10 Reasons that Pregnancy Glow is BS

As we all know, pregnancy is a time for changes; from the household readying itself for the new addition, to physical and emotional changes happening across the expectant family. However, among the changes, the most obvious and most noticeable take place to the mother to-be, and the notion of a 'glowing in pregnancy' is one that almost every woman holds onto, but begs the questions, how accurate is it?

The pregnancy glow is a complete misconception. In fact, I feel it’s a downright lie. I have never met a woman who has felt and looked amazing their whole pregnancy. So let’s be honest about how pregnant woman look when they're expecting.

10 My Oily Glow

The mystery of the “glow” is simple, it’s your oily skin. Its harsh, but true that being pregnant brings on more hormones. Which just means you get to have more oils coming out of your pores. The more your oil glands produce the shinier your face will be. If you’re like most woman, this will drive you crazy. There are ways to help manage the oil. First use an oil free cleanser and second try oil absorbing pads to wipe your face throughout the day.

9 Seriously, Acne?

With pregnancy comes an increase in hormone levels, specifically androgens, which result in an increase of oils leading to breakouts. Since your body is producing more hormones, your glands clog which leads to pimples.

Acne can pop up any time throughout a pregnancy and can be moderate to severe. The worst part is while you're pregnant, there will be no medication you can take. That’s right pregnant ladies you will have to try old fashion acne treatment. So get used to washing your face with mild soaps and try to avoid pore clogging make up. The pregnancy glow is a myth when you look like a pimpled high school student.

8 My Skin is Just So Dry!

I love body lotion as much as any woman but dry pregnant skin is terrible. No matter how much lotion I went through and water I drank my skin would still be dry and flakey.

It's normal to have dry skin while pregnant since your body is producing extra blood and fluid to support the baby. As a result, your wonderful glow is dry flakey skin. There are a few things you can do to manage your skin. First, drinking plenty of water its essential to keep hydrated.

Try not to take baths while pregnant, instead just lukewarm showers. Exfoliating will help to remove dead skin cells. While you will have methods to help manage your skin, I can promise you will not feel the “glow.”

7 Hair is Growing Where?

Who wants to find hairs growing out of their chin or even a mustache when you're already insecure about yourself? Unfortunately, it does happen when you're pregnant. So blame the pregnancy hormones when your waxing and tweezing your chin, nipples and new mustache.

The even better part is that it can take up to 6 months after you deliver for your hormones to level off and the unwanted hair to disappear. I bet you will feel like a fantastic pregnant woman when you see your first chin hair.

6 Why am I Sweating Down There?

Who thinks that sweating is attractive even when you’re not pregnant? Between all the hormones coursing through your body, your sweating can be extreme. The first and third trimester are usually the worst for sweating. To make this even more annoying, you won’t be sweating in the obvious places which can be uncomfortable. So ladies the best thing to do is keep hydrated and stay in air-conditioned rooms, especially in the summer, but prepare yourself for the sweat.

5 My Feet Look Like What?

There are a few women who don’t get swollen feet (lucky bastards), but the majority do. Swollen feet are the worst during the third trimester and trust me, it can be terrible.

If you're one of the unlucky ones, your feet will be so swollen even flip flops won’t fit. While there are things you can do to help, such as elevating your feet and wearing comfortable shoes and supportive tights or stockings (yup just like your mom uses). But let’s be honest none of this will make your feet dramatically better.

4 What’s Up with My Face?

Weight gain is supposed to happen when you're pregnant, but like every other woman you want it to be in your belly and maybe your boobs. No one wants a fuller face, yet you will wake up one day and there it is.

Let’s be realistic, you have to gain weight while you’re pregnant, it's essential. However, we can be careful about the food we're eating and the quantity as well. Make sure you're talking with your doctor about your weight gain, as you want it to be healthy for you and the baby.

3 How Embarrassing - I’m so Gassy & Bloated!

Pregnancy gas and bloating is one of the many things we have no control over (be ready for it to show up when it’s not convenient). The bloating may be so bad you’re not even snapping your pants closed.

In terms of the gas, once it starts it will stick around for a while so warn your partner when your gassy. No woman feels great when their bloated and have gas. But there are ways to help lessen the symptoms such as cut back on starches, sugars, greasy food and caffeine. If you adjust your diet, hopefully the bloating and gas will be more manageable.

2 Am I Having a Heart Attack?

Heartburn can be brutal for a woman who has never had it before (Tums were my favorite candy during my pregnancy). For those who are unfamiliar with it, the first time can be scary as the pain will be in the center of your chest.

There's nothing wonderful about heartburn, in fact you might even think you’re having a heart attack. However you can manage it by avoiding greasy foods, citrus, smoking and gaining too much weight. But regardless if you do everything to avoid having heartburn, be prepared with Tums.

1 OMG Stretch Marks!

My biggest fear even before I got pregnant was stretch marks. Since genetics can be a factor, I was terrified I would have them as bad as my mother. When you're pregnant these wonderful pink zig-zag lines can be anywhere from your stomach to your butt and thighs.

Stretch marks are the last thing to make any pregnant woman feel the pregnancy glow. The brutal truth is there is no way to make them go away, but you can try to minimize them with cocoa butter lotion and vitamin C. And while they are unavoidable in most cases, if they do appear, wear them with pride, because lets be honest, what else can you do?


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