10 Millennial Pregnancy Trends That Are Fading (And 10 That Might Actually Last)

Millennial moms are changing the game. Well, actually, millennials are changing just about anything. From new technology to avocado toast, millennials are the up and coming generation ready to make their mark. We're getting married later, not buying houses, moving into new neighborhoods, starting companies and shopping online. We're also changing the way we do pregnancy. Millennial moms are totally different than their mothers, grandmothers or great grandmothers.

But not everything millennials do lasts forever. We're the generation that will pick up one piece of tech and put it down a minute later. We rush through and binge TV shows on Netflix and quickly move onto the next thing. New ice cream shops and matcha tea cafes open up and close every other week. But we also know how to make lasting impressions. Millennials are all about the new trends. Some trends last forever and others fall to the side.

When it comes to pregnancy, millennials like to change things up. We're doing pregnancy on our own terms and making our own decisions. Everything we do is influenced by our peers, our inter-connected world and the fact that everything is online these days. But at the heart of it all, we want what all mothers before us and all mothers after us want. We just want to do the best thing for ourselves and our baby. We want to protect them and make their entry into the world as seamless as possible. We all want that for ourselves and our children, we just go about it in different ways. Here's how millennial moms are doing things differently.

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20 Fading Trend: Gender Reveal Parties

If you've never been to a gender reveal party, here's how it goes: friends and family of the expectant couple gather together so the couple can reveal whether they're having a baby boy or a baby girl. Sounds nice, right? Well, maybe not. For starters, gender is how a person identifies as male and female. Seeing their genitals on an ultrasound do not determine how a child may identify. Plus, putting gender stereotypes on an unborn child can be dangerous. Cakes that say "ribbons or rifles" are not going to fly anymore. Girls can like cars, boys can wear dresses and colors don't belong to any gender.

19 Lasting Trend: Looking Up Everything Online

What can I say? We're obsessed with being online! Millennials have the internet at their fingertips all the time. So it only makes sense that we would head to Dr. Google every time we have a question. Instead of making an appointment with our real doctor whenever we have a question or calling up our older sister, we just ask the internet and see what the masses have to say. Sure, not all of the information is reliable. But there is some great stuff on there. It's so easy to get info and put our minds at ease. Not sure how to swaddle a baby? There's a million YouTube videos on that! Need to eat healthy? Check out pinterest for a pregnancy food guide.

18 Fading Trend: Female-Only Baby Showers

Back in the day, baby showers were only meant for the mama and her gaggle of girlfriends. They were usually planned by the new mom's sister or maybe even her mother. Everyone wore floral dresses, snacked on mini sandwiches, and went crazy over the adorable onesies that mama was gifted. But millennials are starting to buck this trend. Why should mom be the only one who is showered with gifts? Why should organizing the party, deciding on the guest list and registering for gifts fall to mom and her female friends or relatives? Dad should be just an involved. It's his child too! These days, millennials are making their baby showers co-ed so everyone can enjoy the party.

17 Lasting Trend: Posting Pregnancy Updates Online

What can I say? We're social media obsessed! After posting our big pregnancy reveal online, you know we have to follow that up with pregnancy updates. You might roll your eyes whenever you see another bump photo on Instagram but we can promise they're not going anywhere anytime soon. Social media has made our life all about status updates, milestones and instant access. We can't wait to show off a video of baby moving or a profile shot of our bump. We might even have to share our latest food craving or pregnancy realization. It might be time to block or unfollow some millennial moms...

16 Fading Trend: Joining All The Mommy Groups On Social Media

Millennials are known as social media mavens. We love spending our time online, we're on all the different social media platforms and we trust Google above all else. We prefer to spend time swiping on dating apps, following people on Instagram and messaging friends online than actually meeting people in real life. So it only makes sense that we would jump into all of the mommy groups online. We join all of the parenting groups on Facebook and follow mommy bloggers on Instagram. But after a while, us millennials realize how toxic this is. We start to feel pressure when comparing ourselves to the perfect moms we see on social media. So this isn't a trend that is going to last. We're deleting the groups and unfollowing those accounts.

15 Lasting Trend: Doing Dramatic Pregnancy Reveals

So millennials may be over gender reveals but we're not above pregnancy reveals. A pregnancy reveal is how you announce that you're expecting. Us millennials like to go all out for this one. We do photoshoots with adorable little baby shoes. We pose with photos or balloons and say we're expecting to pop. We use all of the cute phrases like bun in the oven or speeed bump ahead. We plan parties, we post photos on Facebook and we film reveals for Instagram. It's so fun holding onto a secret and deciding how you want to share the happy news. This isn't a trend that is going to die anytime soon.

14 Fading Trend: Inventing New Modern Baby Names

We'll admit it: there have been some weird baby names that have come out in the last couple of years. We have babies named Stormi and Fox and Blue. We know those aren't normal baby names. But us millennials - we're just so creative! We love being unique and one of a kind. We love things that are modern and want to stay ahead of the curve. We're all about being new and special. But we're starting to realize that life is going to get pretty weird with all of these funky babies running around. People are going to have a hard time going to Dr. North or Judge Saint. So we're starting to buck this trend. We're returning to the classics.

13 Lasting Trend: Nursing In Public Without Worry

This is a trend that millennial moms are spearheading loud and proud. Our babies need to eat! Breastfeeding is natural and not something to be embarrassed about. Moms' bodies are built to provide nutrition to their little ones. There's no need for us to hide out under big tarps or cower in bathroom stalls just to give our babies some food. Nope! We're not doing it anymore. We're nursing in public because it's the right thing to do. Don't like it? Don't look! The tides are changing and social media as well as the law are on our side. We're allowed to nurse in public and we're going to do it without a care!

12 Fading Trend: Using Fetal Heartbeat Monitors At Home


Us millennial moms love to take advantage of emerging technology. We treat Dr. Google like god and want to bring as much advancement as we can into our pregnancy. Which explains why so many millennial parents have jumped on the fetal heartbeat monitor band wagon. In the old days, you had to go to your doctor's office to access this doppler device. But now companies are making at-home versions that parents can use themselves. Awesome, right? Not so much. Unfortunately, most parents are not trained medical professionals and don't know how to use these monitors properly. They may mishear the heartbeat and get worried over nothing or worse, assume all is fine when it's really not.

11 Lasting Trend: Attending Birthing Bootcamps Online

Millennial moms are hungry for information. We want to be as informed and as wise as possible. We spend our entire pregnancy trying to learn as much as possible about birth and babies. And the best way to do some learning? Take a class! We'll sign up for birthing classes, parenting classes, workshops, seminars and more. But, being millennials, we can't actually attend all of these classes in person. We're far too busy and much prefer staying home with Netflix and takeout. So why not bring the classes to us? These days, we can take all of our classes online without ever changing out of our pajamas.

10 Fading Trend: Keeping Up Pre-Pregnancy Beauty Routines

In our Instagram age, it's normal to see millennial moms at eight months pregnant with a full face of makeup, manicured nails, threaded eyebrows, bleached hair and all the rest. Everyone needs to look picture perfect for that social media post, right? At first, us millennials were buying into the hype. We were trying to stay just as plucked, waxed and made up as before we got pregnant. But now, we're kind of over it. In fact, we're loving all of the real life posts millennial moms are sharing on Instagram showing the not so pretty side of pregnancy. Sometimes you don't even shower, let alone put on your makeup or go to the hair salon. And that is okay.

9 Lasting Trend: Going Organic With Baby’s Food

In the last few decades, we've become more aware of what is in our food and what we're putting into our bodies. It's not just millennials - every generation is become more health conscious and choosing organic, free-range or GMO-free whenever they get the chance. And that's definitely not something that is going to end anytime soon. Millennial moms really care about what they are giving their babies to eat. They won't feed their kids junk. They're going organic. They're even making some of the food themselves. Millennial parents are choosing to buy fresh produce, probably from the farmers' market, and making their own baby food.

8 Fading Trend: Doing It Solo

Back in the day, the motto was, "It takes a village to raise a child." But in the last few decades, moms have been rejecting this notion. We don't need a tribe or a village! We're strong independent women and we can do this all by ourselves. We don't need partners or friends or family. But now millennials are changing their tunes. It's not that millennials moms aren't strong or independent - because we are absolutely both. It's just that we realize that we don't have to do it all by ourselves. It's okay to ask for help. It's okay to call our moms when we're scared, to take our besties up on that babysitting offer or to even ask our partners to help out more. We can do it by ourselves, but we don't have to.

7 Lasting Trend: Finding A New Work-Life Balance

This is a movement that millennial parents are spearheading hard and don't plan to stop anytime soon. Back in the day, women were expected to manage the household and raise the children. Once you popped out a baby, there was no way you would be going back to work. And then things changed. We realized women were capable and strong enough to be working mothers. And with such pathetic maternity leave options, most women had to go back to work right away. But now millennial parents are doing it their own way. They are deciding for themselves if they want to go to work, stay home or do some combination of both. They're looking into new options, like working remotely, and taking advantage of things like parental leave.

6 Fading Trend: Bringing Social Media Into The Delivery Room

We'll admit that as millennials, we are big fans of social media. We're attached to our phones and always posting something or scrolling through something. But even we know there's a limit to how far social media should go. Lately, some millennial parents have been documenting every second of their pregnancy, labor and delivery. In fact, they've gone so far as to bring social media into the delivery room. I think I speak for everyone when I say that no one needs to see you birthing a baby on Snapchat. No one needs a Facebook Live of your contractions or epidural. Take your first baby photos but give the delivery a little privacy.

5 Lasting Trend: Babymoons!

Babymoons are here to stay and we could not be more happy about it. A babymoon is a trip that parents take before the arrival of their new baby. It's such an awesome tradition and we're glad it's sticking around. Babymoons give couples a chance to connect one on one for the last time before their life is rocked with the addition of a little one. And it's a nice excuse to take a trip, focus on a little pampering and fit in some couple time. Most couples don't have time for many vacations or date nights in the first few months of newborn life. So go on all the babymoons!

4 Fading Trend: Going All Out On The Nursery

Every mama enters the nesting period of her pregnancy when all she wants to do is decorate the nursery and get ready for baby. With all of the home decorating and design shows we watch on HGTV, it's only natural that us millennial moms would want to go all out on the nursery. We want to pick the perfect paint color, buy the best crib, select a cozy rug, pick out stuffed animals and more. It's easy to go absolutely crazy on a nursery and spend tons of money. But even us millennials know this trend isn't going to last forever. For starters, we don't have a ton of money to be spending on luxury nurseries. And we've learned that babies grow quick so we don't want to spend a ton on things they will outgrow right away.

3 Lasting Trend: Prenatal Massage, Yoga & Wellness

Millennials are the generation of wellness and self-care. We try our best to prioritize ourselves and to take time to do things that make us feel good. We believe in me-time and meditation. We take yoga classes, long bubble baths and wellness retreats. So it's not surprising that we would keep this up during pregnancy. In fact, we might even double down on it. If it's good for mom, then it's good for baby! We invest in things like massages and yoga classes that will make us feel good, help our bodies and make things happier and healthier for us and baby.

2 Fading Trend: Trying To Get Your Figure As Fast As A Celebrity Mom

Yikes! This is a big one. Our generation is obsessed with celebrities. We look up to actresses and singers and models. We try to make our lives just like theirs. We think they are the people we should be. So when we see a celebrity hit a red carpet five minutes after having a baby, we think we should be able to do that too. But the truth is, celebs have help. They have trainers and chefs and childcare. They also have crazy unrealistic standards of beauty they must attain. So just because some celeb mom slims down to her pre-baby weight in less than a week doesn't mean you have to. Care for your baby and care for yourself, no matter what your body looks like.

1 Lasting Trend: Making More Choices About Their Birth Plan

Back in the day, women gave birth with very few choices. They did it with midwives at home or with doctors at the hospital. They got induced and went through procedures based on one medical professional's opinion. These days, millennial parents are getting more involved in their birth options and are making more choices. Sure, sometimes it isn't the best idea. We should always trust a real doctor over Dr. Google or WebMD. But it doesn't hurt to educate ourselves and to make choices where we can. Deciding on things like water births, laboring at home, who we want in the delivery room, and whether we want to use pain killers or not are all things we can take control over.

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