10 Musical Names Inspired By Classic Songs


It can be overwhelming to settle on a name for a baby. There are just too many options to pick from. However, parents can narrow down the list by looking for inspiration in unlikely places. A fun idea would be to take a name from a song title.

Pop culture fans and music lovers have plenty of tunes to choose from. We’ve created a list to make it easier and found some adorable names. From catchy songs of the 1960s to huge hits from the 1980s, we’ve drawn from the most popular songs on the charts. Please enjoy this list of 10 musical names inspired by classic songs.

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10 Cecilia

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Simon and Garfunkel made this name famous in 1970 when they released the song titled, "Cecilia". The tune tells the story of a woman who broke a man’s heart but don’t let that stop you from choosing this beautiful moniker for your daughter. It’s a sophisticated option, despite the fact that she might grow up to be a heart breaker.

Cecilia is a Latin name that means blind and is the female counterpart to the male name, Cecil. It’s not a very common title, as it feels a bit old-fashioned, but we think that it’s just too exquisite to overlook.

9 Sue

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Parents who are fans of Johnny Cash and want a clever name for their son could draw inspiration from the song “Boy Named Sue”. If you’re not feeling that brave, then we think it’s a cute option for a little girl, too. It gets extra points for being gender-neutral and it’s a one-syllable name, which adds some minimalism to it.

Sue is an English name that is short for Susan, which means lily. This one has a classic sensibility to it that gives it a timeless feel. We have to admit that naming your little guy “Sue” would certainly make him stand out.

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8 Layla

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Eric Clapton put this name on the charts when he wrote the song “Layla”, which was featured on the album Layla And Other Assorted Love Songs and performed by Derek And The Dominos. It was quite scandalous at the time because Clapton was inspired by his friend, George Harrison’s wife. Despite its spicy origin, Layla is a lovely name.

It’s an Arabic moniker that means night. Feminine, pretty, and demure, this one would be a beautiful option for your little girl. It entered the charts in the 1970s and has been steadily rising ever since. Be sure to add it to your list.

7 Bennie

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If you’re an Elton John fan then you’ll recognize this name from the song “Bennie an the Jets”. This hit was all the rage in the 1970s and people still rock out to it. We think that it would be an amazing tribute to Elton John to name your son Bennie. Although, it would be sassy for a little girl as well.

Bennie is a variation of the name Benjamin, which is a Hebrew moniker that means son of the right hand. It entered the charts in the 1980s and has held it’s place over the generations. We think that Bennie would be a cute nickname for any little boy.

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6 Roxanne

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The Police were a really popular band in the 1980s and made our next name famous with their hit “Roxanne”. This one has an exotic feel to it that would totally stick right along with your daughter. The moniker was a popular option in the 1950s but fell out of favor for a few decades.

Lucky for you, it’s poised to have a resurgence. Roxanne is a Persian title that means dawn. A really cute nickname for this one would be “Roxie”, which just sounds spunky and cute. Be sure to put dibs on this one before your friends do.

5 Earl

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This name may seem a bit old-fashioned but was inspired by the number one song “Duke of Earl”, which was Gene Chandler’s hit in 1962. It may not be seeing much action these days but it’s a classy option that just sounds masculine. It has an “old man cool vibe,” which might attract this hipster crowd.

Earl has English origins and is known as an aristocratic title. It’s a classic option that has some serious staying power since it last saw a surge in popularity in the 1920s. Why not claim it as your own and bring it back in 2019?

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4 Lucy

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Parents who are fans of The Beatles will love this name for their daughter We’ve taken inspiration from the psychedelic song “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds”. Featured on their 1967 album Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, this one has a stylish feel to it that would be so cute for any little girl.

Lucy is an English name that means light and is also a form of the name Lucia. It’s a sweet moniker that has been around for a long time. It also gets points for being a two-syllable name, which is popular these days.

3 Jude

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While we're on the topic of The Beatles, we just had to add this next name to the list. Taken from the song “Hey Jude” this tender ballad would make a pretty cool name for a little boy. The song was a huge hit in 1968 and its hopeful lyrics would be great inspiration for parents seeking a name inspired by a classic song.

Jude is of Latin origin and it means praise. This one is a diminutive of the name Judah and is absolutely adorable. It’s not very popular, which means that your little guy will probably be the only kid named Jude in school, allowing him to stand out.

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2 Caroline

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This name was inspired by a song that was popular in the 1970s. “Sweet Caroline’ was written and performed by Neil Diamond. It was a huge hit and we think that Caroline would be a pretty name for a little girl. It has a Southern charm to it that makes it even more alluring.

Caroline is a French name that means free man. It’s the female diminutive of the name Charles. It also gets points for being a place name, which is a term based on a location. Soft, elegant, and charming, Caroline is a great option so be sure to circle this one.

1 Jessie

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Rick Springfield wrote the song “Jessie’s Girl,” and it was a huge hit in the 1980s. We think that it would be a fun option for parents who are obsessed with pop culture. This one gets credit for being gender-neutral, which is all the rage these days. Jessie would work for a girl or a boy.

Jessie has Hebrew origins and an alternative spelling would be Jesse. Simple, cute, and fun, Jessie would be a solid pick for your son or daughter. It hasn’t been seeing much action on the charts but that just means it’s waiting for you to snatch it up.

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