10 Questions and Answers About the Calm Birth Technique

The far-reaching and vital benefits of meditation are widely known. When you meditate, your breathing is more wholesome and complete. Apart from oxygen, you take in vital energy from your surroundings. You strengthen your immune system and enhance your neural functioning. Your ability to work your way through challenges increases. You witness a gentle transformation in yourself as your confidence rises, and you become more compassionate towards others.

When you practice meditation and breathing techniques during your pregnancy, you're passing on these benefits to the child within you. Whether your child's birth is naturally or medically induced, you should discover and experience the healthiest kind of birth, with the right techniques to guide you during the most important phase of your life.

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10 What Is Calm Birth?

Peter Jackson, who worked as a midwife for more than 20 years, witnessed the fear, trauma, and anxiety among mothers during their childbirth experience. He was gripped with the thought of finding a way to help mothers experience birth with calmness, joy, and power. Calm Birth is an education program for childbirth created by Peter in 2005. It is based on the philosophy that pregnancy, labor, and birth are important life events and a part of nature's process. They should be experienced by expectant mothers calmly and joyfully; there should be happy memories associated with these events. It recognizes the need to alleviate the fear and anxiety from expecting parents who are approaching childbirth.

Calm Birth uses meditation practices for pregnancy, birth, and beyond. It helps parents reach out to their inner calm and strength, which is important for moms and dads as well as their children. 

9 How Has Calm Birth Helped Women?

Calm Birth was introduced in hospitals in California and Oregon in 1997. Since the development of the education program in 2005, a large number of teachers have been trained internationally. It has since been used in more than 14,000 births across the world, and is strongly endorsed by childbirth educators and experts. Calm Birth not only prepares women and their partners for childbirth, it trains them to use calming practices that can benefit them for the rest of their lives. 

8 How Does It Work?

What if you could feel the same level of relaxation during birth as you would while daydreaming or reading a good book? This might sound far-fetched, but it is possible with Calm Birth. The breathing techniques that are part of this program teach you how to enter a completely relaxed state. You can practice these techniques during the final weeks of your pregnancy, and most importantly through your labor and childbirth. You can also practice when you want to remain calm and focused while caring for your little one. 

The program, which extends over a weekend or a few days, begins with the participants developing an understanding of how a female body works to deliver a child, and how fear can obstruct this process. Various tools of relaxation, positive imagery, visualization, and light-touch massage are taught to couples to prepare them for labor. For the trainers, the aim is to have couples leave the classes with a better understanding of the birth process, enhanced confidence in their ability to work with this process, and excitement over the approaching birth of their child. Upon completion of the program, couples are expected to practice the techniques regularly at home at least until the end of labor.

7 Is It Safe?

Calm Birth techniques have evolved with the aim of having the expectant mother both alert and deeply relaxed. This greatly helps the pelvic muscles to open and allow the birth of the baby easily and comfortably. These are simple techniques that can be learned and practiced by anyone. Even those who have issues with letting go and relaxing ultimately overcome their inhibitions and enjoy the relaxation along with others.

Calm Birth is completely safe; being calm can never hurt anyone. The calm birth techniques reduce the adrenaline in the mother's system and maintain the laboring hormone oxytocin for the labor to progress smoothly. With reduced stress and anxiety, the blood pressure levels in the mother's body also remain normal. Good levels of oxygen are maintained in the mother and the baby through calm breathing. You rely on your own inner strength, and you are less likely to need medication, which is good for the well-being of the baby before and after the birth. In such cases, it is more likely that the baby will have strong reflexes and commence breastfeeding without any issues.

6 Can Calm Birth Manage Labor Pains?

The Birth techniques have evolved with the aim of having the expectant mother both alert and deeply relaxed. This greatly helps the pelvic muscles to open and allow the birth of the baby easily and comfortably. These are simple techniques that can be learned and practiced by anyone. Even those who have issues with letting go and relaxing ultimately overcome their inhibitions and enjoy the relaxation along with others.

Your attitude can make an enormous difference to your experience of childbirth. Calm Birth practitioners do not want you to shape your attitude from movies, horror stories of other labors, or negative articles. It is explained how these can influence you, not only psychologically, but also in your body reactions, such has the release of vital hormones. With visualization techniques, you imagine your baby growing within you. You visualize the contractions as waves reaching the shore, and dilation of the cervix as a flower blossoming. 

5 Is It Suitable For Everyone?

Yes, it is indeed suitable for all pregnant women. Whether you're a first-time mom or having your subsequent baby, you and your partner are sure to experience a calm birth, in a relaxed, stress-free way. You will be amazed of your focus and serenity, even during labor. You just need to remember that preparing for a positive birth experience can help you achieve it, although nothing can guarantee a perfect labor. As a single parent or a couple, you will see that labor is a natural process for which your body is designed. Bringing your child into this world should not be an ordeal to be endured. You also understand that you're not a failure or someone to be blamed if things don't go as planned.

4 What Does It Entail for My Partner?

The role of the childbirth partner is to help the expectant mom stay focused on her breathing by minimizing distraction and disturbances that could alter her focus. The Calm Birth course places importance on the bonding between the couple, which should be based on encouragement, support, and guidance. The couple prepares for the birth of their child together, and focuses on their roles, which are equally significant. The spirit of joy, relaxation, hope, determination, courage, and togetherness is encouraged between the partners for the creation of strong and loving relationships as the couple awaits their baby. 

3 What are the Benefits of Calm Birth?

Apart from understanding all there is know about labor and birth, Calm Birth will reduce your fears and anxieties. It will also diminish your pain and pain perception during labor, which might lead to a decline in the need for pain medication. You will not feel fatigued during labor, and the length of your labor may reduce. The program will empower your partner to play a crucial role in the birth of your child, and support you in the best possible manner during any unexpected circumstance that might develop during pregnancy or birth. 

2 What Is the Relaxation Response?

During the Calm Birth classes, you're in the midst of a relaxed environment. Learning techniques and meditation exercises will steer you in the right direction during childbirth. These techniques also have long-term benefits. There are specific exercises targeted at invoking a person's ability to reach out to bodily calm and counteract the effects of stress. This innate ability, which provides the strength for emotional and physical healing throughout life, is known as the Relaxation Response.

1 What Will I Learn from Calm Birth?

When you're a part of the Calm Birth program, the trainers will examine your beliefs about birth and whether these can impact your birth experience positively or negatively. You will be taught to eliminate fear and tension as they obstruct labor and birth. You will learn about the powerful connection between mind and body in the context of the birthing process, and how you can tap into your inner resources when required. You will be a part of practical sessions teaching skills of breathing, relaxation, and visualization that greatly assists the process of giving birth. You will learn how you and your partner can work as a team, and how your partner can keep you calm and confident during your journey towards parenthood. You will be able to build and rely on the connection you have with your baby throughout your pregnancy, and you will feel positive about the entire journey. 

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