10 Pregnancy Quotes From TV Shows That You Can Only Truly Relate To If You're Expecting

Everybody loves TV shows, especially when their favorite character gets pregnant. This is more so the fact if your favorite character is in a dreamy ‘marriage’ with your celebrity crush. When they are pregnant, you only get to laugh and pass up the corny, hilarious pregnancy quotes and stinging jabs they throw at their partners’ futile attempts at support.

Below are a few of these hilarious quotes and jabs that you will relate to only if there is a baby growing inside you and can fully identify with:

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Rachel in Friends
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10 "Thanks for comin’ out of me!"

Rachel in Friends

You can only imagine how happy you will be when your little one is finally born and you get to hold them in your arms for the first time. But then, there are those little advantages, like seeing your feet again, tying your shoelaces, doing your own pedicure, and like Rachel in Friends, enjoy your freedom!

You can only know the relief of finally giving birth if you have had to carry a massive belly everywhere you go for close to 6 months!

9 What Will The Baby’s Name Be?

Baby Green

Dr. Long: For now we’ll just call her Baby Green

Rachel: Oh No! Baby Girl Geller-Green.

Choosing a name for your little one is so much fun at first! You post in your favorite social media groups for unconventional baby names, you Google Russian, French Hebrew, German or African names hoping to find one that is special and means something great.

However, your due date rolls by, and you still cannot quite figure out what name to choose from your list of fifteen names! Then your partner has their own suggestions, which makes the process even more difficult. Getting to choose the name that your beloved child will have for the rest of our life can be tricky, and only an expectant mum can identify with that.

8 "Oh wow, three hours and still no baby. Ugh, the miracle of birth sure is a snoozefest"

Phoebe from Friends

Having your friends and family beside you as you deliver can be both great and frustrating at the same time.

While having someone to show their support can help alleviate loneliness, having someone like Phoebe from Friends can be incredibly frustrating. Her quote gives you an insight into how impatient your family can be as they wait to see baby’s little face. Despite the contractions and discomfort, your family will almost be more focused on the baby than on you!

7 Would you want dad to be there?

Rachel: Why doesn’t she want to come out?

Ross: I think you made such a nice home for her over the last nine months that she just does not want to leave.

Rachel: Aw, look at you making up crap for me!

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Having your partner by your side during birth can really help with the anxiety. See how Ross tries to help Rachel feel better during her delayed delivery! While it differs among moms, now that you are expecting, you get to have a valid opinion as to whether you want him there or not. Besides, he will get to see some rather gooey stuff that he might never be able to get out of his mind!

6 On Being Enough

Sarah Braverman in Parenthood

“For what it’s worth, you have me. I’m not going anywhere. And I’m really sorry, but that’s gonna have to be enough, okay? Okay.”

All moms question their ability to be great parents. The fact that there is a little person growing inside of you may make you panic and start questioning your competence. Besides, taking care of oneself is challenging enough. This quote by Sarah Braverman in Parenthood proves that not being entirely confident about your parenting ability is normal, common, and actually goes to show that you genuinely care for your baby.

5 Mother-Daughter Relationships

Gilmore Girls quote by Lauren Graham

“This is it. She can finally go to Harvard like she’s always wanted and get the education that I never got and get to do all the things that I never got to do and then I can resent her for it and we can finally have a normal mother-daughter relationship.”

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Are you expecting a baby girl and are panicked over what your relationship with your daughter will be once she enters the teen and young adult stages? Not to worry, apparently, strained mother-daughter relationships are the norm, as portrayed in this Gilmore Girls quote by Lauren Graham. However strained and awkward your relationship with your daughter will be, worrying about it while expectant will not help, as it will be perfectly normal.

4 Importance Of Bringing Up A Smart Child

Tami Taylor

“Well, the big deal is that part of my job is to ensure you don’t grow up stupid. It’s bad for the world.”

You must have seen the hilarious quote about how it is only the world around that feels the impact of one’s stupidity. As a pregnant mom, you must feel the pressure to have one of the smart, well-rounded kids who become the Valedictorian, MVPs in their sport of choice, and score excellent grades. Tami Taylor’s quote on Friday Night Lights clearly illustrates the urge to have a clever, brilliant child.

3 Maternity Outfits

maternity outfit

“See how they expand as the baby grows? And then after the baby’s born, you can use them to shoplift watermelons!”

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If you are 30 weeks along like Phoebe was from Friends, you probably are wearing a comfy maternity dress to accommodate your huge belly and once the baby is born, looking for something to do with that dress (now that it is fully distended) can be quite challenging!

2 Anticipation over baby's coming

The Secret Life of the American Teenager

"It's okay. It's supposed to move. The baby's not coming right now. But it is coming."

Fans of The Secret Life of the American Teenager watched as fifteen-year-old Amy Juergens struggled with the stress of her pregnancy. However, she chose to be strong and prepared herself psychologically for baby John's eventual arrival. If you are an anxious mom, jitters are a perfectly normal reaction and show that you are cut out for the challenges of motherhood.

1 "You need not say anything"



This is not a quote per se, but Phoebe in Friends is laughing then crying the next minute. When you are pregnant, your hormonal changes will take a huge toll on your emotions. Getting to experience it is the only way to fully identify with the emotional upheavals that pregnant women endure.

Being pregnant is incredibly rewarding, but also challenging. The quotes above show that the difficulties you are feeling are absolutely normal and that you are not alone.

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