15Oprah Winfrey - $30 Million For Her Dogs

However, she has also put aside nearly $30 million for her dogs. While that might just be 1% of her total worth, but between five dogs, that’s a lot of money!

Oprah Winfrey is a brand of her own making. She has worked hard to build her life and career and has facing countless struggles along the way. The ‘Queen of Talk Shows’ is one of the most likable celebrities in the world, and is pretty famous for being exceptionally generous

and giving. This is evident from the fact that she has decided to leave behind a sizeable sum of her money to her beloved dogs.

A well-known dog lover, Oprah owns five dogs. She has made arrangements that ensure the distribution of her estimated $3 billion estates to various foundations and charities upon her death.

Clearly, the dogs must be accustomed to her luxurious life and Oprah clearly doesn’t want to deprive them after she is gone. With nearly $6 million set aside for each of her four-legged friend, there is no telling how they might splurge. A private villa, an isolated island or a lifetime supply of Pedigree? They sure would have some really hard choices to make.

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