10 Questions Only Millennial Moms Can't Answer (And 10 Only They Know)

Millennial moms are those people who were born between 1980 and the year 2000. According to Pop Sugar, the people in this age bracket are estimated to be over 22 million in this country alone. Millennials may have an over-reliance on the Internet to answer even the most basic of questions. But this lot has gone out of their way to challenge the world as we know it by reshaping traditional societal norms through their (not seen before) parenting style.

Growing up in an era characterized by the global recession and security issues, millennials have gone out of their way to ensure that their children have the perfect childhood, despite the uncertainty in the world. A millennial mom with a tablet in her hand is quite adept at gathering all the information she requires to care for all her child’s needs. Be it information on the type of toys suitable for a child in each age bracket to the right medication, or home remedies that help relieve a really bad case of eczema.

Even with this wealth of knowledge at their fingertips, millennials still have a lot they cannot answer when it comes to parenting and marriage, with most of these questions requiring a lot more than the wealth of knowledge on the Net. Here are 10 questions millennials moms can't answer, and 10 that they totally can.

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20 Millennials know: Is Self Care Important?

Ask any millennial whether self-care is really important and you get all the reasons why it truly is.

Millennials are large on self-care, firmly believing that children should not stop one from slaying. Just because a mother is pregnant or has just had a baby, this is no excuse to let herself go. With the Internet bombarding them with images of celebrities who bounce back seemingly the minute they leave the labor ward.

For a millennial mom, makeup and well-kept fingernails, as well as clothes that are the latest style, are a staple in their everyday routine with occasion massages that are meant to rejuvenate them in readiness for a day of taking care of the baby and the family.

19 Millennials know: Why All the Tracking?

Why do millennials feel the need to keep track of every little thing that happens to their children? According to Motherly, “Today’s parents are posting everything from ultrasounds to unexpected success and failures, first grade to freshman year, actually creating an alternate sense of self for their children.”

This is all a way of ensuring that they keep track of their baby. By connecting with everyone, we all know when our baby is not reaching his milestones as fast as children his age. Of course, there is also a wealth of knowledge to let us know how we can ensure that he gets there just as fast.

18 Millennials know: What is Gender Neutrality?

Moms from earlier generation’s new gender to be either male or female and the nursery either came in blue or pink. The baby boy was gifted with trucks and balls, while the girl got dolls and dollhouses. Millennial moms are aware of the fact that gender is not that clean-cut and there are many complexities as far as their baby’s gender is concerned.

Millennials allow boys to dress in princess gowns and a little girl will be seen sporting blue or racing trucks. Millennial’s do not box their children in gender stereotypes, allowing them to figure out for themselves what is right for them.

17 Millennials know: Why Go Organic?

Millennials are increasingly health conscious and they frown at processed foods on their child’s plate. Popping mac and cheese dinners in the microwave or letting the baby indulge in a hot dog or two is not something these mothers will be seen doing, preferring a healthy organic diet.

Millennials are more informed than parents of yesteryears and they are aware of the fact that overly processed foods have the potential to introduce chronic diseases in their children. Millennial moms take no risk with their kids and they choose to feed their kids with organic dairy, produce and meat.

16 Millennials know: What are Reversed Gender Roles?

In yesteryears, dad went out to work while mom became the main caregiver in the home. These roles have been reversed over the years with a lot more women joining the workforce with the economy getting a lot harder to sustain a family on one income.

While in previous years, most moms still work and maintain a household, millennials have a lot more dads taking on the caregiving role while the moms engage in high flying careers. Dads are now spending more time working in the home and doing housework than they did before. The number of stay at home dads keeps increasing as the years go by.

15 Millennials know: Which Parenting Site has Valid Information?

Millennials are quite adept at sourcing information on the Internet and can tell you exactly where the best and most valid information about parenting and baby care can be found. According to Snipp, “More than 3 out of 4 Millennial Moms use the Internet for parenting advice, and they are twice as likely to use the Internet for parenting advice than they are to ask other people, such as relatives or friends.”

With all the emerging baby illnesses in the world that are mostly fueled by environmental toxins, having access to the Internet and the wealth of information, it brings help to these mothers to raise their children in a healthier environment by knowing what will harm or nurture the child. Millennial moms know to avoid chemicals in baby shampoos or in their home detergents, all by flipping on their tablet and using the Internet.

14 Millennials know: What Products Will Make My Parenting Journey Smoother?

Millennial moms believe in making life easy for themselves. Anything that can make the parenting journey easy is a sure sell and they know just what products they are. Millennials understand the need for a diaper genie and a bottle warmer. They know what cream works without requiring a wipe before baby feeds and which ones are too toxic for the baby, and her chest.

In case they have an engorged chest, they know that a frozen cabbage leaf will offer temporary relief and that taking fenugreek seeds helps boost milk production. A millennial mom has a wealth of information that if tapped, can help one sail through parenthood like a pro.

13 Millennials know: How Do I Go About Shopping Online?

From Amazon to eBay, millenials know where the best deals are and they are quite adept at maneuvering around all the online shops and getting the best at the best prices without leaving the comfort of their homes. Millennials are more likely to shop online than anyone else and they have managed to make online stores the most thriving business in the world today. According to Elite Daily, “Being the first generation to have access to the Internet during our formative years, millennial moms are highly connected in numerous ways.”

Creating a baby registry online is a normal thing for these mamas and if one wants a lesson on how exactly they go about it, no one is better placed to assist than a millennial mom.

12 Millennials know: Is Value More Important than Price?

Millennials prefer to get the best products and aligning themselves with the best brands on the market instead of choosing the cheaper option that comes with no integrity. Millennials are bargain hunters, but only if the product is right. They never sacrifice value for a bargain.

According to Steadfast, nearly 80 percent of millennial mothers cite safety as a top priority, higher than value or price. Additionally, just under 50 percent of millennial moms list the use of wholesome ingredients as a key deciding factor when comparing brands. The de-emphasis on price and the raised emphasis on quality is also indicated by the use of coupons, which is done by around 65 percent of this group.

11 Millennials know: Are Recommendations Important To A Mom?

Millennial moms prefer the recommendation from other moms or those they consider influential. If a product comes with Kim Kardashian's nod, then most moms will go for it as opposed to the product marketers are pushing to them. According to Adweek, 51 percent of millennial moms value recommendations from other millennial moms, compared to only 35 percent of them valuing the recommendation of an ‘expert.’

When you consider that they are 50 percent more likely to ask for a recommendation than other mothers, and are asked their opinion on products 20 percent more often than other mothers; it’s very easy to see that they influence each other more than they are influenced by any other group.

10 Millennials don't know: What Was it Like Raising Kids Without Wifi?

Millennials cannot go a day without Wifi. From googling "my baby has a fever" to "my baby’s poop is green.” The number of times a millennial mom consults Dr. Google in a day is overwhelming.

Some of these mothers do not trust their own shadows and before they give that medicine to their children, they have to ask the Internet whether the ingredients are right for their child and what side effects they may have on the child. Millennials cannot understand what it would be like not to have this wealth of information at their fingertips. For them, the moms of yesteryears had it rough and hard.

9 Millennials don't know: Who Will Take Out the Trash?

Millennials have redefined gender roles as we know them. While previously mom took care of the family and cared for the children, all dad had to do was throw out the trash. These days, millennial dads can take care of the kids as well as mom can or even better and they will be cleaning the dishes and doing the laundry with a lot more ease than dads of yesteryears could.

The question of who does what job and who doesn’t is a question millennials have been struggling with for the longest time and that is why they are always fighting and arguing.

8 Millennials don't know: How do I Make Food From Scratch?

Millennials are adept at doing a lot of things but using a traditional stove and cooking an elaborate meal is not their strong suit. They are capable of making baby food fast and conveniently with the help of a baby bullet and a food processor, which is meant for the busy mom on the go.

For a generation that has a hard time cooking a family meal from scratch, they have no idea how to make a shepherd’s pie the traditional way. Millennials give moms from the 50s a run for their money as far as feeding their babies is concerned. Millennials no longer buy baby food, these mothers know exactly what to make and how, as well as the nutritional value in the food with most of them having a preference for organic.

7 Millennials don't know: How Can I Make My Marriage Last?

Millennials are big on the family but for them, the family does not have to be the traditional mother and father and a kid setup. The millennials are more open-minded and are open to the fact that family is a lot more than that. This generation is big on instant gratification and for them, marriage has to enrich their life, not take from it.

Divorce in this generation is high and what they really cannot answer is how two people can make a marriage last for thirty-plus years without killing each other. The good thing about this bunch is that most women are able to raise a child without a husband and they are not boxed into traditional stereotypes as opposed to earlier generations.

6 Millennials don't know: If There Is No Gas And No Electricity, How Do I Make Baby Food?

Our mothers would make a meal using firewood without batting an eyelid. Millennials find this unfathomable and for them, no gas or electricity means that food will not be cooked. How did our mothers feed their children? What would happen if they went on a camping trip? Would they need to carry hot food in food warmers or carry fast food?

Millennials are health conscious and this option would not fly. So how does one cook without electricity and is it hygienic? Well, it is very hygienic and quite possible to go back to the fifties and make several courses of meals without the use of electricity or gas.

5 Millennials don't know: My Baby Has A Fever - What Do I Do?

One would expect that millennials would know exactly what to do in this case, but this question is asked not one, but thousands of times on the Internet in a day.

With the wealth of information these tech-survey parents have, they still cannot answer such a question and if they can, they do not trust themselves enough to just act on what they know, preferring to ask and get answers on the Net from people they feel to have a lot more experience, like Dr. Google. They have asked and asked before but they still need him to answer the question again.

4 Millennials don't know: The avocados Are Hard - What Do I Do?

The obsession with avocados is hilarious when you think about it. Most millennial parents ask the Internet about this and it appears they still are not content with the answers they get. Avocados are fruits packed with all the good fat and it could be the reason these moms are so obsessed with them.

Choosing to go organic, nothing will give the baby the nutrients he needs more than an avocado will. If the fruit is hard, wrap it and let it stay in a warm place. In a few days, it will be soft enough to make any dish you desire.

3 Millennials don't know: My Baby Won't Sleep - What Do I Do?

Granted all mothers ask this question. It would appear that millennials are truly not sure what to do even after blogger after blogger has covered this topic. Sleep regression and sleep training have now become big business with entrepreneurs promising to offer the sleep-deprived mothers a sure fire way of making their kids fall asleep without a fuss and sleep through the night; something every mother is willing to pay top dollar for.

Our mothers never bothered themselves much about the baby’s sleep patterns and they saw no need for any form of intervention with babies somehow learning how to soothe themselves and sleep well with time.

2 Millennials don't know: How Did I Become Just Like My Mother?

Well, every habit is learned and the best way to learn is through observation. The number of times you told your mother you hate her as a teenager for some reason will come back to haunt you the minute your daughter gets to that age and throws the words back at you.

Even with all our liberal nature and our desire to make our kids independent individuals with their own opinion and self-expression, children require guidance and more often than not, they will rebel against this guidance. This will make even the millennial mom turn into the 50s mom in a heartbeat.

1 Millennials don't know: How Do I Achieve A Work-Life Balance

Millennial mothers want it all. They want that high flying job and that picture-perfect family. They want to be the mothers who win the "Mother of the Year" award, to make chocolate chip cookies in the morning and pack healthy, organic lunches for their babies then rush off to chair that meeting in the office after dropping the baby off at the daycare.

The mommy guilt for these mothers is out of this world and they want to know how to achieve a balance where they have time for their kids and their jobs and even get time for themselves. Some do it, but most continue to struggle. As long as we all do the best we can.

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