10 Mother's Day Traditions From Around The World!

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11 United Kingdom 

In the UK, Mothering Sunday is celebrated on the fourth Sunday of Lent. During medieval times, family would often send their children to work for richer families as servants or apprentices. On this rare day off, they would get to celebrate the Virgin Mary and visit their families. They would often bake a cake, known as Mothering Cakes. Today it is still celebrated with flowers, cards and family meals!

10 Brazil

Mother's Day in Brazil is a huge holiday! It is known as the second most (after Christmas) commercially celebrated holiday. In Brazil they celebrate  by having special performances by their kids, going to church and big family BBQ's

9 Germany

Muttertag is a very important holiday in Germany. It is celebrated on the second Sunday of May, unless it falls on Pentecost where it will then be celebrated on the first Sunday. Its has great historical significance since during WWII, this day was to acknowledge the women who gave birth to children for the Veterland. They would receive gold, silver or bronze medals depending on how many kids they had. It is not still celebrated but by giving cards. 


7 Japan 

In Japan, Mother's Days is celebrated also on the second Sunday of may with lots of beautiful carnations. The carnations represent the gentle strengths of mothers. The day is also filled with pampering for the moms. The children will do the chores and some cooking for the family meal. 

6 Australia

Australia is another country that celebrates with carnations. Also celebrated on the second Sunday, they also give Chrysanthemums to their mothers since they are referred there as "Mum". It is also common for them to celebrate and acknowledge their aunts and grandmothers. A true family affair!

5 Peru

In Peru, it is a true family celebration. Also celebrated on the second Sunday of the month, the children often give hand made gifts to their mothers who also, in return, give gifts to their children. The Andean population of Peru also celebrate the gifts of Mother Earth, in August, which is called Martes de Challa

4 France 

La Fete Des Meres, was not official in France until 1950. It is now usually celebrated in end of March or early June and will usually include a lot of relaxation for mom. Just like in the US, the children will often pamper mom with helping around the house and celebrate with a large meal with family. 

3 Ethiopia

As part of the Antrosht festival, mother's day will be celebrated at the end of the rainy season. Upon the arrival of sunny weather, they will celebrate with a large meal with the family. The daughters are asked to bring vegetables, butter spices and cheese while the sons are asked to bring different kinds of meat that will be used for the feast. 

2 Yugoslavia

Here, mother's day is celebrated over a 3 day period during the month of December to fully acknowledge this beautiful holiday. it is celebrated with father's day and children's day during 3 consecutive Sundays. On Children's day, the kids are tied up and must agree to behave before being untied. On mothers day, its the moms turn to be tied and untied once she gives treats and gifts to the children and finally on fathers day, the fathers are tied until they give Christmas gifts to the children. 

1 India

In India it is celebrated in two different ways. In the more westernized areas, it is celebrated on the second Sunday of May where Indians are asked to reflect on how appreciative they are of their mothers. 

Hindus in India celebrate during a 10 day festival in October called Durga Puja where they celebrate the goddess Durga (Divine Mother). During this, they celebrate the triumph of good versus evil and gather with friends and family. 

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