14Permanent: Sagging

The Healthy Home Economist says one way to avoid too much sag is to wean slowly so breast tissue can be reabsorbed easier, but even this isn't a guarantee that sagging won't take place.

There are two different types of believers when it comes to sagging bosoms: one group believes pregnancy alone makes the breasts saggy. The other believes that breastfeeding on top of pregnancy makes the sagging even worse. Who's right? We don't know, but it's not uncommon to hear women say that

nursing absolutely made the sagging situation worse.

The breasts constantly filling up and being emptied of milk affects breast tissues.

Many women feel like the way a baby pulls on the breast while nursing makes the situation worse.

Breasts generally sag with time anyway. Sure, it's tough when it happens earlier due to nursing, but breastfeeding is worth it, and a good support bra offers a lift when it's needed. Choosing not to nurse due to fear of sagging is not the way to go because eventually all of our boobs take a downward dive. Give the baby and yourself the benefits breastfeeding has to offer and hope the girls don't fall too far too early. If they do, so be it.

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