10 Perfect Mom Selfies (And 5 That Need To Be Deleted From History)

Pretty much everyone is into taking selfies now. You can even catch grandparents getting in on the trend. That doesn't stop just because you have kids, and some moms will show you they're still bringing their A-game, even weeks after giving birth.

There are some beautiful moms out there, with beautiful children. That alone can make you internet-famous nowadays, no skills needed. When you look as good as these ladies do, everyone wants to get a little look into your life, whether it's to hate on you, or to admire your beuaty from afar.

While there are thousands of gorgeous ladies out there who have their selfie-taking game down on lock, there are just as many people who don't know what they're doing. Some are hashtag blessed, and others are hashtag a hot mess. Why on earth anyone would take a selfie with their kid on the toilet in the background is beyond me. And asking your son to take your sexy, intimate photos is just not appropriate.

Let's take a look at 10 perfect mom selfies, and 5 that need to be deleted from history. Warning: You may need to scroll back up after reading the end, just as a palate cleanser. Taking a look at some gorgeous mom selfies will surely leave you in a better mood. Unless you're feeling bad about yourself, in which case, yeah, the moms at the end might be the confidence boost you need to remember that it could always be worse.

15 Natural Beauties

Natural Beauties

How gorgeous are these two? The mom isn't doing anything provocative, and she's not showing too much (or really, any) skin. This picture leads me to believe that she's teaching her daughter to value herself, which seems to be a foreign concept to some. They're just so naturally beautiful, and my nosy side is wondering what the dad looks like. He must be pretty dang good looking, unless their daughter took after her mom only.

I wish I looked half as good as this beautiful mama. It's no wonder she doesn't feel the need to go showing her goods off to everyone, with a face like that! Her daughter has breathtaking eyes, and I'd be willing to bet her parents are going to have to keep an eye on her when she's in her teen years.

14 14 Days Postpartum

14 Days Postpartum

Chontel Duncan is a fitness guru and model that gave birth in March of 2017. She posted the picture on the left to her Instagram account, and people were quick to jump down her throat about the baby's neck. While some people defended her, most were concerned about the baby's ability to hold his own head.

She reposted the picture, explaining that her son had lifted his head in the first photo, and laid it back down on her chest immediately after. What do you think? I think people were being a bit harsh, personally. Babies are stronger than most people know, and I trust this mama's judgment. The point of the photo was to show how great she looked only 14 days after giving birth! It's possible that people were being a little jelly.

13 The Drotini Twins

The Drotini Twins

The Drotini twins are extremely famous on Instagram, and it's easy to see why. These two girls are absolutely beautiful, and their mom is no exception. They post pictures on the internet all the time, and each one is cuter than the last. Brooke, the girls' mom, was pretty 'Insta-famous' before the girls were born, and now the number of followers she has is just insane! She dresses the girls up in the same outfits. I mean, come on, there's not much cuter than little girls with pretty eyes in matching outfits.

If I looked like that, I would post selfies with my son all the time too. As it stands, I'm makeup-less and in pajamas the majority of the time, and the look just doesn't do me any favors. Props to this mama for looking so darn good all the time, and for making such angelic little babies!

12 Model Mama

Model Mama

Fitness guru, Tammy Hembrow shows her amazing transformation from super pregnant, to ripped in just 6 months! She posted this picture to her Instagram page, and people were stunned. I mean, really! That right there shows a tremendous amount of dedication and hard work. Like most famous beauties, haters have commented rude things on her pictures, but I have a feeling that they're just jealous that she was able to bounce back from her pregnancy so quickly. This is not the norm for new moms, but she's a fitness guru, I mean, what do you expect? It's her job to look good, and to inspire others to get healthy and happy. Of course she shed the weight off fast! Instead of being bitter, we should all take a look at just what exactly this mama does to look so good.

11 Those Eyes!

Those Eyes!

These girls eyes are stunning! Dark eyes really don't get the credit they deserve, but this picture might make blue-eye lovers rethink things. And the mama's hair is perfection!

This picture can be found in articles all over the internet, featuring adorable mom and baby selfies, but I'm not sure who these lovely ladies are. They certainly have found fame from their beauty, and they deserve every bit of it. They have such kind eyes, and like most of the cute girls in this list, I'm sure this mama is going to have a hard time with her daughter once puberty hits. If she looks half as beautiful as her mom does (which it's evident she'll be every bit as gorgeous), she's going to have boys wooing her, left and right. She better get ready to break some hearts.

10 Instagram Mom & Baby Selfie Award Goes To...

Instagram Mom And Baby Selfie Award Goes To...

Surely you've seen this cute mom and baby duo on the internet recently. Michelle Nhu's Instagram account has blown up since she started posting these adorable selfies with her daughter. Usually, the photos feature matching outfits, and I just can't handle the cuteness! Seriously! What cold-hearted person can look at this photo without at least hearing a little 'awww' in the back of their minds.  Though it looks a little edited to me, they're both so pretty, it's not even necessary.

Can we talk about how she's able to get her baby to sit still long enough to snap perfect selfies? Around this age, my son turned into a nut-bag, and taking cute pictures together was just not a thing. Her daughter seems so calm and sweet! This mama really is blessed, from her looks, to her sweet daughter.

9 Before And After

Before And After

Tammy Hembrow is back at it again! If you can believe it, this was her before and after shot for her second child. Still not shocked? The picture on the right was taken six weeks after she gave birth to her second baby. Yeah. Are you feeling as bad about yourself as I am right now? It's okay, just don't take to dissing her online like many others have. With success comes haters, and this mom is not unfamiliar with rude comments and talk of photoshop.

I'm not buying into what the commenters are claiming. I think she bounces back after pregnancy beautifully because she puts in a whole heck of a lot of work before, during, and immediately after giving birth. It's easy to make excuses for living an inactive lifestyle, especially while you're adjusting to a big life change, like having a new family member. But this mom is dedicated to having a nice figure, so she makes it happen. My priorities were way different after I had my son, and even a year later, I don't look anywhere near as good as Tammy. But I certainly am not going to assume that this can't be done.

8 Which One Is The Mom?

Which One Is The Mom?

Do you remember this photo? It blew up in the Spring of 2016. Kaylan Mahomes tweeted this car selfie, with the caption, 'Mom, Twin, & Me.' Umm, but which one is your mom? Seriously, tell us, because we can't tell.

The photo was retweeted over 33 thousand times and was covered by major news outlets, much to the family's surprise. It was meant to just be a casual selfie, and it brought on fame! The girls even made an Instagram account named "momtwinandme", where they turned it into a guessing game. Eventually, they came out and revealed that mom is the lady on the far left, with the black blazer on. She is drop-dead gorgeous, and it's truly amazing that she hasn't aged at all. You rock, mama! I bet her daughters are going to age gracefully, too!

7 Selfie With Obama

Selfie With Obama

How cool is this!? Jolene Jackinsky was waiting for her flight at the Anchorage International Airport in Alaska, when she saw a man who looked like Obama in the waiting area. Turns out she was right, and he sat and talked with her while they waited for their flights, even holding her baby and telling her how cute she is. Former President Obama was returning home after a family trip to Indonesia, so she really lucked out!

Obama even joked with Jolene's husband when he walked up, saying "I'm taking your baby." Can you blame him? She's precious! I think I would die if Obama held my son. What a cool experience. I'm sure it's one she'll remember for the rest of her life, and it will be a story to tell her future grandkids.

6 Workout Buddies

Mommy & Daughter Workout Buddies

This mom is an inspiration! She lost 60 pounds after having her daughter, by working out with her every day! That completely eliminates the stress of finding a babysitter to watch your kids while you stay in shape. And her daughter is learning some important life lessons in the process. I bet she'll be healthy throughout her life because of her mom's dedication, and it's beautiful!

In an interview, this Georgian mom, Danielle Jones, says her daughter helped her lose the pounds she packed on during pregnancy by working out with her and even doing the moves with her. Apparently, 2-year-old Honor can do it all - push-ups, sit-ups, you name it! What a little cutie! In the process, Danielle has dropped 2 dress sizes and is happier than ever. What a beautiful duo! I can't think of a better workout partner.

5 Just...What?


There's nothing wrong with taking some sexy pics to send to your man. However, I tend to draw the line when you include your kid in the process.

She looks good, I'll give her that. But she's teaching her daughter some strange things at a young age. Things that she shouldn't even know about for at least several more years. I hope this mom is ready to handle her daughter sending pictures like this to boys. Maybe she'll even ask her mom to help her take them.

She needs to get her selfie game down, so she can send these pictures in private and let her daughter watch cartoons or play outside with all the other kids. I honestly feel bad for this girl. When people ask her what she did over the weekend, does she tell anyone? It wouldn't be good if any of her teachers caught wind of what she and her mom do as a bonding activity.

4 The Cigarette Is The Cherry On Top

The Cigarette Is The Cherry On Top

I guess this one isn't technically a selfie because someone else is taking the picture. But it's close enough, and it needs to be deleted from history. Even if she was just trying to be funny (which I'm not convinced was her intention), her kid is looking right at her, soaking it all in. Yeah little Jimmy, that's not what women should be doing. Please don't expect girls in the future to pose like this for pictures.

To make matters worse, she's holding a lit cigarette in her hand. In front of her son. In the house. While she poses provocatively. I can only imagine what that poor baby is smelling 24/7. I hope she quit, at least in the house, but it doesn't seem like she's the type to care enough to do that. What was going through this mama's head? By the looks of things, not much. Ever.

3 Photoshop Fail

Photoshop Fail

Oh, girl... You are not fooling anyone. I can't even be mad at this one, it's sad and funny at the same time. It's sad because this is the reality of hating your after-baby bod. But, I can't lie, it's also pretty dang funny. I mean, come on. That doesn't look natural at all. No one's waist is that small when they have shoulders that broad. The whole thing just looks completely off. Even the baby is looking at her in the mirror, like 'mom, just no.'

I wonder where she posted this, and what the response was. I honestly don't know what I would say if my bestie posted a picture like this. You can't support her making such dumb decisions, but you can't be mean about it either. It's a very thin line. Kind of like her waist in this picture.

2 Let The Poor Guy Go In Peace

Let The Poor Guy Go In Peace

Oh God, why? First of, what is up with her shirt/bra situation? She should wear a cardigan for sure. Or, really, she should just burn that top and put something else on. I have no problem with piercings, whatsoever. I have 4 holes in my face where piercings used to be. But the fact that she has them, is wearing a trashy shirt, no smile, a pound of eyeliner,  and doesn't have the forethought to not take a selfie with her son pooping in the background... It's all just too much. Suddenly the piercings are working against her, making her look like an 'emo girl' from middle school who got pregnant at 13 and thinks selfies with her son pooping is edgy and different. Let the poor boy go in peace, and take your selfies somewhere else.

1 Take My Picture Son

Take My Picture, Son

Stop, just stop. Please, for the love of God, just hire a photographer to take your sexy pictures. Get a boudoir shoot done, and let your poor kid be a kid for a little longer. I just can't with this lady.

I have so many questions for this mom. If she was planning on sending this to someone, wouldn't they be curious who took the picture if the boy wasn't in the shot? And now that he is in the picture, isn't it off-putting? How did this picture circulate the internet? I would have deleted this as soon as I saw it, and then huddle up into a ball of shame for asking him to take a picture like this in the first place. Why are there multiple mirrors on the floor of her kitchen? Does she spend all day twerking and checking herself out? What is going on in this family?

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