10 Pregnancy And Parenting Trends That Are On Their Way Out (And 10 That Are Becoming Popular)

One of the most enjoyable parts of being pregnant is keeping up with all the trends. Suddenly, you're part of a completely unique subculture that is always changing and evolving. New baby products continue to come out, and new parenting methods are always being discussed. Mothers often keep up to date on pregnancy trends on social media, including different types of images that pregnant women post of themselves and their journey into motherhood.

But not all trends are here to stay. Over the years, we've seen plenty of pregnancy fads come and go. And as we move into 2019, we're probably going to a see a few of these trends fade away. However, when one trend vanished there's always another one to fill its place. But how do we know which trends will stick around, and which ones won't? Well, there's no real way of knowing. No one can predict the future, and we don't claim to know what'll happen in the next few years.

But we can make some pretty educated guesses about which trends are going to continue, and which ones are on their way out. Here are ten trends that won't last much longer, and ten trends that are on their way in.

20 Becoming Popular - Milk Baths


Underwater pregnancy photoshoots were just the beginning. Nowadays, the next big craze is a milk bath. Add a few flower petals, and you've got a recipe for a seriously luxurious and relaxing bath. There are tons of pictures of pregnancy milk baths on social media, and we're predicting that the trend will continue long into 2019.

Milk baths are also great for your skin, not just looking cool. The lactic acid helps clean and soften the skin, leaving your whole body feeling soft and supple. The fats and proteins also work wonders. Finally, milk baths actually exfoliate your skin, so there's so many reasons to try a milk bath in 2019.

19 On Their Way Out - Revealing Pregnancy Photos


Any woman should be proud of her pregnant body. And in the last few years, we've seen no shortage of pregnant women revealing their pregnant bodies on social media, leaving nothing to the imagination. It was a trend that was probably started at least in part by celebrities. But will this trend continue past 2019?

Probably not. These days, people are getting a little more conscious and aware about what they're putting on social media. The fact that they're not revealing it all on social media doesn't mean they're ashamed... It just means they value privacy. And that's perfectly all right.

18 Becoming Popular - Nurseries Made From Reclaimed Wood


Some moms really go all out when they're planning out nurseries for new babies. And it's definitely a lot of fun. If you've spend some time on social media, you know that nurseries go through all kinds of different trends as the years go by. These days, it seems like nurseries made from reclaimed wood are seriously popular.

This fits in with the overall trend of using more eco-friendly and sustainable baby products in general. And of course, the addition of reclaimed driftwood or soft lumber can really add a nice finishing touch to any nursery. We can definitely see this more neutral toned trend continuing into the future, and colorful, bright nurseries might be a thing of the past.

17 On The Way Out - Pregnancy Belly Casts


This is exactly what it sounds like. Over the last few years, pregnant women have been making casts of their bellies. It was a huge trend for a while, but it seems to be dying out a little bit. And honestly, it does seem like a fad that will fade away with time.

It's completely safe, and there are even companies that will help you cast your belly and take professional pictures of it. But is this really a trend that will stand the test of time? Is a belly cast really something you want lying around your house for the rest of your life? We're not so sure.

16 Becoming Popular - Pregnancy Apps


Pregnancy apps are on the rise in 2019 - although you probably already knew that. Wearable devices in particular seem to go hand in hand with pregnancy, as they can actually help moms figure out what they should be doing and at what times. There are a whole lot of useless apps out there, but pregnancy apps are genuinely a great step forward.

With pregnancy apps, you can track you nutrition, your exercise, and your overall movement throughout the day. You can customize your plan to fit in with your ideal pregnancy goals. Any app that helps us keep our baby healthy is a welcome addition. We predict that pregnancy apps will become even more advanced as time goes on.

15 On The Way Out - Push Presents


Pregnant women are already showered with all kinds of gifts. Friends and family obviously give the new mommy presents at baby showers, and they might even get more presents as time goes on. But apparently that's just not enough.

"Push Presents" are a new phenomenon that have become a huge pregnancy trend. Basically, fathers give their partners presents in the delivery room, after the baby is born. It's meant to be a "reward" for going through the difficult task of labor. But we don't see this trend surviving for much longer. After all, isn't the baby a good enough reward?

14 Becoming Popular - A Minimalist Approach To Baby "Stuff"


The baby product industry is simply massive, and it shows no sign of slowing down. These companies depend on new parents buying tons of stuff for their baby - whether they actually need it or not. However, some new moms these days are taking a more minimalist approach. Instead of buying a ton of cheap, disposable plastic junk for their baby, they're buying only the bare essentials.

We love this trend. After all, our babies will grow out of half the things we buy for them - often in just a few weeks! With a more minimalist approach, the house is free from clutter and moms get to save a surprising amount of money.

13 On The Way Out - Leaden Blankets


Weighted blankets were one of the most trendy baby products of 2018. They're supposed to help people get a better night's sleep, by fighting insomnia and anxiety. Naturally, they've appeared on the baby market as well. But are weighted blankets really a good idea for your baby? Will this trend continue into 2019?

Something tells us that this fad will pass with time. In addition, it's probably not the safest thing for use when your child is still an infant. But even when your child grows older, this product seems a little gimmicky. Who knows, this trend might continue well into 2019. But we're going to go out on a limb and say that weighted blankets are on the way out.

12 Becoming Popular - Eco-Friendly Baby Products


If you take a look at some of the most popular baby products these days, you'll see some pretty huge differences compared to the trends of just a few years ago. Toys, blankets and even strollers all seem to be much more eco-friendly and earthy. This is definitely a trend that we predict will extend long into the future.

Some people say that "hipster parents" are to blame for the sudden influx of organic fabrics, reclaimed wood toys, and vintage aesthetics that we see in virtually all of the most popular baby toys these days. But in all honesty, there's plenty of other reasons to choose eco-friendly products. Plastic often contains harmful chemicals like BPA, so wood is a great alternative. And it's always a good thing to put less strain on the planet by choosing sustainable products.

11 On The Way Out - Meme Onesies


Meme onesies are definitely popular these days, and we see no shortage of them on social media. But are they here to stay? Something tells us that they're running on borrowed time. Sure, it's funny for a while. But after we've seen the 900th onesie with a witty comment or pop culture reference, it gets a little old.

In 2019, we're predicting that onesies will start to look more unbranded, with plain patterns and a focus on high quality fabrics instead of meme-worthy screen prints. And we think that a lot of moms out there can agree that it would be a good think if this trend went quietly into the night.

10 Becoming Popular - The Danish Tradition Of "Hygge"

A huge trend in Denmark has finally started to spread across the globe - and we can't get enough of it. "Hygge" is a Danish phrase that translates roughly to "Cozy time with the family." Pregnant mothers are discovering how something so simple can be so beneficial. Simply taking the time to enjoy cuddling with the baby, the pet, and the hubby all together can be wonderful.

This is a trend that is just starting to spread, so we'll probably be seeing a lot more of it in the future. And in many ways, Hygge is totally timeless. Families can enjoy Hygge no matter what year it is.

9 On The Way Out - Posting Pictures Of Advanced Yoga Poses While Pregnant


We all know that yoga is major part of social media these days, and there are tons of moms that love to show off their yoga skills on various platforms. And there's really nothing wrong with that. Even pregnant women are getting in on the action, and they're proving that being pregnant doesn't mean they have to slow down on their yoga routines.

But will we see the same amount of pregnant women showing off their yoga skills in 2019 and beyond? We don't think so. We're predicting that this trend will fade away slightly in the coming years. This could be the result of a general move away from social media for some pregnant women. But who knows what will happen!

8 Becoming Popular - Keeping Pregnancy OFF Social Media


For many years now, we've seen moms putting every little detail about their pregnancy on social media. And it doesn't stop after the baby is born. But after so many years, people are now starting to move in the complete opposite direction.

That's right, the rising trend right now seems to be to keep the baby off social media entirely. And we have to admit, there's a lot to admire about this trend. After all, the baby never actually consented to be put on the internet. What happens when they grow up and see their baby pictures plastered everywhere? What if they feel uncomfortable with that? Celebrities are some of the biggest proponents of this strategy, and more and more people are leaving their babies off social media.

7 On The Way Out - Pregnant Belly Henna


Henna is always pretty cool to witness, and there's no shortage of it on social media. From the minute it showed up, henna was destined to become a trending topic all over the internet. We've seen people drawing impressive henna designs on almost every part of their body imaginable. It was only a matter of time before pregnant women started to draw henna designs on their bellies

Henna on pregnant bellies became a massively trending topic within a relatively short amount of time. But will this trend continue into 2019 and beyond? We're going to have to say no. It just seems like one of those passing fads, and it's not really interesting enough to stand the test of time. But hey, that's just our two cents.

6 Becoming Popular - Baby Headbands


Is there anything cuter than a baby headband? We've been seeing these awesome accessories all over social media as of late, and it definitely seems like something that's here to stay. This amazing new trend has completely swept over the globe, and we're pretty glad. Baby headbands come in many different shapes and sizes, and we've seen a lot of moms get really creative.

This is one baby accessory that we think is here to stay. Yes, moms are moving towards a more minimalist approach to baby products, but this is something that fits in with that whole mindset. A headband can be a simple piece of fabric, but it add some interesting flair to a baby's look.

5 On The Way Out - Maternity Clothes That Are Just Too Much


The fashion industry has really clued in to the growing demand for fashionable maternity clothes, and we've seen pregnant moms rocking some pretty elaborate outfits. Maternity clothes excite some moms, while others just can't be bothered. But will the growing trend of maternity fashion continue into 2019 and beyond?

We're actually predicting that'll dip a little bit in the coming years. We're pretty sure that we've reached "peak maternity fashion," especially with all the major fashion brands jumping on board the trend. When everyone starts getting involved in a new trend, that's when you know it's starting to die. And honestly, sometimes maternity clothes are a little much.

4 Becoming Popular - Gender Reveal Parties


Gender reveal parties are a major new pregnancy trend. And honestly, we don't see this fad going away any time soon. New parents seem to find any excuse to celebrate their pregnancy, and there's nothing new with that. Gender reveal parties are now pretty much on par with baby showers and other traditional celebrations.

Some people think that gender reveal parties are bad because they reinforce gender norms. But those concerns don't seem to be discouraging parents from throwing gender reveal parties. In fact, the added publicity is probably making them more popular. Are gender reveal parties here to stay? We think so.

3 On The Way Out - Pregnancy Newsletters


Not everyone wants to hear every little detail about your pregnancy. It's sad but true. Moms are just starting to clue into this fact. Although it can be tempting to have fun and send out "pregnancy newsletters" by email, it's probably not going to be a popular move in 2019 and beyond.

Moms may be excited about their pregnancies and their baby's development, and they want to share it with the entire world. There's nothing wrong with that. But in 2019, we predict that moms will start taking a much more realistic approach. They'll understand that only a select few want to hear about every little detail, and there's no real need for a meticulously organized pregnancy newsletter.

2 Becoming Popular - Post Baby Spa Sessions


If anyone deserves a day at the spa, mommies do. Especially those who have just given birth. Post baby spa sessions are trending, and everyone can get behind this new development. We really hope that this continues well beyond 2019, and we don't really see any reason why it won't... After all, who doesn't want a post baby spa session?

Hospitals are jumping on this trend, and some are even offering spa sessions as part of the whole labor process. There are tons of optional post baby perks that women are signing up for, and we're totally in favor of this.

1 On The Way Out - Pregnant Moms Taking Time Off Work


Sometimes, it's a pretty worrying thing when certain trends start fading away. After all, trends don't necessarily have to be a social media fad or a new baby product. Trends can represent changing attitudes and behaviors as well. And in 2019 and beyond, less and less women are able to take time off work when they're pregnant.

It's something that will probably get even worse with time. Maternity leave is a lot rarer than ever before. According to GOMO Health4 out of every ten American moms were the primary breadwinners of the household in 2014. It's just the reality of our current society.

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