10 of the Worst Songs to Deliver Your Child To

Your bags are all packed and you have checked your list for the hospital twice; you feel ready. Stopping to look over your birth plan you realize, you haven’t put together the music you’d like to have playing during labor and delivery. Getting out a pen and some paper, you sit down to think. You run through your favorite songs, some you jot down and others you shake your head at and say, “No way. It’s a good song, but not a song I want to birth my child to.”

Then you start wondering to yourself, are the ones you jot down ok too? You don’t want to be in the middle of labor thinking to yourself that you wish you had chosen different songs. What if a song you totally love seems totally inappropriate during labor? What if you birth your child to the worst songs for this grand event?

Ok so, you don’t exactly want music like you would hear during a massage, all string instruments and light lilting chords. But you don’t want heavy metal screaming either. That’s totally understandable; it’s nice to have a good balance. You may even want your favorite pop song on there, just be careful which song you choose. You might regret it.

Don’t worry though, I’ve got you covered. I scoured the internet and after seeing what other people have said I was able to narrow down 10 songs that better not make it onto your music player during birth. Avoid them at all cost!

10 “Push It” by Salt-n-Pepa

This was the number one most talked about song on the baby forums as one that you DO NOT want on your playlist. We all know this song. A popular late 80’s number with a super catchy beat. It was even the top of the music charts for a few years after its release in ’87. The song was even ranked among Rolling Stone’s top 500 Greatest Songs of All Time.

So…why don’t we want this song on our playlist again? Oh yeah, because in the middle of labor when you’ve already been pushing for what seems like forever you do not want to hear this song. I know if it were me, I would toss my MP3 player at the closest person telling me to push. It would be akin to a teenager throwing a tantrum over something they’ve been told one too many times.

Not to mention the song is about the very deed that has lead to this moment 

It’s enough that you’ll probably have a doctor, nurse, and your hubby or significant other encouraging you to keep pushing; Salt-n-Pepa can stay out of it. You would think their song would be motivational but really it would just wind up being annoying, and that’s the last thing you need during labor. So do yourself and those around you a favor and choose a different motivational song.

9 “Rape Me” by Nirvana

Let’s be honest here, the title alone should keep it off your playlist. I mean who chooses this song for their birth playlist? The song is pretty much about abuse and the fact that there is no single victim. At one point they just shout “Rape Me” over and over.

So unless you are some kind of masochist, then this song is pretty inappropriate for the occasion. I mean come on, you're bringing an innocent life into the world listening to a very hateful song, do you want to tell this fact to your child when they grow up?

If the song is about rape, probably not what you should be listening to as you bring your child into this world

I really feel like I shouldn’t have to go on with this one. I mean, it its self explanatory. If Nirvana is a must on your playlist then a better suggestion would be “Come As You Are”. At least that one doesn’t talk about rape or forced sex and hatred.

8 “Ring of Fire” by Johnny Cash

First off, I understand this is a classic. I also understand I’m probably offending hardcore Johnny Cash fans here, and I don’t mean to. This song is just not birthing playlist appropriate.

Let’s break it down, it’s got a very Texan theme to the song, and if that’s your thing then that’s cool. I just don’t remember there being ho-downs and tumbleweeds in the delivery room. Also it’s talking about burning in a ring of fire because he fell in love and the more he loved the more he burned.

It's too bad this song can be taken the wrong way in this moment

In some ways that’s good, it can describe an intense love, like the love you have for your child. But again, in the middle of sweating and pushing and feeling contraction pains, you’re not going to want to hear about rings of fire. Parts of you might even feel like they are on fire, if you choose a natural birth with no pain medications.

Johnny Cash is an excellent singer, and his song “Ring of Fire” is a classic, not the kind of classic you want during birth though.

7 “Baby Got Back” by Sir Mix-A-Lot

Now where do I even begin with this one? Let’s start with the fact that it’s full of sexual innuendo, yes sex and silly little innuendos may be the reason you became pregnant in the first place. However, I highly doubt anyone is going to want to hear “My anaconda don’t want none unless you got buns Hun!” in the middle of labor and pushing.

Sure, it’s a funny song and it used to be really popular as well as controversial when it was first released in 1992. It was really a first for someone to have obvious sexual references in their song, especially when it came to the female rear. At one point its controversy caused it to be banned from MTV for a while, you remember, back when they played actual music videos? No? Yeah, I know, it’s been a while.

In your case, baby got front, but that's another song completely

If you really must listen to “Baby Got Back”, and in the late stages of pregnancy you might just need a dose of silliness, then I suggest dancing to it. Help encourage that little one to come out by dancing and bouncing around to this song. Go on, show off that “healthy butt”.

6 “Hit Me Baby One More Time” by Britney Spears

Let’s face it; most of us born in the late 80’s and early 90’s had a Britney Spears poster on our bedroom walls at some point. This song was our jam; we loved Britney and would watch MTV just to catch her latest music videos. Then we got older, our music tastes evolved and changed. Plus she had that whole mental breakdown, shaved her head and attacked the paparazzi.

Idol of our bygone days or not, a teenage pop song is not something you should have floating around on your birthing playlist. It’s all well and good to rock out at home to Ms. Spears but to bring her music, or this song into the delivery room is not a good idea. 

You definitely don't want any reminders of this gal as your pushing your little one out

The title of it alone is off putting, looking at it from an adult stand point. Is she talking about spousal abuse? She is definitely singing about a break-up she initiated, but the title begs the question of why did she break-up with this guy in the first place?

Maybe I am getting to deep over a pop song from the 90’s. Either way, this one should stay off the list. Besides, do you really want to be that person in the labor and delivery unit who’s blasting Britney Spears while screaming in pain or getting anesthetized for a C-section? Think of your doctors and nurses!

5 “Closer” by Nine Inch Nails

This is a great song to rock out to in your car, if you like industrial rock. Personally it’s one of my favorite songs by Nine Inch Nails. That does not mean I wanted it on my birthing playlist, and neither should you.

Solely focusing on lyrics you will see it’s a pretty messed up song. In it the singer goes on about violating and desecrating another person. None of which you want to think about in the middle of labor when your doctor or nurse comes in to check on how fair dilated you are. 

I think you and your nurse will already be close enough at this point

Another set of lyrics from this song talk about how the singer wants to “f**k you like an animal”. Probably not something you want to hear when pushing a tiny human out of yourself via your lady parts.

I say we keep this as a rock-out-in-your-car-during- bad-traffic kind of song.

4 “Bad Touch” by Bloodhound Gang

“Bad Touch” is probably this bands most notable song. Everyone knows it or at least a few words to it, mostly people know the chorus line. Like “Baby Got Back”, this song is full of sexual innuendo. 

Again, the last thing on your mind during labor and delivery is going to be sex. I have to say that when I was in labor and during the delivery of my daughter, sex did not cross my mind even once.

Leave these sorts of songs for the day you and your SO can reconnect in that way

Dance to this song if you want, put it on right after “Baby Got Back” just don’t add it to your playlist. I can already hear the nurses and doctors groan of contempt if you force them to listen to this during a time when things should be softer, sweeter and less crass.

3 “Let The Bodies Hit The Floor” by Drowning Pool

No; just no on this song. I really shouldn’t have to go further than that. You may like this song and that’s fine, but it is really just not appropriate to be played when you are in labor and giving birth. 

Should this song somehow make it onto your music player during labor and delivery you’re going to wonder why you ever added it. If everyone else can hear your musical selections, say, because you don’t have headphones in, you will get odd possible disdainful looks.

Save some songs for you time later

Everyone is entitled to their own musical taste, I admit I like Drowning Pool and for that matter this song. It would never be on my list to play when giving birth to a brand new life. 

2 “Red Solo Cup” by Toby Keith

You’ve heard this song, whether it was that annoying co-worker signing it on a Friday afternoon as they get ramped up for the long awaited weekend or it came on the radio, everybody knows “Red Solo Cup”. During the summer when everyone is around the barbeque having a good time and a drink, this song would be perfect.

But, oh…wait, you’re pregnant and shouldn’t be having alcohol. Plus, this isn’t a party; it’s your team of doctors and nurses to help you through having this baby. Totally slipped your mind right? I mean who doesn’t want to celebrate and have a good time after bringing new life into this world. After is the key word here. Trust me, after having a baby, being able to “party” is going to be hard.

Save the partying until later, when you have the ability to

If you have your baby naturally, with or without pain medication, you are going to be a whole new world of uncomfortable afterwards. This will be for a few days to a week after having your new bundle. Even with a cesarean you will be sore, maybe not the same kind of sore as a person who gave birth naturally but still. 

So perhaps this song should be on a different playlist for another time. Like when you finally get a babysitter and go out with your hubby for the first time since the baby arrived.

1 “Don’t Take The Girl” by Tim McGraw

Possibly the saddest song on this list is “Don’t Take The Girl”, a heartbreaking and wonderful song by Tim McGraw. It’s about a boy and girl who grow up together, go on dates, got married and the girl becomes pregnant. When it’s time to have the baby there are complications and though the baby is fine the girl does not make it.

Be honest, is that a song you want to hear in the middle of labor? You have enough to think about, you don’t really need to listen to a song about a girl who passed away during the delivery of her child. Instead find a more positive upbeat song, like “All American Girl” by Carrie Underwood.

If you want to cry your way through the birth of your baby, that's your business, but it should be a good cry at least

There are a ton of terrible songs out there that you wouldn’t want on your birth playlist. Some honorable mentions go to Nickleback, pretty much any of their songs should be off limits. System of a Down, Nicki Manaj, Insane Clown Posse, Disturbed, to name a few others you might want to steer clear of too.

With all of the possible music choices it can be a little overwhelming. Just remember to enjoy what you choose and have fun, you want the whole process to be as relaxing and upbeat as possible. So leave the bad music at home.

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