10 Places Mom Should Never Take The Newborn (And 5 That Are Safe)

A new baby is fragile, delicate and unpredictable. Certain places are just not good to take newborns due to their very weak immune systems, and being so weak and little. Below we have listed 10 places that we advise you not to bring your newborn. That does not mean that you have to stay locked up during those first few months, we have also added 5 places that are safe to take to take your newborn. Parenting is tough and being a brand-new parent can be super confusing. It may be common sense not to take babies certain places, but it can be hard to tell what is safe and acceptable and what is not.

There is a lot to take into consideration when taking a baby to a specific place such as temperature, danger, accessibility to tend to babies needs, social norms for that location, and of course, those pesky germs. We have it all figured out below on how to not go stir crazy in the house, but keep baby out of situations just not meant for them. Some mama’s want to show their baby off any chance they get, but there is a time and place to do so. We know how hard it is once baby is born, there are so many new changes that keep popping up. One change that mama’s may not consider is the amount of restrictions for a new baby in the first few months.

Some moms do whatever they please and will ignore this list, but for the safety and well being of the baby, the whole family and everyone around them, it is best to take a look at the facts.

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15 Bad: Movie Theatres

babies at the movies

People spend money to attend the movies and take the time out of their busy schedules to enjoy a movie with their friends and family. It is disrespectful to bring your crying baby to the movies and keep these people from enjoying what they paid for. It is annoying to have someone get up every half an hour to feed the baby, change the baby and try to soothe the baby. Also, movies are extremely loud, and there is a chance baby will not be able to settle and relax during the movie. Movie theatres are a breeding ground for germs, and it is best to keep baby out of that environment. It is best to wait until the baby is older to bring them to the movies, or simply stick to Netflix so that no one is being disturbed.

14 Bad: Hospitals - Unless The Baby Is Sick

If baby is sick, of course it is best to take him to the hospital. If baby needs to go, of course take him. If baby is not sick, but you want to visit a sick relative or someone else in the hospital, please keep that baby home. Hospitals are filled with sick people and you never know what types of illnesses are creeping around in there. Your baby’s immune system is far too weak to risk what the hospitals have on surfaces and in the air. It is best to get a babysitter, family member, or friend to watch baby at home, so you can go visit the hospital and keep baby safe at the same time. When you come home from the hospital it is crucial to change your clothes and wash off your body to get rid of the germs.

13 Safe: An Afternoon At The Farmers Market

Going on a walk is great for the whole family. Fresh air can do the mind and body good. The good news is that going on a walk can be safe for baby! Taking your precious newborn on a walk through the farmers market is a great option to get some groceries and get out of the house. The fresh air is much better than being stuck inside a building filled with germs. Of course, it is best to dress baby for the weather and make sure no one is touching your babies face. Baby can stay in the stroller, be carried or be worn in a baby carrier. Packing an extra pacifier and extra clothes is a safe way to get out of a sticky situation with a crying or messy newborn.

12 Bad: Inside A Beauty Salon

Bringing a baby to a salon may not seem like a big deal, but it is. Hair and nail salons have all sorts of potentially dangerous chemicals. Even if you are just getting a trim, you do not have control over what the people around you are getting done. There is no need for baby to be inhaling those types of chemicals. Also, salons require mama to be seated for a long period of time, and that can be super inconvenient with a baby there. You do not want to have to be nursing, changing poop explosions, burping, and soothing a crying baby when your nails are still wet or when you need to be sitting still for the lady doing your hair. This is inconvenient for mama and for the people doing the work but also for everyone else around. A lot of people go to the salon to relax, not to be disturbed by a crying baby.

11 Bad: Churches

Churches are normally very kid friendly, but newborns are a different story. First off, the bigger the crowd the greater the chance of being around someone who is sick. The germs affect you differently than they will baby. It also can be hard to pay attention to the service when you must get up and leave often due to crying, changes, and feedings. Of course, there are church nurseries and day cares, but taking your newborn while she is still so little is a terrible idea. These nurseries are filled with little kids who may be carrying all sorts of germs and that is absolutely not worth the risk. Also, nurseries can be pointless if you are nursing and need to get up to feed the baby anyway.

10 Safe: A Slow Car Ride


As a parent we have only so much control over external germs and situations, but in our own homes and cars we have more control. It is safe to take baby for a car ride. It does not matter if this trip is to the grocery store or to a vacation- the car is a much better option than a plane or a train. The benefits of the car is that you or hubby are able to pull over and deal with the baby without the worry of bothering others (besides the other kiddos in the car), and the worry of strangers yucky germs. It can also be more comfortable to nurse, change baby, and deal with the crying in the comfort of your own car. As parents we can wipe down the car with disinfecting wipes and keep it as clean as we want to try to eliminate germs to the baby.

9 Bad: Fancy Restaurants


Going out to eat with baby can be a risky move. There are restaurants that accommodate to babies and kids very well, but it is probably not a good risk to take due to the baby crying and the germs. Taking baby to a high end/expensive restaurant is a definite no-no. The guests, setting and meals can be high-maintenance and not the right place for a baby and all her needs. That does not mean you have to avoid restaurants forever, but wait until baby is a few months older to bring her along. Waiting until baby can sit up in a chair is probably a good rule of thumb in terms of when to bring the baby to a restaurant. We know you have to eat, but delivery, car side delivery, or pick up are options that are best during the first few months of your sweetie’s life.

8 Bad: Funerals

It can be a tough decision to bring a baby to funeral or not. If you are obligated to pay your respects but need to bring the little princess along, it can be stressful. Funerals are emotionally draining to begin with. There is usually plenty of crying to begin with, and bringing a crying newborn does not help. It can be rude if baby start crying during the speeches. It can be tough for mama to have to leave the ceremony several times for feedings, diaper changes, and crying fits. Not only is bringing a baby a huge distraction, but it is of course dangerous. Some people think that bringing a baby would brighten the mood, but it is not worth the risk with the huge amount of germs.

7 Safe: A Visit To The Aquarium

Taking the baby to the aquarium is another great option if the family is looking to get out of the house. Surface at the aquarium are germy, but if baby is strapped to mom or dad, in the car seat, or in the stroller, there should be no problems. Bringing some hand sanitizer is always super important. Baby may sleep the whole time or may look around and be mesmerized by all of the colors and different things going on in the room. If the aquarium is not your cup of tea, the zoo is also a great option as well. Making sure to bring enough clothes, bottles, burp cloths, pacifiers and diapers/wipes is crucial to be able to enjoy this type of outing. These outings require a lot of walking, and the car may be a very long walk away if you forget something in the car.

6 Bad: Long Trips


It is probably best to plan a vacation for when the baby is a little bit older. Long airplane or train rides are not the best idea for baby. Not only can it be challenging to change diapers and soothe a crying baby in a cramped area. The last thing anyone wants is for baby’s ears to pop on a plane ride and for her to be screaming for the flight. Of course, there is the risk of a ton of germs due to the amount of people and close quarters. If Grandma cannot come to you, it is best to wait until the baby is at least two months, but preferably four to six months before taking a trip. Babies need a lot of stuff, and it can be hard to keep all of that stuff organized and accessible during a trip on a train or a plane. No one wants to hear a newborn cry for a three hour trip.

5 Bad: Schools

Image result for taking a newborn to college

Sometimes you do not have a choice but to bring the baby to certain places, but some places are not worth the risk. One of them being taking the baby to school. If you go to school, it is best to advise classmates and even the teacher not to touch your sweetie without washing their hands. If you cannot get a sitter make sure you have baby in a car seat with a cover on it or sit near the door to make a quick exit. People go to school to learn, and it is hard to concentrate with a cute baby in the room. When that baby starts crying the whole class can be disturbed. If you are picking up a kiddo from school, it is best to not bring the baby into a school which is filled with tons of germs. Kids love babies and will want to love on your little pumpkin, but it is best to keep them away from the baby. If you can avoid going into the school stand in a location where you can signal the kiddo to come out to you.

4 Safe: A Walk In The Park

Mother with Stroller in Park

Most people enjoy going to the park, and baby can tag along for that trip! Whether you are going to let the older kid’s burn some energy, or to connect with nature- the park is a great way to get the baby out of the house with out all of the risks of some other places. Of course, dressing baby for the weather and coming prepared can help make this trip easier for everyone involved. The park can give baby some vitamin D and fresh air while giving mom some time out of the house and feeling normal again. Park surfaces can be germy, but as long as the kiddos wash their hands before touching baby or heading home for the day it should be okay. Baby crying can be much less stressful in an outdoor situation than a cramped indoor location and mom has the ability to walk back to the car or go to another part of the park if needed.

3 Bad: A Concert

There are several reasons why concerts are huge no-go with a newborn. First, concerts can be super loud, which can be dangerous for your new babies sweet and sensitive little ears. Another reason is that concerts usually bring huge crowds, and that means a greater chance of germs for your sweetie. Sometimes there is smoking at concerts and that is something that is advised to keep away from a newborn at all costs! Concerts can also be dangerous because there is a chance of a happy concert goer enjoying their time bumping into you and knocking the baby out of your hands or elbowing her in the face. A crying baby is not the place for concerts either. It is disrespectful to take a crying baby to a concert when people are trying to enjoy music and have a good time. Yeah, your baby is cute and all, but there is a time and place for newborns and a concert is not it.

2 Bad: Weddings

Image result for baby at a wedding

Some weddings are a no-kids allowed deal while others are the opposite. Even when kids are invited, it is best to skip the wedding or leave the baby with a babysitter or family member at home. Babies are unpredictable and the risk of Jr. having an unexpected crying fit is likely. No only is it totally distracting but it is stressful for you as well. As much as the wedding hosts probably love your new bundle of joy, they probably will not be thrilled with the screaming baby during their wedding vows. Of course, there is the risk of exposing baby to plenty of germs. It does not matter if a wedding has 50 guests or 300 guests, germs are inevitable. Most likely people are going to want to hold your baby and pass him around which exposes him to a lot of germs.

1 Safe: Coffee Shops

Sometimes as a mom we just need some social time with the girlfriends, and taking the baby along is the only option. It is totally okay to bring the baby to grab a cup of joe at a small coffee shop- as long as baby stays in the car seat or stroller. Some parents prefer to put a cover over their baby in their car seats and that is for protection against the elements as well as germs, and that is also a great option in this situation. Keeping baby in the stroller or car seat is a great way to get out of the house and eliminate tons of gross germs getting to the baby. You can make the trip to the coffee shop as short or as long as the baby allows, and it is much better than committing to going to a restaurant.

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