10 Pictures Of Mila Kunis Growing Up (And 10 Of Ashton Kutcher)

Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher make a cute couple, and the celebs have been on the radar for a long time. While they’ve known one another since they were on TV together, they didn’t get together till years later, eventually marrying and having children. Back when they were younger, they probably had no clue that one day they’d be living “happily ever after,” but perhaps there were some signs that they’d one day be “man and wife.”

Before they met and married, Kunis and Kutcher grew up just like the rest of us (to some degree), and their pics from over the years show how they’ve progressed from pint-sized to parents. Both have been adorable their whole lives, no awkward phases to speak of. Now, of course, both are considered to be two of the best-looking celebs, and as a couple, they’re off the charts.

These 10 pictures of Kunis and 10 of Kutcher show how their looks have changed over the years, showing off their celeb-worthy smiles all the way. Both have that twinkle in their eyes that proved that Hollywood would be on their radar one day, and these two are still going strong both professionally and personally.


20 Budding Beauty

Via: aroundmovies.com

Kunis is a gorgeous woman now, but even as a teen, she was a stunner. While most of us were riddled with acne and all sorts of other awkward and embarrassing qualities, Kunis seems to have had no such issues, looking fresh-faced and fabulous. Her big eyes are shining and her expressiveness is electrifying. She was made for the movies and TV and had the lovely looks to go the distance. Lots of young people look nice, but Kunis had that extra something special that along with her talents helped boost her into the biz. Terrific in her teen years, these days, Kunis is even more magnificent.

19 A-Lister-To-Be

Via: milakunis.org

Here we see an adorable side-by-side of a young elementary-age Kunis, with her emotions on her sleeve. She looks like she is practicing for a role, beautiful and effortless. Some celebs are simply born with the acting bug, and Kunis seems like she knew from the start that she was destined to be a world-class star. Her beautiful eyes are looking into the distance, but her concentration seems to be on point. While she may not have been a household name at the time this pic was taken, Kunis must have had a hunch that one day she would be headed for Hollywood.

18 Curly Cutie

Via: refinery29.com

Kunis is all dressed up for a big event. Her hair looks lovely in adorable ringlets and her stunning ear-to-ear smile is worth a thousand words. Perhaps this moment was one of Kunis’ first in the spotlight, so she was ready with lots of confidence and an equal amount of curls. With a sheer scarf draped around her neck and back over her shoulders, and a delicate butterfly in her hair, Kunis is well-accessorized and looks amazing. She’s wearing an age-appropriate ensemble, probably parent-approved, and certainly looks fashionable and fun. This red carpet moment certainly wouldn’t be the last for the actress.

17 Family Album

Via: jacquelineshyde.tumblr.com

Pre-fame, Kunis was just a regular kid posing for pics at home with her friends and family. Perhaps she had hopes of Hollywood on her mind, but more likely than not, she was treated like a regular “normal” kid who did her household chores, hung out with her friends, and came for dinner when mom called her in. Lots of children have big dreams for the future, but not everyone turns out as lucky as this young person. She may have been just one of the kids back then, but now Kunis is one-of-a-kind. Wonder what the other person in that pic is up to now…

16 Mini Mila

Via: sports.yahoo.com

Just look at those chubby cheeks and beautiful eyes. Even as a baby, Kunis was something special, with a cute smile and lots of charisma. Her adorable bonnet is a nice touch to her baby style, and Kunis looks quite comfy on the couch posing for a photo. Back then, who could have guessed that this bouncing baby girl would become an A-list celeb, with hit parts in blockbuster movies and well-known TV roles? She certainly knows how to capture the camera, but lots of babies are just as beautiful. Through the years, Kunis kept that winning smile and also showed the world that she had talent that was meant to be shared.

15 Fresh-Faced

Via: pinterest.com

A young and happy Kunis is all smiles showing off her pearly whites and rosy glow. She seems to have a knack for taking great photos, something that would work in her favor as she rose to fame in the years to come. This fresh-faced star-to-be may not have realized that one day she’d be known by people far and wide, but she surely has a smile that says otherwise. Maybe she knew all along that she’d become a famous actress, wowing the world with her on-screen abilities. But did she know that she’d also be “Mrs. Kutcher?” Hey, a girl can dream!

14 Throwback

Via: youtube.com

Gorgeous at any age, Kunis seems to look amazing no matter when or where the pic was taken. Like a fine wine, this woman only gets better as she gets older. Always stylish and smiling, Kunis seems to be happy to be in the spotlight. Nowadays, not only is Kunis pleased to be living out her dreams of becoming an actress, but she’s also a wife and mother. Showing the world she can have it all, it all makes sense why Kunis sports her stunning smile. Her happiness is contagious, something her hubby must be thankful for. Then again, he seems like a fun-loving fella himself.

13 Rising Star Ready for Action

Via: reddit.com

Kunis looks excited, probably because her acting is on the rise and she sees the lights of Hollywood coming her way. As a young teen, Kunis is adorable, ready to grow into the gorgeous woman we know today. She has a knack for making people sit up and pay attention, even if it’s only a photo we’re seeing. Knowing today how talented Kunis is, seeing her as a kid makes us wonder if she understood where she’d be in a few years. Lots of kids “make believe,” but Kunis wasn’t playing around when she was that age. She was preparing for the spotlight, and she found her prime place.

12 Hollywood Headshot

Via: Twitter.com

Actors and actresses must have that special headshot pic to show talent agents and casting directors their unique look. Kunis nailed her shot, looking sweet and stunning simultaneously. Her perfect pose and long hair suit her perfectly, and it would be hard for any bigshot in the biz to pass up on hiring this beauty. Of course, back then she was not well-known like today, so Kunis had to prove to the world that she would be one to watch. Obviously, things worked out more than well in Kunis’ favor, and we get to see her shine on the big screen.

11 Cuddling with Kunis

Via: Lockerdome.com

The only thing cuter than Kunis is her stuffed yellow doggie friend. Dressed in a colorful ensemble, Kunis is ready to rock this bright look for the cameras. While Kunis may wince if she saw this picture today, back then, this vibrant look was fashionable and fun. Today Kunis is much more toned down when it comes to her choice of clothing colors, but as a kid, she was carefree and full of fun. One day she can show her kids this pic and they can decide if she looked fab or should have been taken away by the fashion police.


10 Yearbook Look

Via: Screenertv.com

Just about everyone’s got a yearbook pic, even celebs. Unless they were homeschooled or never graduated, it is fun to find the yearbook photos of famous folks and compare them to how they look today. It is hard to believe that this fresh-faced teen is now one of the most famous faces on the planet. But look closely, and those brown eyes and handsome grin are still pretty much the same after all these years. Back in high school, Kutcher may have been the “class clown,” but that was only preparation for his work as an A-list actor today.

9 Triple Threat

Via: Pinterest

This three-fold image of Kutcher couldn’t be any cuter. From a baby to a little boy, Kutcher is sweet and silly - traits he still gets away with today. Nearly all of us have old photos from back in the day, so it is no surprise that these pics were dug up and put on display. Surely Kutcher doesn’t mind that the whole world can learn what he looked like when he was little; it’s not like he’s the type to hide anything. Plus, with a face as cute as his was and still is, why would he be worried? Although that pic on the far left is a little goofy!

8 Driving Miss Kunis

Via: elle.com

Back on set of their hit television show, a younger version of Kunis and Kutcher were acting to the best of their abilities. They were not an item at the time, but with evident chemistry like theirs, it is a no-brainer that the now-married couple is finally together. But don’t they look super cute in this bright orange old-fashioned car with Kutcher sitting cool at the wheel and Kunis looking into his eyes? Perhaps they can frame this fun pic and put it in their home over the fireplace. Not too many couples could do something as cool as that.

7 Male Model

Via: Fanpop.com

Don’t forget that before he was an A-list actor, Kutcher was a model, and a good one at that. By the looks of this black-and-white pic, he was darn good at his job and probably booked lots of great gigs. He has an effortless way about him, something that always sells. With his handsome looks, tall frame, and sultry stare into the camera lens, Kutcher was born to become model material. While his efforts shifted towards acting over the years, he’s still plenty good looking, and any brand would do well with him as their “face.” Anyone hiring a hottie?

6 When Things Were Excellent with His Ex

Via: simplemost.com

Before Kunis, and even Demi, there was actress January Jones who was happy to call Kutcher her man. Here they are in happier times, with Kutcher wrapping his arms around his lady, and she’s smiling from ear to ear. Kutcher seemed just as smitten, but as we all know now, this relationship ran its course. But most young love fades away as people mature and grow apart. We can’t be sure if they keep in touch or even follow one another’s work, but it’s not like they can’t find out what the other is up to at any time since they are both famous figures. No need to snoop on social media when your ex is a celeb!

5 Non-Famous Friends

Via: pinterest.com

These two dudes flanking Kutcher must feel kinda special to be close buddies of his. It’s not that they need to be impressed by the people they hang out with, but there must be plenty of perks to being friends with a big-time star. Here, there are simply hanging out, but Kutcher surely has access to all the coolest clubs and parties, and he can bring along his pals for some fun they’d never normally have. Kutcher does run with a famous crowd, but that doesn’t mean he can’t chill with the “regular” people too. Friends do come in many forms.

4 Brotherly Love

Via: zig.com

Believe it or not, but Kutcher is a twin. He does not look too much like his sibling, but they both have super big smiles that must mean that they are happy to be related in such a close way. Twins often have special bonds that most people simply can’t relate to, so Kutcher and his bro must have a meaningful relationship that will never be changed. While Kutcher is super famous and his twin is not well-known at all, it doesn’t mean that Kutcher is treated any differently by the family… or at least that’s what we hope is true!

3 Boy Next Door

Via: Pinterest

In this basic pic, Kutcher looks just like the everyday boy next door…perhaps a tad better looking and a lot taller. But otherwise, who would have known that this brown-haired fella would one day be super famous and married to another famous face? Maybe Kutcher knew all along that he’d be a celeb one day, but the rest of the folks around him probably just treated him like any old neighborhood kid. Well, he showed them that his dreams could become a reality. Now that Kutcher is famous, he can go back to the old neighborhood and sign autographs for those who doubted him.

2 Almost Famous

Via: Dailymotion.com

Kutcher looks nice and clean cut in this pic, but it wouldn’t be long before he’d be modeling in skimpy undergarments and walking the runway. Then he’d be off to Hollywood to star on television and in blockbuster films. But there was once an innocence that Kutcher embraced, before the celeb world gobbled him up and gave him the superstar status he has today. Kutcher seems to have no problem being a famous person, it surely beats out being bored and taking pics in plaid shirts. But maybe when he’s hounded by the paparazzi or fans won’t leave him alone, he longs for the times when he could fly unknown under the radar.

1 Twin Tots

Via: gofashionideas.com

Back again with his adorable twin, these two are like peas in a pod in their matching blue outfits and similar haircuts. Lots of parents get great pleasure in dressing their twins alike, and it’s pretty cute…for a while. Once the kids are older, it gets kinda awkward when twins continue to dress the same. And when adults do it, most would argue it’s just plain weird. But while the purity and innocence lasts, seeing these little boys dressed alike is charming and cute. The brothers probably have a good chuckle when they see old pics like these at their parents’ house.

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