10 Positively Wonderful Reasons Why You Should Massage Your Baby

Baby massages involve stroking your baby’s body with your hands in a rhythmic motion. You can use moisturizer or oils to help glide your hands smoothly across your baby’s body so they may reap the many benefits associated with massaging your baby. You may even manipulate her fingers, wrists and ankles gently along with these movements.

While massaging your precious little bundle of joy, you may even make her a bit more comfortable by humming, singing or even talking to her. Trust me, these gestures are going to go a long way in terms of making the massage more reassuring for your baby. If truth be told, amongst the many different means of expressing your love and care for your baby, a massage is perhaps the best.

Now, there are plenty of benefits associated with giving your baby a massage. Here’s a look into a few of them:

10 You will get to bond with your baby

Giving your baby a massage will help you strengthen the bond and attachment that the two of you share. As you massage her, the hormone oxytocin is released in both her body and yours. Oxytocin is what we call ‘the love hormone’ and it assists people in bonding with each other and makes them feel loved.

When you massage your baby, you focus completely on her. During this time, there are no smartphones, TV programs etc. to bother you – it’s just you and your precious bundle of joy. What this means is that the two of you will be lost in each other and will revel in each other’s company. The best part is that this will work both ways and your baby will also focus only on you.

9 It will make you feel empowered

The thing with baby massages is that these tend to lift your spirit and make you feel more empowered as a parent. The time that you spend massaging your little one will be extremely special and will play a significant role in making it possible for the two of you to bond and feel closer to each other. While you’re at it, maintain lots of eye contact with her and chat to her, which will promote the attachment you two share.

To be honest, there are plenty of benefits that giving regular massages to your baby has to offer. Not only will you strengthen your baby and boost her development, you will also enhance the bond that you both share with each other. For this reason, it’s best for you to make a routine and follow it through so both you and your baby can benefit from it.

8 It will assist in your baby’s development

Baby massages are particularly known to assist in the emotional, social and physical development of babies. When massaging your baby, your precious little one will get to maintain and enjoy eye contact with you, listen to your voice, feel the touch of your hands and even breathe in your scent as you continue to give her a relaxing massage.

According to research, baby massages actually have the potential to enhance your baby’s brain development. It ‘s also believed in countries like India that massaging your baby on a regular basis can easily assist in strengthening her bones. Experts have also suggested that baby massages also have the ability to help stabilize brain activity. This benefit is particularly focused on premature babies. With the help of a baby massage, your child’s brain activity is going to develop at a much normal pace. So, if you want to help your baby develop better, then make sure that you give her a regular massage!

7 Massage those ailments away!

Baby massages can also assist in soothing ailments. For instance, in case your baby is suffering from constipation, there are quite a few baby massage moves that can assist in helping your baby’s digestive system. So instead of rushing to the doctor or experimenting with medicines, it‘s best for you to give your baby a massage and see if it helps – there’s a good a chance that it will.

Apart from that, there are quite a few massage moves that can help clear out blocked sinuses and a stuffy nose as well. Research even suggests that baby massages can help preterm babies and assist in increasing their weight and reducing the number of days that they stay in the hospital.

6 You and your baby will enjoy it

Giving your baby a soothing massage is an extremely enjoyable activity. To make the most out of it, pick a time when both you and your baby are most relaxed. Don’t massage your baby when she’s a bit fussy, this will only over-stimulate her and add to her unhappiness.

Make sure that the room is quiet and a little warm before you begin massaging your little one. Any jewelry that you might be wearing needs to be taken off so that it doesn’t poke or pinch your little one. Afterward, strip your baby down to her diaper and place her facing up over a blanket or soft towel. Place her head on a pillow and then get started with massaging her – your baby is going to be very relaxed!

5 It will help her relax

As you massage your baby’s body, she is going to relax and will enjoy being close to you. In case your bundle of joy is hyperactive, there is a good chance that massaging her little body will help you calm her down a bit. The best part is that you will be able to relax a bit too.

You may choose to massage your baby on a changing table or on the floor – whatever is most comfortable for you. Before starting the massage, make sure that you talk to your baby so she may be re-assured that nothing is going to go wrong. To build tolerance in your baby, massage her with a few movements, but don’t let them last longer than two to three minutes. With time, you can prolong this time and you are bound to have a healthy, happy baby with you!

4 It will help her sleep

Mothers at times find it better to massage their babies at night because it helps kids sleep deeper and can even help them in sleeping for a longer periods of time. Experts suggest that massaging babies promotes better sleep and comforts babies to the point that they cry less and have fewer amounts of stress hormones in their bodies.

If you wish to massage your baby at bedtime, you should use strokes and techniques that can relax her. For the record, the best strokes to use for this purpose are those that move away from the heart.

3 Your confidence in your parenting abilities will grow

Believe it or not, but giving your baby a massage on a regular basis has the potential to enhance the confidence of both mothers and fathers. The best part is that along with strengthening the bond and attachment that the two of you share with your baby, it will also encourage communication amongst the family.

Babies respond to a massage by vocalization, smiling and by touching those they love. These small gestures by your precious bundle of joy can go a long way by raising your confidence in your parenting abilities. With a rise in your parenting abilities, you’re bound to feel more empowered as a parent.

2 Gain better awareness of your baby’s cues

One of the most important duties that parents fulfill is that of listening to their babies’ cues and responding to them. As they continue to massage their babies on a daily basis, they engage with their little ones. Touch gives parents the ability to become more aware of the cues given by their babies.

Most importantly, for every bit of effort that you put into massaging your baby, you will receive praise in the form of cuddles, smiles and beautiful laughter, thereby indicating that you are a wonderful parent. With that, your confidence in your parenting abilities is bound to get a massive boost!

1 It will help your baby’s dad too!

Baby massages can work wonders in terms of helping dads bond with their babies. All you need to do is dedicate a bit of time each day to some daddy-baby bonding time and give your baby a relaxing massage during it.

Babies tend to develop an instant bond with their mothers, and at times this can make new dads feel a bit left out. I’ve actually seen fathers who wonder if they’ll ever play any role whatsoever in the development of their new born babies, and this is something that baby massages can help with for sure. Research suggests that fathers who massage their babies develop long-lasting relationships with their babies and their positive relationships continue even as their children grow up.

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