10 Photos That Are Safe To Take Of The Baby (And 10 Moms Shouldn't Post Online)

Although taking as many baby pics as possible is a good idea, there are boundaries as to what is okay to post online and what isn't. Friends and family want to see the cute moments but they don't need to see absolutely everything in an unfiltered way. Some baby pictures are best kept for mom and dad's eyes only.

We are living in the digital age where you can buy one SD card for your camera or even your phone and take thousands of pictures that would have cost hundreds of dollars not that long ago. Parents will generally take more pics of their baby than anything else and this is very understandable given how absolutely adorable babies are.

With most parents, it doesn’t matter if it is their first child or their third, they just can’t seem to take enough pictures of their little ones. When every one of my children were babies, we were still using the 8m cameras where you had to use rolls of film that you had to take to a store to have it developed, and you had to keep buying new rolls and paying to have them developed. It was much more expensive than it is today where you can take as many pics as you want for free.


20 Ok To Post: Drinking From The Bottle

Sooner or later, every baby will have to start drinking from a bottle and many parents like to capture it in a photo the first time their little one holds a bottle and this is a perfectly fine picture to take.

According to Babycenter, experts say that you should at least wait until the baby is about a month old before starting them on a bottle. Not many moms these days can be stay-at-home moms so most women eventually need to return to work. It is suggested that about 2 weeks before returning is a good time to start your little one on the bottle. You and your baby both need time to adjust to the change.

19 Ok To Post: Catching Some Sweet ZZZ's


I think that one of the cutest things to see is a baby sleeping, they look so very peaceful like little tiny angels. Who doesn’t like taking pics of their little one sleeping so peacefully?

Clickinmoms have quite a few suggestions on how to take good pictures of your child sleeping that will melt your heart. One really good pic of a baby is when they are snuggling their favorite stuffed animal, or holding on tightly to their little blanky. Babies have the most innocent, peaceful looks on their faces because the world hasn’t gotten into their minds yet. Wish I could sleep like that.

18 Ok To Post: The Baby Laughing


I don’t know anyone that can keep a straight face while listening to a baby laughing. It is one of the most enjoyable, heartwarming sounds that I can think of, and it’s not just the sound that we fall in love with, it is also the look on their faces when they are laughing.

Buzzfeed lists a baby laughing as one of those photos every parent should take of their precious little one. It always tickles me to hear my little grandson laughing. It is something that I cannot seem to get enough of. Watching and listening to a baby can make you forget any problems you may have.

17 Ok To Post: The Baby Crawling


Crawling is a huge milestone in a baby’s life, no longer does he or she have to stay where they are put, unable to explore their little world, they have just discovered that they are mobile and that there are all sorts of interesting things around them that needs exploring.

Buzzfeed says that this is another one of those times where you need to capture the moment in pics, because not only is it a big deal to see them crawl for the first time but walking comes very shortly thereafter. Also besides taking pics, this is a good moment to capture on video.

16 Ok To Post: A Cute Family Photo


A family photo of mom, dad, and the baby according to Buzzfeed is a necessary pic, everyone wants a picture of the whole family but because of the fact that you need someone else to take the picture for you, some parents miss out on this wonderful opportunity.

One thing you can do is ask a hospital staff member to get the shot for you before taking your precious little one home, or the other obvious choice would be another family member. You could also ask a neighbor to help out. Do whatever you have to in order to get it done.

15 Ok To Post: Tummy Time


According to, allowing your child some tummy time is very important for a number of reasons. A baby can develop a flat spot on the back of their head if they are left on their back for too long. Tummy time gives them a much-needed break from being on their back.

Lay a soft blanket out on the floor and place your baby on his or her tummy, starting off with approximately 3-5 minutes at a time, but you can do this several times a day. Whatever you do, make sure you stay right there to keep a close eye on them the whole time, NEVER leave them unattended. You will want to take pics of this time anyway.

14 Ok To Post: The Baby’s Firsts

Via: Daily Mail

Your baby is brand new to this world just as the world is brand new to your baby so everything your little one does he or she does for the very first time ever, and no doubt you will want to capture your child’s very first moments in pictures.

Emilylapish has a large list of firsts that you will want to take pictures of such as either daddy or mommy holding the baby for the first time, the first family photo, first ride in a car seat, their first foods, first baby shoes, first time in a stroller, and so very many more.


13 Ok To Post: Pics With Siblings

Via: Pinterest

Some siblings can get jealous of a new brother or sister but on the other hand, a lot of siblings get extremely anxious and excited to meet their new little brother or sister.

Emilylapish says that special time with their siblings is another wonderful time to take pictures especially considering as they get older that wonderful bond may start to fade away. Of course, this is not always the case, but it does often happen, so capture the moments now while they are bonding and getting to know each other. There is a reason why someone came up with the phrase sibling rivalry.

12 Ok To Post: The Baby’s Nursery

Coming up with the perfect ideas for your baby’s nursery is a fun and exciting time. I remember before my son was born, I spent hours every day painting a beautiful Winnie The Pooh scene on the wall, along with decorations that match the wall. It was a wonderful time I will always cherish.

Emilylapish has the nursery listed as another wonderful thing to take lots of pics of, especially before it gets too messy. As soon as your baby comes home, you should take plenty of pics of your child in their new room, not only for yourself but also for your son or daughter to look at when they get older.

11 Ok To Post: Spending Time With The Grandparents

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Every new parent wants to show their pride and joy to everyone they can after the baby comes home. Often times, one of the first places the baby goes to visit is at the grandparent's house, which is listed on Emilylapish as a great place to take pictures.

Many times grandparents are the one called upon for babysitting and so your little one may build up a special bond with them as they grow and you will want to remember all of these times, and so will your child. So get out your camera or phone and go nuts.

10 Think Twice About: Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is something that women are so blessed to be able to do, it is a very natural thing and your hubby may want a few pictures of you feeding the baby, which is perfectly fine, but agrees that these pics should not be posted for the world to see.

Many women have argued that if men can show their chests, then women should be able to as well and I kind of agree, but if women were able to walk around with their shirts off, men would not watch where they are going. As such, it is also not suggested that you post such pics online.

9 Think Twice About: The Baby In Distress

Via: Karen At Home

According to, stress in babies can be a very serious matter. It is never good for a baby to get too stressed, but to take a picture of your little one while they are in distress is very unthoughtful and disheartening, but then to go even farther by posting that pic online is a horrible thing to do.

What loving parent would want a picture of their little baby when they are having issues? I just don’t see the love in that. To me, that is terrible parenting, put the camera down and try to soothe your precious one.

8 Think Twice About: Baby Taking A Bath

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Bath time for your baby can be so enjoyable, provided your child likes baths. It is another one of those precious bonding moments for a mother and child and so understandable that you might want to have moments like that captured on film.

According to, you should never post those pics online, they are private moments that should be kept for you and your child. Unfortunately today, there are too many bad people out there who can steal these photos. When your child gets older, I’m sure they will appreciate not having those pictures online for the world to see.

7 Think Twice About: Changing The Baby


Changing your baby is a very private matter and should not be shared with the rest of the world, and like it says on, nobody wants to see your child's dirty diaper. All hygiene type photos should be kept off the internet.

One thing to keep in mind before your ever share any pic online is that it will be out there forever, even if you go ahead and delete them it’s too late they will never go away altogether, and this could cause embarrassment for your child down the road. So not only is it inappropriate, it is disrespectful to your baby.

6 Think Twice About: Clothes-Less Pics

So many parents like to take pics of their baby naked but the problem, according to, is that some of these parents end up posting those pics online and not only can predators get ahold of those pics, you can also end up in a lot of trouble.

There have even been parents who have had their child or children take from the home because of posting such pictures online. There will always be someone out there looking to start trouble with you over something that you thought of as just being cute. So think twice before posting.

5 Think Twice About: When The Baby Is Sick


Babies are so adorable and it is so hard to see a baby that has been injured or is sick, that is if you have any compassion in your heart. It hurts me so bad to see one of my children hurting or sick and the thought of taking a picture of them at that moment is horrible.

Unfortunately, there are parents out there who will do just that and not only take pics but put them online for others to see, and according to, it would not be right for you to put pics of our sick children online.

4 Think Twice About: Making Fun

Here is one of my pet peeves: people who take pictures of their children just to shame them and then post those pics online to shame them even further. According to, posting such pictures of your child can cause them a lot of embarrassment, along with depression and anxiety.

Shaming your child for the world to see can be very harmful to them and really shows no love at all. If you love your child how could you possibly shame them in front of the whole world? That’s exactly what you are doing if you post the pics online.

3 Think Twice About: Group Pictures


We all love any pics we can get with our babies and that includes group pics but according to, if you do take a group picture with your baby and there are other children involved in the shot, you really need to ask the parent’s permission before snapping any photos of their children, and especially if you plan on posting those pics online, some parents don’t want their children’s photos plastered all over the internet. In today’s society, this is very understandable.

Never post a photo of someone else's child without their permission not only is it wrong but you can get yourself into some serious trouble like that.

2 Think Twice About: Pics Of Unsafe Practices

Via: Wikimedia Commons

The internet is full of pictures that parents have to take with their babies that are considered unsafe practices, I actually came across a photo of a child sitting inside of an oven.

According to, what some parents think are cute and funny pictures, when posted online can cause them a lot of trouble, not only will they face serious backlash from other people but they can also get into a lot of trouble and maybe even have their children taken from the home. If you must snap pics of your children doing things they really shouldn't be doing, then for your own good keep those pics to yourself.

1 Think Twice About: Pics That Reveal Location


According to, you should never post photos that reveal your child’s location and for good reason. There are too many predators out there stalking children online and you don’t want to make it any easier for them to find your child.

This rule is for babies also, you don’t need to post pics that reveal where they might be staying when they are not with you, or what park you visit, or what doctor you might be taking him or her to. Always think about the content you are about to share before doing so. Please, think safety first.


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