13Won't Last: Spider Veins

Mom will likely notice that the veins in her breasts become more prominent when she’s pregnant. If she decides to breastfeed, the veins will stay a super-rich blue and may even bulge from time to time. It’s a look that most of us aren’t used to, and many moms worry

that extra veiny breasts are here to stay.

The weaning process usually takes care of prominent veins being super dark. Romper and Very Well say that darker veins are normal, and it’s likely the extra blood coursing to the breasts that cause the change in physical appearance. However, both warn that bulges that don’t go away or seem extremely prominent should be looked at by a doctor. When weaning occurs, veins should be much less noticeable, though they can appear darker as long as milk isn’t completely dried up.

If engorgement occurs, mom can expect the veins to be prominent and to grow even darker as the breasts back up with milk. If this leads to an infection, mom will need to seek treatment to get her girls back to normal.

The prominent blue veins are not unsightly, and they aren’t a problem the vast majority of the time.

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