19Kept: I'll Be A Better Man For My Family

They might decide to go back to school so that they can get a better career, or they vow to make their way up the corporate ladder so they have more financial stability. Some men vow to take on side jobs to pay for the diapers and the other baby needs, or they decide to go through counseling so that they can act as a better parent or spouse.

There aren't a lot of men who will take a vow to better themselves when their baby is on the way. It's a daunting idea that many don't like to think about, especially if their life has been going pretty well already. But there are a lot of men who

realize that they are not just responsible for the course of their own life but for the life of their child. They make vows to make sure that path is solid, and while there are different forms that this promise can take, the men who choose to make that usually follow through as much as they can.

These are usually promises that aren't made lightly, and while it can take a while to fulfill them — maybe even years — most dads work hard to fulfill these aspirations. They are great for the entire family, including the father, and they are definitely promises worth keeping.

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