20Broken: Fatherhood Won't Change Me


Nope, it's just not true. No matter how many times they promise their friends that fatherhood won't change them, they are in for a big wake up call.

Many men think that becoming a dad is great, but it's just another aspect of their life. They don't think it will change their day-to-day life much, other than hopefully having a little buddy to play catch with on the weekends. They think their life at work will be the

same, and they will still have date nights and nights out with the boys, although they might have to worry about a sitter more.

And we aren't talking about the ways that having a child disrupts a schedule either — fatherhood will change a person's very being. It's not just about wearing another hat, although many times a man will think that he has to juggle multiple roles in his life. This hat is more permanent. He has taken on the very daunting, very rewarding mantle of being a father, and that will become a core part of who he is. A father has to weigh every decision differently, and while he may have thought of his wife at the office, knowing that there is a child depending on him is a very different level. Fatherhood will definitely change a man, but luckily most of the time it's for the better.

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