10 Newborn Items Worth Buying (And Ten To Throw Away)

As soon as any Mom finds out that a little one is on the way, they are often immediately stressed with the amount of stuff that needs to happen before their arrival: making all of the doctor’s appointments; taking daily vitamins; cleaning up the diet among are the most important thing any expectant mother will do.

And after that, comes the fun stuff! Dreaming of that sweet nursery decor and actually getting to piece it all together. Planning a baby shower with friends and family. Brainstorming names and jotting them down on paper to see what looks and sounds the cutest. And of course, compiling the registry!

Compiling a baby registry is often an extremely fun task for expectant parents (okay, it’s mostly fun for the moms!) but it can also be stressful. In a market that bombards consumers with trendy items, it’s very easy to buy into the hype. Any seasoned parent can caution though, that one actually doesn’t need a ton of stuff to care for a newborn baby. Below is a list of ten newborn items that are actually worth buying, and ten to just say no to.

Parents.com shares a few helpful tips for parents to be including to accept secondhand items from friends.“Don't insist on everything new. Your baby is new, but that doesn't mean all her gear has to be. If you have friends who are willing to give you hand-me-downs, take them with pride (unless they're stained, stinky, or on a recall list. In that case, politely decline.)...” the site advises. They also advise parents to not just register for infant gear, register for some larger clothing and products that will grow with the child. Parents.com also suggests adding a Netflix account and food delivery to your registry as well, and it’s tough to argue with that.

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20 Humidifier


A humidifier is definitely a must have item for a newborn.

“One of the most important benefits of having a humidifier in the nursery is the protection it provides against dry air. This is especially true in the winter months when indoor air tends to become dry from your heating system robbing the natural moisture in it. You may have noticed the effects of the harsh air with more frequent sore throats, dry sinuses and stuffy noses. Since babies are much more susceptible to congestion, they easily fall prey to the infections and sicknesses that often run rampant in the cold months. A humidifier adds much-needed moisture to the air and creates optimal breathing conditions, allowing your baby to sleep comfortably and loosen the build-up of mucus,” advises Learn.CompactAppliance.com.

19 Swaddle Blankets


Swaddle blankets are another must have item.

New parents often learn how to swaddle their infant from the nurses in the hospital. A blanket wrapped snuggly around your baby’s body can resemble the mother’s womb and help soothe your newborn baby. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) says that when done correctly, swaddling can be an effective technique to help calm infants and promote sleep,” writes HealthyChildren.org.

There are a ton of cute swaddle blankets out there. I love the Aden & Anais ones and the Copper Pearl ones! I was also a huge fan of the Halo Sleep Sacks for my little girl as they are super user friendly!

18 Pacifier Clips


About a month into my life with a newborn I found out about pacifier clips and was like, “Why didn’t anybody tell me about these more promptly!?” They are seriously a wonderful invention.

Pacifier Clips can be attached to a baby’s clothing so when they drop there paci, it doesn’t go too far. There are a lot of really darling ones on the market, but RyanAndRose is a brand that has the cutest ones, in my opinion! “Cutie Clips are pacifier clips that have been redefined, redesigned and improved upon. They have been shortened to make them safer for babies in their cribs and on the go,” states RyanAndRose.co.

17 Unscented Baby Wipes


Diaper wipes, along with diapers, are a given necessity for a newborn baby. You will absolutely want to make sure you are getting unscented baby wipes.

Your baby won’t care if their bottoms smell like lavender — you’re the only one with a preference on that! Just be aware that scented products contain ingredients that aren’t necessary for cleaning your baby and can even irritate their skin,” shares MomLovesBest.com on the topic.

Even if your baby doesn’t have sensitive skin, unscented wipes are hands down the best choice, so opt for them when you’re shopping and compiling that registry!

16 Diaper Caddy


Coming from an organization expert, a good diaper caddy (or several!) is a must. Place them everywhere you are frequently changing the baby. I like to have a caddy for the downstairs of our house and the upstairs. I just use baskets but there are some marketed diaper caddies that are actually pretty darn cute, like the one pictured!

You might also consider making a little mommy care basket that you keep by the restroom and even a nursing basket that you keep next to your nursing spots. You get a basket, you get a basket, you get a basket! Seriously though, having these where you use them, and in an organized manner saves so much time and sanity.

15 Bottle Warmer


A bottle warmer is another great item worth investing in if you have a newborn baby around the house. Whether you choose to breastfeed or bottle, it’s handy to have around if you plan on introducing bottles to your little one. There are many ways to heat bottles but bottle warmers provide a safe and convenient option. And convenience is key to life with a newborn!

When you microwave baby formula, you run the risk of uneven heating. This could result in hot spots in the liquid that might burn your baby’s mouth,” writes BabyBrezza.com. Other options of reheating include running the bottle over warm water or over the stovetop. This handy device is worth investing in, as it is pretty cheap, so even if you don’t use it, you won’t be out too much money.

14 Burp Cloths

Burping is an inevitable ritual every time your baby has a feed. It allows the gas in the baby’s stomach to come out. But more often than not it also makes the baby spit up. When you hold him on your shoulders to make him burp, your clothes are bound to get spoilt as he spits,” explains MomJunction.com.

That being said, burp cloths are a must for a newborn! You will use them and use them a lot, so this is one item that you should stock up on. My favourite brands are Aden and Anais and Burt’s Bees, but if you’re handy with a sewing machine, there are plenty of tutorials to make your own.

13 Baby Clippers/Nail File


This is something that many new parents aren’t aware of, but having a baby clippers and nail file in your diaper bag is a must. I would even advise having it handy before you even leave the hospital with a newborn. My husband and I used mittens on our little one to avoid her scratching herself, but she didn’t really like them, and I was really wishing we had a file to file her nails down.

“Clean the baby's hands, feet, and nails during regular bathing. Use a nail file or emery board to shorten and smooth the nails. This is the safest method. Another option is to trim nails carefully with baby nail scissors that have blunt rounded tips or baby nail clippers,” suggests MedlinePlus.gov.

12 Baby Swing


Newborn babies love movement, it helps lull them to sleep. That’s why there are so many bouncers, rockers, swing and the like on the market. Of all of these things, the baby swing is hands down the most useful, in my opinion. We used the Graco swing and sleeper for my daughter for a swing and a bassinet and it was the best idea ever.

For some infants during the 'fourth trimester,' swinging is incredibly soothing in nature," says Alanna McGinn, a certified sleep consultant and founder of the Good Night Sleep Site. She points to pediatrician Dr. Harvey Karp's technique for soothing crying or fussy infants, which includes the five S's: swaddle, side or stomach position, shush, suck and swing,” states Care.com.

11 Bassinet


Your newborn baby will need to sleep somewhere, and a bassinet is a great option, and experts suggest it’s the safest.

Having your baby sleep in your room for at least the first six months (and ideally up to a year) can help lower the risk for SIDS. And of course, keeping her close by makes for easier nighttime feedings. But you should avoid letting your baby sleep in your bed, says the AAP. Always keep her in her own bassinet or crib, since your bed’s pillows or blankets could be dangerous for her,” WhatToExpect.com.

Still, many mothers choose to co-sleep after doing their own research on the topic. Even if you do co-sleep, having a bassinet around is handy for a place for a newborn to nap or simply be set down for a bit.

10 Wipes Warmer (Toss it!)


This is one gimmick that I absolutely fell for, and it was useful for about two weeks before it got shoved to the back of a closet. It’s a great idea in theory, but most babies don’t mind the cool wipes. Plus, having to refill it all the time and keep it plugged in and moved around with you is a pain in the behind.

“If you want to stay ahead of the parenting game, listen to those who have gone before you. Without a doubt, wipe warmers are listed as one of the top products that every parent doesn’t need,” suggests SheKnows.com.

9 Baby Oil (Toss it!)


Baby oil is an outdated item at this point, though it is definitely still available on the market. Marketed as a product to help keep baby’s skin soft and smooth, many parents are opting for more natural products such as coconut oil. To deal with potential skin problems of your newborn, WebMD.com recommends limiting a baby’s bath to only a few times a week, eliminating scented bath products and dressing the baby in soft clothes.

WebMD.com also recommends that your touch is also very beneficial for your little one’s skin. “Giving your newborn a massage is important one-on-one time. Like cuddling, a massage is a way to convey your love and affection for your baby. In fact, research shows that a baby's very survival depends on being touched by others -- as touch triggers hormones, boosts immunity, and helps fight disease,” writes WebMD.com.

8 Crib Bedding Set (Toss it!)


They’re pretty and they seem to tie all of the nursery decor, I get it, I get it! But they’re truly unnecessary. Opt for a cute sheet and a few throw pillows (you can remove the pillows when the baby actually sleeps in there!)

Instead, the recommendation is that there only be a fitted sheet on a firm crib mattress, with no other bedding or soft objects in the crib with your baby. Before you rush out to buy a chic crib ensemble or put ​your baby to bed with a homemade quilt, make sure you are aware of these safety considerations,” suggests VeryWellFamily.com.

7 Newborn Sized Clothes (Toss it!)


You will be lucky if your little one fits into newborn clothes for a few weeks. You are much better off buying clothes starting at size 0-3 months, as they will likely fit your little one for much longer.

Some babies never fit into the "newborn" size. Others may even grow out of 3-month-sized clothes after only 1 month. So buy items in the 6-month or 1-year size to have on hand. It’s fine if some clothes are a little big. Your baby will grow into them. It’s not a great idea, though, to buy seasonal clothes, like swimsuits or winter coats, well in advance. It’s impossible to predict your baby's size,” advises WebMD.com on this topic.

6 Baby Shoes (Toss it!)


Just say no to the cute baby shoes, seriously!

“Remember that according to the American Academy of Pediatrics, babies don't actually need to wear shoes until they begin to walk. Shoes are meant to protect your baby's feet, especially as she begins to walk outside, and don't help her learn to walk any sooner. In fact, especially if they aren't flexible or don't have non-skid soles, many baby shoes can actually make it harder for your baby to take her first steps,” states VeryWellFamily.com.

Save yourself some money and opt for some cozy socks for your little ones for first months of life.

5 Baby Laundry Detergent (Toss it!)


One of the things are doctor told us very early on in our daughter’s life is that a lot of companies will market certain products as being specifically for babies, when in fact, they’re not that different from the regular products. You are better skipping the baby specific laundry detergent and opting for a neutral scent free and dye free version of laundry detergent for washing your little ones clothes in.

One advantage to choosing a regular, scent-free detergent, or an eco-friendly one, is that it's easier to do the whole family's laundry without switching soaps. If you prefer a scent on your clothes after they're washed, though, you may not be happy with this type of detergent. If there is a family history of sensitive skin or scent/soap allergies, consider choosing this type of detergent right from the start, since baby may also have those sensitivities. It's better to avoid having a newborn's already sensitive skin irritated by allergies or rashes right at the start!” writes TheSpruce.com.

4 Baby Blankets (Toss it!)


"It’s completely normal to worry that without a cozy blanket, babies will get chilly at night and won’t get the sleep that they need, but infants can get the proper level of warmth from what they wear to bed alone,” shares Sleep.org.

Aside from swaddling blankets, you really won’t be using blankets with your baby. My daughter is 18 months old and we only use a blanket if we’re on a walk and it’s cold or if it’s chilly we’ll give her one in the car seat. So we own about 20 baby blankets, no exaggeration, and we literally use one that we transfer between the car and stroller. This is just my experience, but you will find that people love to gift blankets so just skip it on the registry, you’ll find you hardly use them!

3 Baby Food Maker (Toss it!)


Have a blender or food processor? Great! You have everything you need to make your own baby food. Some people like all the bells and whistles that come along with the marketed baby food makers, but they are definitely not a necessity.

“If you’re set on making your own baby food, you absolutely don’t need to buy a specialized baby food maker if you already have a food processor at home. In fact, you can do everything 100% by hand and still make great home-made foods for your little one,” states MomTricks.com. This is definitely one area to save your pennies, and just use the products you already have in your kitchen.

2 Bath Thermometer (Toss it!)


The old dip your elbow into the bath water has been a good enough method for me in gauging whether or not bath water is a safe temperature. Chances are, this method will work just fine for you too! If you’re really paranoid about overheating your baby’s bath water, then spending fifteen dollars on this little gadget isn’t the end of the world. But, if you want to save a few bucks and spend that money elsewhere, a baby bath thermometer is not a necessity.

“The temperature of the bath water should be just above 100 F to prevent chilling or burning the baby. If you do not have a bath thermometer, test the water with your elbow. When you put your elbow in the water, it should feel warm, not hot,” suggests NationwideChildrens.org.

1 Pacifier Sanitizers (Toss it!)


Guilty, again! I bought the UV sanitizer gadget and I used it approximately one time before it fell the back of the closet. Good in theory, but not that useful in the daily scheme of things.

If your baby drops her pacifier on the floor, it's fine to simply rinse it off in hot water and return it to her. (Don't "rinse" it in your mouth.) If it falls on the sidewalk, it's best to clean it in hot, soapy water. Carry a spare for just such an occasion!” suggests BabyCenter.com. As any seasoned parent knows, it’s best to keep a few spare pacifiers in the diaper bag for these occasions!

References: parents.comlearn.compactappliance.comhealthychildren.org, ryanandrose.co, momlovesbest.com

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