10 of the Best Multiple Baby Strollers Available

Why would any parent want to buy two strollers to push their multiple children in? Having more than one child is common, so why not buy one stroller that can do the job?

Luckily there are companies that have designed products in mind for the multi-child family. The options are many and varied, but here are 10 that stand out more than the others.

10 City Select

This stroller is made by baby jogger and can be used for one infant or two with an adapter. If used for two children it has 16 configurations. If parents buy the glider board you can push three children. It can easily fold and locks for storage. The seating configurations can be parent facing, sibling facing and front facing depending on what a parent needs.

This stroller does come with many extras you can add such as a pram, infant seat adapter and weather shield. City Select is easy to maneuver and very versatile for growing families. The cost is $529 for the frame and one toddler seat.

9 Britax B-Agile Double

This is a more affordable double stroller which allows parents to have one infant car seat and a toddler side by side. Unlike the majority of side by side strollers, this one fits through most doorways. This is an easy to maneuver double side stroller that has a large canopy for storage and rear braking. The 5-point harness and head pad allow it to grow with your child. The Britax B-Agile retails for $449.99.

8 BOB Revolution SE Duallie

BOB is known for being one of the best jogging strollers on the market and the Duallie is no exception. This stroller has an amazing suspension system which gives your infant and toddler a smooth ride. Parents can attach an infant car seat on one side while their toddler sits on the other. Each seat reclines as well as has a 5-point harness system. The large wheels are designed to take on any terrain.

Each seat on the Duallie has a side pocket for the children to store toys and snacks. There is a large canopy and seat back pockets provided ample storage space. The padded handle bar has a wrist strap to help you feel secure when strolling. There is also a parking brake to keep the stroller secure when not in motion. The Bob Revolution cost $669.00.

7 Graco DuoGlider Classic Connect

This stroller has stadium seating that boosts the rear child up, giving them a better view. Each seat reclines and has a footrest allowing both children to be comfortable. There is a  3-point harness system for a nestled  and comfortable fit. This stroller is able to be folded with one hand and can stand on its own.

The front wheels lock in place providing safety for child, and piece of mind for mom and dad. For parents there is a large storage basket and a 'parent’s tray' with storage and a cup holder. It is extremely affordable costing only $ 149.99.

6 Contours Elite Tandem Stroller

This stroller won the 2016 National Parenting Product Award. The double stroller has 7 seating positions as well as being compatible with 10 different infant car seats. For a smoother ride the tires are rubber coated, as well as each child has their own UPF 50+ rated canopy, reclining seats, mesh pockets and adjustable footrest.

For the parents a large storage basket with side zipper access and a cup holder. Lastly it can stand when folded. The Contour comes in a variety of colors giving parents plenty of style options. One of the best parts of the stroller is the price retails for $299.

5 Joovy Big Caboose Stand On Triple Stroller

This stroller gives families with three children the chance to have two seated children and one who can stand or sit on a platform; perfect for the oldest child. The Joovy front two seats both recline and can accommodate children up to 40 lbs. It even comes with removable tray tables, two cup holders and car seat adapters.

A second unique aspect is the removable canopies allowing parents the chance to take them off if when not needed. The back rear seat has an adjustable pad that gives an older child the chance sit and rest or to stand and hold on to the foam handles for comfort. This seat even has a 3-point harness for safety when your child is sitting. Let’s not forget that it comes with a large basket underneath and can fold for easy storage. The Joovy retails for $379.99.

4 Foundations Quad Sport

The Foundations stroller is the only one of its kind designed for four children. It has extra-large seating and a 5-point harness system rated up to 50lbs. Each seat reclines providing comfort for all the children. The canopy provides protection from UV rays and there is even a mesh window allowing parents visibility.

This stroller has a SafeBreak system that engages when the handle is released providing extra safety and to a linked foot break. The rubberized wheels have great suspension and are shock absorbing. This large stroller even has a storage basket at the bottom all the while being able to easily fold. The Foundations is allowing parents of four children to only have to buy one stroller instead of two. It retails for $429.99.

3 Uppababy G-Link

The Uppababy G-Link is a unique double umbrella stroller. One distinctive feature is its infant support system. This allows parent to fully recline one seat with a plush head insert while snapping on a mesh foot barrier to have a safe environment for your newborn. Each seat is able to recline individually, as well as their foot rests. Uppababy created extra large canopies with an extendable SPF50+  to protect your children.

This stroller is made for easier maneuverability being extremely light weight. Unlike other umbrella strollers this one is able to stand up when folded which you are able to carry with one hand due to how light it is. It has a one-step brake making it simple and flip flop friendly. The Uppababy G-Link retails from $499.99-529.99.

2 City Mini Double

Who doesn’t love the baby jogger strollers? Well this side-by-side stroller isn’t just about jogging. It is slim which allows it to fit through any standard doorway. The pull straps make it the easiest stroller to close and even auto locks. Both seats recline and have retractable weather covers.

The front wheels can swivel or even be locked in for long distance strolling. The City Mini is one of the few side by sides that can hold two infant car seats with the purchase of an adapter. The City Mini Double retails for $449.99.

1 Uppababy Vista

The Vista is one of the few strollers on the market, that can be used for one, two or even three children. This stroller is great for all terrain with its shock absorbing rubber tires and adjustable handle bar. If you have a newborn and a toddler, you are able to attach an infant car seat and rumble seat at the same time.

When your child is big enough you can have a toddler seat and rumble seat as well. The toddler seat can reverse as well. To make this stroller even better, parents can add a Piggy-Back ride along board this way you can push three children. The stroller has a large canopy for storage (up to 30lbs), stands when folded, a toddler seat and rain and bug shield. This stroller cost around $839-879 depending on the color and that includes the one toddler seat and a bassinet.

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