13Not Enough Tummy Time

via nspt4kids.com
via nspt4kids.com

Tummy time is a biggie! In fact, not getting enough of it is considered to be the primary reason why a baby's crawling phase may be delayed.

According to developmental specialists it appears the push to have infants sleep on their backs to reduce SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) has lead to

babies with significantly weaker back and arm muscles. In fact, this one, life-saving movement, supported by health organizations world-wide, has brought on major changes in the physical development of infants in the past 2 decades.

Due to the "Back To Sleep" campaign, an increasing number of babies never crawl at all and go directly from sitting to toddling.

Studies in the USA from the Eunice Kennedy Shriver Institute of Child Health and Human Development however, have put parents at ease, and paediatricians reassure that "...there seems to be no medical consequence to this developmental change. The babies are normal in every other way, and they sit up and walk at the same time they always did."

A study published in Pediatrics established that while babies who slept on their backs were twice as likely not to crawl, all babies were walking by around their first year, regardless of how they slept or if they had crawled.

What you can do: Keep baby on its back during sleep time, but encourage as much time as possible on the tummy when the baby is awake.

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