18Broken: I'll Stay Up With the Baby


And not too long ago they used to pull all-nighters all the time, between the college papers and the parties and such. So they think it'll be an easy sacrifice to promise to stay up with the baby. For most dads, that's a promise they will keep for about a week and a half.

Most dads have great intentions when it comes to taking care of their little one. They get excited about their time with the baby, and they really want to be there for the baby and the mom. If they've read the baby books — and most do — they know

that night can be one of the toughest times in the first several weeks with baby.

Many times, we totally understand the struggle. Usually the mom will be staying home for a month or two or three with the baby — even if they don't have maternity leave, a mom has to take some time to heal from the delivery — whereas the dad often times have to go back to work after a week, maybe even less. It's hard for some moms to let the dad stay up at night when he has to go to work in the morning and she doesn't. They both need their sleep, but even dads with the best of intentions usually end up breaking their promise to stay up with the baby.

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