14Baby's Feet Are Too Flat

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Another physical impediment that may delay baby's crawling and eventually getting up on his feet, also has to do with the shape of the baby's foot. Flat feet in babies are more common than we think, but the "pancake-bottom" feet will not necessarily last long. In fact, children should start

forming an arch by the age of three.

Extremely flat feet in your little one may delay crawling because they can make your baby's ankles appear to bend inward as he or she develops.

What you can do: Treatment is rarely needed except in the most severe cases which a doctor will be able to identify. Treatment is also almost never prescribed before the age of three. If a child continues to have extremely flat feet through his toddlers years, a podiatrist may treat him if he notices there is severe pronation (when feet bend inwards). This is usually done with orthotics, from approximately the age of three through seven. The treatment may minimize leg pains as well as reduce the risk of  bone and joint deformities in the future.

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