10 Mom Invented Products

There are a plethora of items that one needs when you find out you're expecting a baby. From strollers and cribs to little items like pacifiers and receiving blankets. Those are the guaranteed need-to-have items for your little bundle of joy. But then there are the products that you didn't know that you needed. Products that were invented by moms and dads, for moms and dads. As philosopher Plato once said, “Necessity is the mother of invention.” Many a parent has had experiences where they needed something for their child, but could not find it anywhere, and so, they invented it themselves. Many of these inventions are incredibly ingenious time savers and sanity preservers. Take a look at the top ten of our favorite products. You may even wonder how you lived without any of them!

10  Wubbanub

Boasting “tons of love in every nub,” the Wubbanub is the answer for lost pacifiers. They are the brainchild of mom Carla Schneider. When Schneider was vacationing on the family's first getaway since her new child arrived and her infant lost her pacifier, what was meant to be a relaxing and tranquil time away from home was filled with non-stop crying and fussiness. Carla decided that she was going to take matters into her own hands, and so, she grabbed the hotel's sewing kit and attached a pacifier to her child's favorite plush toy. Thus, the very first Wubbanub was born. Not only are the pacifiers much easier for little hands to hold, but now they won't roll away, what with a stuffed animal attached to it!

9 Push Pack

Everyone knows that when “it's time,” you have to have your bags packed and ready to go right to the hospital. While we often pack the essentials like an outfit or two, a toothbrush, and maybe a pair of slippers, there are other items that we often do not think about putting into our hospital bags. Enter the Push Pack, a revolutionary new product filled to the brim with products that new moms will want after they've delivered their little ones. Push Packs include amazing products to help both mom and baby, including; shampoo and conditioner, body wash, lip balm, toothpaste and a toothbrush, breast pads, disposable underwear, playing cards, and even goodies like gum, lollipops and tasty snacks! It provides a peace of mind for mom and dad after baby is born, so they have more time to focus on their new addition.

8 LatchyCatchy

There is absolutely nothing worse than a harrowing sleepless night in which your baby is having trouble sleeping. Finally, after hours and hours of trying, you finally get them to sleep, only to have them wake up the minute a door accidentally slams. One mom was fed up with that happening and created the LatchyCatchy, a door silencer that keeps the door quiet when closing. Thus, saving your sanity and your sleep patterns. It comes in all kinds of fun and funky patterns and colors to go with any nursery décor!

7 Refresh-A-Baby

How many times have you packed a diaper bag, only to realize that once you arrive at your destination, you've forgotten a bottle or sippy cup? It happens all too often, and for Gina Almonte, she took matters into her own hands and created the Refresh-A-Baby system. The system works by using a baby bottle nipple that pops into place on any water bottle using a push-fit application and thus creates a suction spill-proof seal around the opening of the bottle. Now, if you forget the bottle at home and your babe is still thirsty, don't fret! You can refresh them anytime!

6 Toydozer

How many times have you stepped on a tiny toy brick in the middle of the night? It's one of the worst feelings. Wish that the kids would clean up after they play? Introduce them to the Toydozer, a unique and interactive way that will get the kids to clean up their toys! This product is especially useful for cleaning up toys with a lot of small parts. The kids will actually look forward to cleaning up just as much as they look forward to playing!

5 Ride-On Carry-On

Fun family trips can become a living nightmare when it comes to getting through an airport, especially with the hassle of gate-checking your strollers. With the Ride-On Carry-On, you can eliminate the hassle of it all together! This ingenious product turns your carry-on luggage into an extra seat for your little one. It even has a strap so your child will be secure as you wheel your way through the airport!

4 GoodniteLite

The GoodniteLite was created to educate children about the cycles of the day, and to help children to learn to stay in bed until morning. Aimed towards three to five year-olds who are just learning about the concept of a good nights sleep, it was created to reinforce good sleeping and waking habits. At night, the light shines “moon light,” and in the morning children will see the sun lit up, and know that it is time to wake up.

3 Little Green Pouch

You've likely seen those food pouches that toddlers everywhere have become enamored with as of lately. They are filled with fruits and veggies, sometimes both. Children seem to love them, and moms everywhere can feel good that their kids are getting proper nutrition and their daily doses of healthy nutrients via these pouches. However, it seemed pretty wasteful to one mom to keep throwing these pouches out, so she created a reusable one, aptly named the Little Green Pouch. Parents can fill these reusable pouches with foods that their children like and are parent approved, and the best part is knowing exactly what is going into your child's tummy, no added preservatives here!

2 Warm Milk

Despite the name, this product has nothing to do with keeping milk warm! How many times have you brought the diaper bag with you, only to wish that you had brought along a feeding pillow to nurse your baby on? But those pillows are always so big an bulky, and after all, moms only have two arms, as much as we wished we had more. There's no real way to carry it all and your baby. But Warm Milk's hobo diaper bag neatly and discreetly totes along a feeding pillow that fits neatly into a stylish and functional diaper bag. It's almost as great as having that third arm!

1 The Happy Changer

Another instance where an extra limb or two would come in handy is when changing your child's diaper. First, we put them on the changing table, but, of course, we forgot to grab the wipes. Wait, what about the diaper rash cream? Children are often wiggly and giggly, and one small move and they can roll off the changing table. The Happy Changer, well, changes all of that. It's essentially a fabric vest that helps to keep your child in place while changing them. Voila! No more wiggly wee ones!

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