reason that many mothers choose to nurse their children instead of feeding them with a bottle. Some moms may even change their mind about what method they want to use for feeding the baby, but that is not a good idea. Other times, moms may find that they have to do the exact opposite due to health reasons.

Waiting a bit to start nursing a baby who is used to being fed by a bottle is something that can make it harder to do. However, it is not impossible. Children that have previously only been fed with a bottle may find it harder to be fed from their mothers chest.

2 Pads For The Chest Are Good For Nursing Mothers

Nursing is hard enough as it is. But there are some things that can make it even harder to get through, such as leakage.

Many nursing moms will leak some of their milk, which is not only visible to others, but it also leaves a stain on her shirt. However, one awesome invention that is great for those who choose to nurse their babies are pads that are designed for a woman’s chest.

These pads are fantastic. They typically do not have the unpleasant feeling of wearing a diaper in one’s bra as they are very thin, yet they are absorbent enough to soak up any milk that might leak out.

1 Hold Off On The Large Coffee

The debate about whether or not caffeine has much of an impact on those who nurse their babies has been a long one. Some have said to avoid it entirely, while others have been known to say the opposite. But, it seems that there is a middle ground here.

Nearly one percent of the amount of caffeine a nursing woman consumes will be transferred to her little one when she feeds him or her. There are a few possible ways children can react from this, including becoming fussy and having trouble sleeping. They might also suddenly seem very hyper as well.

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